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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

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A/N: Here it is. New chapter. Enjoy.

Keri stared at Bob, she could not believe what she was hearing. This man was standing in front of her, claiming that he knew her, she did not remember meeting him prior to the previous evening. How could she not remember him? Bob was a memorable type of guy, and she couldn't understand how she could not remember. He had something about him that made Keri to not want to keep her eyes off him, and he seemed very sweet.

"I'm sorry, I really don't remember you. Were you friends with my brother or something?" she asked.

"Something like that," he said with a smile, while taking off his black and red sweater and placing it on the counter. "I've known you for a very long time." His smile was mesmerizing, almost like the smile of a small child, and his eyes stood out like blue Christmas lights against dimly lit room.

Keri opened up her mouth to speak again when Kandice came bustling over. "Keri, we have an emergency in the kitchen, you need to come. Quickly. Neil is freaking out over something, and he talks so fast, I can't understand him"she seemed to have spit her sentence out into one word.

Keri was starting to get a little bit annoyed. Stuff like this seemed to happen when she didn't want it to. "Kandice, calm the hell down. Whatever it is, I'm sure it will be fine, now if you will excuse me . . . " she exclaimed, and turned back to Bob.

"No, Keri. Neil demanded I get you, because you always know how to get him out of trouble. I guess Derrick is gets angry at him when things aren't right." Keri smirked, she always knew Derrick was a perfectionist, and freaked out when things did not go according to plan. Neil was like a pawn, he always did what Derrick wanted - or tried to.

Keri felt anger welling up inside her. She really did not want to have to clean up a mess in the kitchen, like she usually did to save Neil's neck. Tonight was her night off, but since Derrick was missing in action, she felt compelled to lend a hand anyway. "Excuse me, Bob, is it?" Keri asked, her eyes starting to narrow a little. She did not want to be doing this. Bob just nodded, noticing the annoyed look brewing in her eye then turned to walk away.

Stomping into a smoke-filled kitchen with Kandice in suit, Keri looked around - she did not like what she saw. There was flour all over the floor, spice bottles rolling around, Neil trying to put out a fire with a tea-towel. "Neil, what the fuck is going on here?" Keri bellowed, and froze mid-stride in the middle of the kitchen. She coughed, as she inhaled some smoke. Needless to say, she was not impressed.

Coming to her senses, she took the fire extinguisher from its hook on the wall. "Do you know how to use one of these, Neil? Did you pay any attention during your safety training?" Keri snapped, as Neil cowered against the wall, nodding quickly. Keri thrusted the apparatus at his chest. "Use it, before you're out on your ass. I mean it, I'm tired of saving your ass every time something goes wrong" she said and turned away to pick up the spice bottles.
"I'm sorry, Keri," Neil placed a shaky hand on her shoulder. He was clearly nervous about Keri's recent lashing. Keri looked over from the counter to the stove, and saw the fire had been successfully extinguished.

"Neil, I'm just tired of always pulling you out of rough patches, you need to learn to fend for yourself, man" Keri said, still annoyed and concentrating on cleaning the counter. Neil figured it wasn't a good idea to press the matter, and just nodded and grabbed a mop and bucket and set to work.


Bob stepped back and looked at the completed set. It wasn't an elaborate set, as the stage was smaller than the venues he was used to - but it all turned out great. Hopefully, nothing would blow up, or break. Technology had a habit of doing that a lot. This is the one thing he hated about his job. Anything that could go wrong, would.

His mind suddenly wandered to Keri. Bob was hoping she would remember him. They went as far back as he could remember. Her lack of memories seemed immaterial right now. He decided he wouldn't think about it anymore, and have fun for the time being. Bob decided he would go home and get ready for tonight's show.


Melody strolled into the club, late as usual. It seemed she could never be on time for anything, even if her life depended on it. Her father was the same way. He was always late taking her to appointments, school, and movies. She was surprised she made it to her high school graduation on time. Searching for Keri, she immersed herself into a sea of flashing red, green, blue and yellow lights. She felt right at home in the club. Melody is a professional dancer, and had been honing her craft since she was a little girl. At the age of 24, she became the owner of First Steps Dance Academy, who taught the dancing ropes to children. This was an accomplishment she was very proud of. Melody loved to dance, and did whenever she got the chance.

Sauntering up to the bar, she spotted Keri, who was sitting on the bar stool talking to one of the other bartenders. 'She's going to be so pissed at me,' she thought as she took an empty seat next to her. "Hey, Keri. Sorry I'm late. I . . ." she was cut short from Keri's slight gaze.

"You're not technically late. The show starts at nine. I just told you eight because I knew you wouldn't show up on time," Keri said without looking at Melody. "Have a drink," she said as she passed her a martini.

"Thanks, shall we go dance?" Melody asked, grabbed Keri by the arm and hauled her onto the dance floor. Keri seemed to have no choice in the matter. Little did they know, something terrible was about to happen . . .


Melody and Keri were dancing and drinking the night away. The band had been playing for about an hour, when an alarming smell had reached their noses. Keri automatically thought something was going wrong with the set and set off to find Bob and Melody followed. Bob had already been at the speakers making sure everything was going according to plan.

Looking at each other with dread. "I don't have a good feeling about this," Keri said as she and Melody ran off to find the source. They searched all of the rooms for the smell. In the kitchen, the lounge, the supply room. Nothing. No sign of anything. Finally, they decided to check the women's washroom. Opening the door, they were met by a thick cloud of smoke and dreadful heat. Keri automatically felt herself panic. "Pull the alarm," she shouted over the noise of the blaze. This was no time to be fooling around. Feeling around the wall, Melody was feeling her lungs close. She had a bad case of asthma, and forgot to bring her medication.

"Keri, I can't find the alarm," Melody hollered over the noise. Panic was really starting to set in at this point. Keri shuffled over to where Melody was standing and felt around. The smoke was getting thicker. Finally, after what felt like minutes, she felt something cold against her hand. Pulling the lever, the fire alarm and sprinklers went off. Taking Melody's hand and leading her away from the bathroom, Keri was yelling for everyone to get out of the club.

Melody wasn't feeling well. She was trying her best to keep focused, and to get out of the club as quickly and calmly as she could. She was finding it hard to keep her eyes open. The last thing she heard was Keri asking if she was all right, someone screaming, then saw complete darkness.
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