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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

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As Keri rounded the corner to the club, she noticed a group of police cars parked outside. Keri wondered where Derrick had gone off to, if he just went for a walk and got lost, if his car broke down and he walked home. Maybe he was still asleep at his apartment and just didn't hear the phone ring. Maybe he had the ringer turned off altogether. All of these questions boggled Keri's mind as she climbed the steps to the club. As she opened the door, she came face - to - face with Kandice. She looked like she had not slept in days. Kandice shook her head with tears in her eyes and walked past her with one of the officers down to the parking lot.

Keri walked further into the club, and was met by a short, plump, kind looking officer. "Ms. Atwater, is it?" he asked, taking out a pen and notepad. He obviously wanted to ask her some questions. "I'm Constable Brown, I would like to ask you a couple questions, if you don't mind, "he concluded, and stuck out his hand to shake.

"Yeah, I guess so." Keri replied and shook the officer's hand. Officer Brown escorted Keri to a sea of tables and chairs in the dining area. Pulling up the nearest seat to them, they sat opposite each other.

"How are you feeling today?" he asked kindly.

"Fine, thanks," Keri replied. She wanted this to be over, did not want to think about it any further, and for Derrick to be safe.

Keri looked over at Constable Brown as he opened his mouth to speak. "Ms. Atwater, when was the last time you saw Mr. Claiborne," he asked, looking her in the face. She really hoped the police didn't think she had anything to do with Derrick's disappearance.

She tried to remember last night's events. "About 2:30 this morning, before I went home. He was helping me clean up, he then told me to go home because I was tired. I yelled out to him as I was leaving, but he did not answer," Constable Brown wrote down her reply, and did so with every question he asked.

"And he was well before you left?" he asked again.

"Yes, he seemed to be fine. He wasn't acting different, and he did not appear to be ill," Keri said. She was really worried by now.

"Ms. Atwater, do you know of anyone who would want to harm Mr. Claiborne in any way? Did he have any enemies to your knowledge?" his questions were almost too much to handle.

"No, not to my knowledge. He was pleasant with everyone."

"Thank you, Ms. Atwater. I think those are all of the questions I have for you. I want you to know, we're going to conduct a thorough investigation. As well, we will contact his landlord about letting us into his apartment, and we will most likely ask him the same questions. We'll check for any disturbances of any sort. In the meantime, here's my number," he said as he jotted his number down on a scrap piece of paper. "Call me at anytime if you hear of any information. Anything at all."

"Thank you, Officer," she smiled faintly. He nodded and wished her a good day and left. Keri sighed and looked around the empty bar, then to her watch. It was almost two o'clock. The club was hosting a small concert that night, and the sound crew would be showing up shortly.

Keri arose from her seat, pocketed the officer's number and walked over to the events board on the wall. She skimmed all the dates to find the current. When she found it, she read that a band called Death's Destruction would be tonight's main attraction. 'Probably one of those heavy metal bands,' she thought to herself.

Looking at her watch again, Keri realized she had not showered, and had been in the same clothes since the night before. She was not scheduled to work tonight, but she wanted to come in to help Kandice get things situated for the show, and possibly catch some of it. She had not been out for some relaxation in quite sometime, Keri thought tonight would be a great opportunity to have a bit of fun.


Keri stepped out of the shower, she felt human again. The events that had unfolded within the past twelve hours had left her feeling helpless. But she promised herself not to think about that any more tonight. Tonight was about fun. Keri would hang out with Melody tonight. Melody was the first person Keri met when she moved to New York. They had been best friends ever since, but had not seen each other in sometime. Tonight would be a good night.

Walking into her room to get the clothes she had laid out on her bed, she heard the phone ring in the living room. Running to answer it, she nearly tripped over a yowling Pepper, who was evidently hungry. Picking up the receiver, she was pleased to hear Melody's voice on the other end.

"Keri, it's Melody," she said.

"Melody, I know your voice, you don't have to introduce yourself, love," Keri responded with a laugh. "What's up?"

"Not much, what time do you want to meet at the club?" Melody asked.

"Well, I'm going over now in a little bit to help set up, you can come if you choose. If not, be there for seven. The show starts at eight," Keri was getting very excited to be spending some much needed time with her best friend.

"Okay, I'll see you at seven, I don't want to hang around the bar if I can't drink," she said, laughing. The bar opened at eight.

"Understood, but I have to get going, Mel. Time to get ready. I'll see you tonight," Keri said, she did not realize it was almost four. The sound guys would be there by now. The girls hung up, and Keri ran back to her room to make herself look presentable. A half a pound of makeup, and 10 pound fed cat later, she was ready to greet the world.


At the club, the sound guys were working like busy little bees setting up for tonight's attraction. Keri often enjoyed having bands play. She liked listening to music she has never heard before. Keri walked over toward the bar, which felt like her second home and took out some drink glasses. They would be needing all of the glasses they could get tonight. It would be a packed house.

"Keri, you made it," came a voice from beside her. It was Kandice.

"Yeah, I did. The guys are doing a good job, I assume?" Keri asked.

"They are. I've been feeding them, they're keeping quiet. The cook came in early," Keri looked into the back, and waved at Neil, the cook. Neil was an amusing guy. "I better get back to work. These chairs aren't going to set up by themselves," Kandice said, pointing to the sea of tables and chairs arranged haphazardly over the dance floor.

Keri nodded and went back to arranging the glasses onto a tray, and putting them on a shelf under the bar counter. Just then, she noticed a man with the brightest blue eyes she had ever seen, walking toward her. She stopped what she was doing and stared. He looked so familiar.

The man stopped at the bar and looked at her, apparently trying to place her. "Your name is Keri, right?" he asked.

"Yes," she responded. She now remembered seeing him the night before walking home. He was the man who asked if she was all right. "Hey, I'm sorry about last night, I just wanted to get home and . . . " she stopped short, as he opened his mouth to speak again.

"You don't remember me, do you?" he asked, in a disappointed tone.

"No, should I?" Keri responded. She did not remember having met this man prior to the night before.

"Yes, you should. I'm Bob. Bob Bryar."

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