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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

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A/N: A filler, guys. Sorry if it's kinda shabby. :( And short.

Keri slumped through the door of her tiny apartment into a sea of nauseating white walls. The walls gave her the feeling of seclusion. Like a prisoner in a sanitarium, as they had remained the same shade of white since she had moved in. She was not permitted to paint. Taking a deep breath, she turned on the light, illuminating the dark and lonely room. Keri threw her purse and keys to the apartment on her beat up looking futon. 'I need some new pillows,' she thought, looking at the flat, multicolored sacks of fluff arranged haphazardly upon the sorry excuse for a piece of comfort. Pulling off her stiletto shoes and throwing them on the beige carpeted floor, she stalked over to a small rectangular window next to her nasty futon where her cat was sitting patiently.

Pepper was a tiny, vocal calico, who Keri had purchased from a man at a flea market for a very generous price. She loved Pepper very much and thought she was great company. "I will never wear stiletto shoes to work ever again," she told Pepper. Her feet hurt, and tiny, painful blisters were forming on the side of her big toe. Pepper jumped down from the window, stretched then ran into the kitchen. Knowing what the cat wanted, Keri followed in suit. Her kitchen was a little more homely than her living room, as it was a very light yellow in colour. Anything other than white gave a homely feeling to Keri. Bending down to the cupboard, she took out a can of cat food and pulled a can opener out of the drawer by the sink. Keri scooped the food into a bowl while Pepper slunk in and out between her legs. She was impatient when it came to food time.

Once Pepper was fed, Keri went back into her living room and sat on her dingy futon. She was tired, but knew she would not be able to sleep. Working hectic shifts at the club did this to her, as she often worked days as well as nights. Her job was surely not a 9-5. Keri looked over at her clock - it was almost four in the morning. Next to her clock, her answering machine's red light was blinking, showing she had a message waiting to be received. Keri sighed as she leaned over the arm of the futon and pressed the play button.

"Keri, it's your mom. I'm just calling to check in. I haven't heard from you in a while, and I want to make sure you're okay," her mom sighed and continued. "Call me when you get this, I'm really worried about you. I love you, honey,"

This was not what Keri wanted to hear. For the past decade, Keri and her mom had not been getting along. Probably stemming from issues Keri had after her father had died.

Keri decided to call her mother back in the morning, and decided to go to bed. She was excited she did not have to get up early for work, as she had all day off. 'First time in over two months,' she thought to herself. Laying back on the futon, she drifted off into a fitful sleep.


Keri had been awoken what felt like an hour later by her telephone ringing. Looking over at her clock, it was almost noon. She didn't think she had slept that long. She groaned as she picked up the receiver.

"Keri?" a woman's voice asked on the other end.

"Yes?" Ker replied in a sleepy tone. She hated being woken up by the phone.

"It's Kandice, have you seen or talked to Derrick lately?" Kandice was a waitress at the club. Keri didn't know Kandice too well, and wondered how she would have got her number.

"I saw him last night before I left the club. Why? What's going on?" she was becoming very worried. It was not like someone to ask where Derrick was, and it was certainly not like him to not show up for work.

"Keri, I think something terrible has happened to him . . . can you come down to the club?"

Like someone stuck dynamite under her and ignited it, Keri threw on her sneakers and ran out the door in the clothes she had worn the night before.

A/N: Okay, so hopefully the plot will pick up soon. I needed a break from all the school work :P. Anyway, Spring Break starts for me tomorrow night, so hopefully I'll have another chapter or two up in the next week :). Ta, darlings.

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