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he's caught!

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Here's a small little update. i feel like i haven't been around here in months.....looks around

Chapter...hell, I dunno...

Later that night, Brendon hadn't even bothered to explain the puzzling phone call. In fact, he managed to keep mum about the whole ordeal, somehow distracting Shayla with memories of their lovemaking, and talk of how he couldn't wait to give a repeat performance. It worked though, because the more he smoothed talked her, the more she turned into a giggly schoolgirl. So in other words, she brushed it completely off.

"There was actually something I wanted to say to you Bren. I don't know if Jon told you or not." Shayla said suddenly quite somber.

Brendon snorted, then giggled. "You don't wanna know what Jon told me. But it has something to do with giving you a tune-up, and getting you pregnant?"

Shayla laughed, and rolled her eyes. "He is silly. And so are you. Now can we discuss something besides your extreme hornyness? This is important. I-I mean, it's important that you know this."

He could tell from the tone of her voice, that this was something huge. "Okay...I'm listening."
He was a little worried. He had absolutely no clue what she was about to tell him.

"Well, I've been thinking about it, and uh,...I just really wanted you to know..." Shayla started.

"What is it baby? C'mon. You can tell your BrennyBear." He encouraged, making her grin at the use of his nickname.

"Well, Brendon...ahem, " She cleared her throat, then took a deep breath. Man, was she nervous.

"I...uh...well. I think I'm falling in love with you, Bren." She stuttered, and winced when she didn't receive an immediate answer.

But don't worry. That particular conversation went on in the expected way (for us anyway.), girl professes her almost love, gets nervous when shocked boy is quiet, but is later ecstatic when he returns the feelings. Thus making said girl further forget all about the random chick answering her boyfriend's mobile phone.

Damn, is love really that blind?

Of course it is...

August 31-VMA night (Lots of skimming...sorry)

Shayla made sure she'd finished all of her errands and chores early in the day. That way, when Angel arrived home, the two of them would change into their pjs, and veg out in front of the tv to watch the show. She tidied her room, and the kitchen before calling Zoey, who was fresh from her visit to the comforts of the day spa. Before they hung up, Zoey promised Shayla she'd mouth her a 'hello' if she got remotely close to a camera.

A little while later, after lounging around and showering, Angel and Shayla camped out on the floor in front of the TV.

"Good God Ang. I'm going to freaking love you forever! I've been craving double cheese like crazy!" Shayla gushed, taking her first bite of the ooey, gooey, goodness.

"Well, great minds think alike, they say." Angel sighed, sinking her teeth into her own slice.

"I can hardly wait to see Panic! perform. It'll be my first time." Angel's mouth dropped open, revealing her chewed up pizza.

"You've never seen your boyfriend's band play live?"

"Angel, you do live here don't you? No, I haven't. Hey! The preshow's starting."

The intro to Fergie's 'London Bridge' began playing and she sashayed down the carpeted walkway in Rockefeller center. "Fergie is hot." Angel commented.

"Yeah, she has amazing legs."

So yadda, yadda, yadda, they waited until just about the end of the pre-show to see Panic! walk the red carpet for all of two minutes.

"Aw! They all look so cute!" Shayla exclaimed.

"What the hell is Brendon wearing? He looks like a horse jockey!" Angel snorted. Shayla tossed a pillow at her. "Shut up. that's my man you're talking about. I think he looks gorgeous." She pretended to pout.

"Does the tall, skinny one have a girlfriend? He's a cutie too. He's no Pete, but still cute."

"Who, Ryan? I don't think he does. I don't know. He barely says anything to me. I'm starting to think he doesn't even like me too much."

As Shayla rambled, Gideon Yago was set to announce the performance of Angel's favorite band, so the TV had all her attention. "Ok. Let's shut up. MCR now. Heavy stuff later." Angel was My Chemical Romance's biggest fan and had been talking about their upcoming album all summer.

"Oh my God, Why do all five of you have to be such hot, male specimen types?!"

"What are they wearing? Band uniforms?"

"Shut up. At least they aren't ready for the Kentucky derby. I want all five of them."

Shayla laughed. "Can you say bigatrist*?" Angel was laughing now too.

"Try Polygamy. We'll move to Utah, and buy a huge farm to raise all of our children. Each of them are allowed two. Except Gerard. He gets three. Haven't you ever seen /Big Love/?" Shayla, comsumed with giggles, fell over into the blankets on the floor. "You're crazy!" She exclaimed, holding her sides.**

The show crept on...

"Jeez! This is really..."

"Awful? Boring...Unattractive? Damn, I like Jack Black too much to hate him for this mess. He most certainly did not bring the thunder." Angel joked.

"Not even the lightening."

Angel sighed. "I wish they'd bring your boys on! Maybe then I can go to bed!" Shayla tapped Angel on the arm. "Have you noticed that they haven't won anything yet? That fucking sucks."

"I know, but at least AFI won.Yay for Jadey!"

"Hell no! It's all about Davey!" The girls giggled. A little while later, Fall Out Boy came out onto the stage.

"Awwww! Look at him. He's so short it's adorable!" Angel gushed at seeing Pete. Shayla rolled her eyes. "Look at Joe, he looks so handsome." "Yeah, yeah, but look at Pete."
"Shh! Patrick's introducing Panic!"

"...From Las Vegas, Nevada, Panic! At the Disco!" Patrick exclaimed and the first chords of 'I write sins, not tragedies' started up. Shayla had a minor anxiety attack.

"Look at him Ang! He's so cute tonight! Look at him dance! Aw! Even mean old Ryan looks cute up there! Is something wrong with his voice? Why does he sound like that?" Shayla said, now sitting straight up in front of the TV. Angel laughed at her lovestruck friend. "Relax Lala.He sounds ok. It's actually a really good performance."

Shayla furrowed her brow. "This is so weird..."


"I just..I guess I'm having my whole fangirl moment...It's just...seeing them there, on TV. Especially Brendon. You know, it's like...I've laid in bed with him.!" Shayla laughed heartily and happily along with Angel, so very unprepared for what was to come...

"And there's Jennifer Lopez. The show is officially over and the boys didn't win anything." Shayla said disappointed.

"It's not over yet. There's one more."

"Psh, the big one. Do you not see the other nominees? Red Hot Chilli Peppers? Madonna? Still think they have a chance?"

Angel smiled. "Yeah, you may be right." Shayla shrugged, but soon screamed as Jennifer named Panic! At the Disco as the year's winner for video of the year. The camera panned to each member, recording their reactions one by one.

First was Spencer, he kissed his girlfriend, seated next to him. And then next to him, sat a dark haired girl,...

who was kissed full on the lips,...

by Brendon...

cries yeah, this chapter was all over. And is probably my worst to date. I am not happy about it at all. But figured I should ger this story towards it's end. I'm so sorry for writing such a retarded climax, but I've been really upset lately...grabs kleenex, still in tears


*I have no idea if this is the right word for people who marry when they are already married, and I was far too lazy and stupid to look it up..again, sorry. :(

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