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stuff happens. this will be ending soon... :(

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Shayla stared at the television blankly, and Angel had a sorrowful mix of shock and anger on her face. "Oh my God." Shayla whispered.

"Shayla..." Shayla ignored her friend and shook her head from side to side. "Shayla..." Angel said agin.

"How could he?" Angel made her way over to Shayla and tried to comfort her. "No, no, you don't understand, he told me he loved me, Angel." Shayla said in a shaky voice. She shook her head again in disbelief.

Angel put a frazzled Shayla to bed soon after, crying herself to sleep. She was angry and hurting for her sensitive friend. The way she felt at the moment, she knew if Brendon were to knock at their door she could probably hurt him. Shayla didn't deserve to be treated that way. not again. Angel clamped her hand over the cell phone that rested by Shayla's side, taking it with her when she left her room.

Angel was in the living room nodding off when the house phone rung. "Hello?" She answered groggily.

"Angel!!" It was a beyond excited Zoey on the line, shrieking loudly in her ear.


"Yes! Ang, I am having so much damn fun! I'm out with Jon and Pete and Joe, cause Patrick isn't a partier, I know you know that though, and I met your loverboy!!" Angel smiled.

"Which one?"

"Hell, all of them! But I'm talking about Jade Puget! He was with his bandmates, and yes, Hunter is so much cuter in person, and I sound like a fangirl but I don't care! And Jade is so funny and sweet, he even recorded a message for yo on my phone, and I met Tyson Ritter (from AllAmericanRejects), and he remembered Lala! I almost died! He gave me his number to give to her but I told him she was seeing someone, so he told me to make sure she gets it anyway, and..."

Zoey was talking so fast, Angel could barely understand her. "Zo. Slow down... I know you're excited, but there's something I have to tell you. It's serious."

"Ang. What's wrong? Angee, is something wrong with Shayla?!"


"Angel! Tell me what's going on!" Zoey snapped.

"She watched Brendon kissing another girl on national television, that's what!" Angel snapped back.

Silence (besides the noise in Zoey's background.).

Angel continued, "The girl, she had dark hair, and was wearing a goldish dress..."

"Angee! That girl. You said she was in a gold dress?" Zoey gasped.


"It's Ryan's cousin, Rebecca. But they told me she was just escorting him... you know, cause he didn't have a date... I swear to God. Angie, I have to go take care of something. I'll call you back."

The phone clicked in Angel's ear and the sound of the dial tone followed.

Zoey hung up her cell phone, and began combing through the jam packed room. She couldn't wait to get her hands around Brendon Urie's scrawny little neck. She thought she saw him walking past the bar, and sped up to catch him, but was stopped when someone grabbed her arm. "Hey, sweet thing. There you are. Come on, let's dance or something. I promised Patrick I'd show you a good time." It was Pete who grabbed her, and swung her in the opposite direction. Zoey tried to protest, but there was no way Pete could hear her over the music pulsating in his ears. She looked over her shoulder once more before the back of Brendon's head. "Pete!" She yelled again. "PETE!" This time she screamed and he finally faced her.

"What's wrong?" He asked. Zoey stood still.

"Shayla...saw something...on TV tonight."


"She saw Brendon. Kissing Rebecca."

"Oh." Pete said, trying to sound like he was shocked and failing miserably.

"Peter...You knew? What the hell? Is she his girlfriend too? And better yet, did Patrick know?"

Pete stood there frozen like a deer caught in an SUV's headlights. Zoey shook her head at him. "Sons of bitches. You dirty sons of bitches." She spun on her heel and began to march away.

"Wait, Zo! Patrick didn't know! Please, don't me mad with him! I'm sorry!" Zoey gave Pete her middle finger, and headed to where she saw Brendon last.

Tis true. I will end this one soon. I guess we also know why Ryan was such an idiot. What? Did you think I was gonna make him in love with Brendon? lol. nah. not this time.
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