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Chapter 12 No Demon Will I Fear

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Cloud gets taken by Sephiroth when he looks for him in the mountains. Leads to a relationship, but the past can never truly be forgotten. dark themes sc zc

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Unrequited Desires

Chapter 12 No Demon Will I Fear


A harsh grunt escaped his throat as a wooden sword came crashing down on him, and slammed him into the training hall mat yet again. Cloud glared up at his so-called unbiased instructor, wishing with every ounce of himself that something painful would befall him. How could he do such a thing? Not only that but how could he do such a thing over and over again. It was unfair, it was unjust, it was...

"Again Strife. We'll keep doing it until you at least manage to block one of my attacks." Wincing from all of his recently required injuries, Cloud pushed himself to his feet. He made sure to grip the sweat slicked training sword extra tight as he used it for leverage.

His breathing was coming out in ragged gasps, and he could only open one of his eyes due to the fact that his other was forced closed because of an injury he had received to his temple. "General sir, can't you spar with somebody while I catch my breath...I'm no match for you like this." Like this, he was no match for Sephiroth at any point. No one was a match for Sephiroth, but he especially wasn't when he could hardly stand.

This was their first day in the upper class, and Sephiroth had picked him out from the group of 20 and had been doing nothing but beating the shit out of him the entire time. From his impaired vision he saw the snickering of the other soldiers at his apparent weakness, but he chose not to be offended by it. Because really let's see them fight General Sephiroth and see how well they're doing.

Sephiroth's face was cold and impersonal. You wouldn't know that just a week or so earlier they had been dry humping on his desk. "I do not need weaklings like you in my army Strife. If you are not up for my training regiment" His wooden sword pointed towards the door. "Then get out. I'm sure plenty of other SOLDIER hopefuls would love to take your spot."

He couldn't help but feel hurt by those harsh words. Of course since their last fateful encounter Sephiroth had been nothing but harsh to him. He was seriously starting to regret taking Reno's advice on continuing to take this class. Sephiroth might think he was weak, and in all actuality he might be, but he would damned if he would show it.

Picking the sword up once again, he held it out in a defensive position. "Come at me...I'll prove to you I'm worth a damn." Sure the words were tough, but at the moment he had been pummeled into the ground one too many times for those words to actually hold any substance. Sephiroth didn't seem to care about that though, for he rushed forward immediately, slamming his sword back into his own.

Cloud grit his teeth as he tried his hardest to hold his ground against the demon general, but he was starting to loose his footing, and Sephiroth was pushing down even harder. Pushing up on the sword, the blond forced the man off of him, and retreated back to the corner of the training hall.

He was being forced back rather quickly, and not to mention Sephiroth seemed to have a murderous glint in his eyes. As soon as his silver haired instructor finally reached him he had a feeling he was in for a world of pain. His hand was shaking as it gripped the practice sword, nearly sliding out of his hand in his nervousness.

"Watch closely now class. I'll show you how to finish off someone who doesn't properly know how to guard themselves." The bastard. He hadn't even hit him yet and he was still mocking. Not that that mocking lasted long, because soon he followed up with his words. Sephiroth lashed out striking three different points. "Wrist." His sword was knocked out of his hand. "Body!" A gurgled scream escaped him as the sword struck him across the face. He stumbled forward, nearly keeling over right then, but sadly that wasn't the worst part. Slashing upwards, Sephiroth struck him across the chest, yelling out "Body!" as he did and sending the blond flying backwards against the wall.

His eyes rolled to the back of his head as he struggled to remain conscious after such an attack against him. How could he have just beat him down like that so mercilessly? Cloud tried to push himself up, but the pain in his chest was much too great and so he slumped back against the wall, hand going up to the wound on instinct.

During this lapse in concentration he hadn't noticed Sephiroth walk over to him, or the fact that he was now leaning down in front of his injured form. Whimpering Cloud turned to face him, not being at all prepared to see the look of pure hate in those glowing green eyes. "Listen to me now cadet if you're going to be so pathetic than I want you out of this class. I will not except this in my regime, and if this is the best you can do than pack your bags right now." He leaned in closer, so close in fact that his breath was ghosting over his lips. "You're not even fit to where a lowly trooper uniform."

Emotions can be a very tricky thing, and when they're pushed to their limits they can even be somewhat dangerous. This was no exception. Cloud couldn't take the insults anymore. He couldn't take the fact that Sephiroth thought less of him. In a split second decision that he probably never would have done had he been able to think clearly, the blond grabbed for the hidden dagger that was in his boot and stabbed forward, slicing Sephiroth's face in the process.

Both of their eyes were widened, but where Cloud's was a completely horrified kind, Sephiroth's was more of an unexpected surprise. Blood dripped onto the gym floor as they continued to stare into each other's eyes. "I'm..." Cloud stuttered. "I'm so so..." He was going to say sorry, but Sephiroth beat him to the punch.

"Congratulations Strife. You've proven that you're not a complete imbecile." He got to his feet. "Everyone go shower class is done for today, and you could all learn a lesson from Strife's example." Even though it felt good to hear, he was really trying to figure out how attacking your own instructor was a good example.

Trying not to keel over again, Cloud struggled to make it to the showers, but just as he was passing the leather clad man his wrist was grabbed. Blue eyes turned around, hoping beyond hope that Sephiroth wasn't going to attack him again. It seemed in that case he had lucked out. "Come with me cadet. I'll treat your wounds for you."

Still in pain, and more than a little surprised by the recent offer, Cloud could do nothing but follow Sephiroth back to his office. The man truly was an enigma. He spent all day beating the hell out of him, and then he invites him back to his office to make him all better? It just didn't make any sense.

Once inside Cloud immediately slumped into one of Sephiroth's expensive and comfy chairs, letting his aching muscles rest for a bit. "You surprise me Cloud I never expected you to actually strike me."

Despite the fact that he was somewhat happy that the man wasn't being the biggest bastard ever, he still couldn't help but being a little resentful over the whole matter. "Oh what it's Cloud now? What happened to Strife, or hell even cadet?" He gave a scoff. "And as for that whole cutting you thing, you're lucky I didn't kill you after all the shit you put me through." His eyes burnt with fire. "I never knew you hated me so much Sephiroth."

Sephiroth was rummaging through his desk, and without ever even looking up answered him. "Would you want me to let you win Cloud?" Green eyes snapped up when he found a glowing green orb from inside its depths. "How will you ever grow stronger if I treat you special?"

"I don't want you to treat me special!" He forced himself to his feet even though his body ached during the process. "But beating me mercilessly when you don't so much as look at another trooper doesn't rank high on my list either!"

Cloud slammed his hands down on top of Sephiroth's nice and tidy desk. Seriously though for a guy this busy he sure was neat. Though this really didn't surprise him. It was Sephiroth after all. "How can you treat me like this when you were the one that left me! It wasn't the other way around so don't you dare try to lay on this guilt trip like it was my fault!"

Silver hair had fallen in front of the General's face so he couldn't see him, but Cloud heard what sounded distinctly like chanting. As that chanting was taking place the materia in his hand began to glow an eerie green and a light fell across him, soaking his body in the cure spell. A sigh of pleasure escaped him as his pain ceased and his injuries healed...The wonders of modern medicine.

"I healed your injuries cadet so I think it's time that you were leaving." Now that he wasn't in so much pain, Cloud felt that he had more strength to be pissed off, and he was damn sure going to put that strength to good use.

"Oh so it's cadet again is it? What did I touch a nerve with that last comment?" Truthfully he didn't know why he was being so cheeky. It was just sort of slipping out. "I think the reason you're so troubled by what I said is that you know it's true. You know you were in the wrong and you're just too damn proud to admit it!"

Sephiroth looked up at that, and his face was as cold as ever. "I think it's time you were leaving...Cloud." He overproduced his last name, as if just trying to raise his ire with that. But he wasn't going to leave it like this. There was no way in hell he was going to leave without settling this, and as a result have to deal with getting beat up every training lesson they had because Sephiroth was bitchy.

He knew that if he kept flying off the handle though he wasn't going to get anywhere, and so he calmly walked over to where the demon general was seated. "Seph I get why you're angry...really I do, but it's not fair to have you treat me like crap over something that wasn't my choice to begin with." Not being able to resist, Cloud reached out and tucked a small strand of silver hair behind the man's ear. "I don't want you to be mad at me anymore...I can't take it."

The man didn't move. He just sat there rather stiffly staring up into Cloud's blue eyes. "You're with my best friend. We've already been over why this could never work." He was trying to push him away...Well it wouldn't work.

"No, you told me why this couldn't work and then I agreed...But not now." He sank to his knees, placing one hand on each of Sephiroth's leather clad ones. "I know he's your best friend Seph...He's my boyfriend if you remember correctly, but..." His head fell down, truthfully he didn't even know what he was going to say.

That before mentioned head was lifted up by Sephiroth so that he was staring into his glowing blue eyes. "But?" He prompted, and Cloud knew that since he had started this there was no way out of giving an answer.

"But I'm beginning not to care about any of that." There it was out. He couldn't stop now. "I want to be with you Sephiroth, no matter what the costs." He squeezed the man's knees. "Please tell me what I should do...I will do anything that you ask."

Green eyes widened as Cloud practically sat begging at his feet. Fuck he was pathetic! How could he have just said something like that? He wanted Sephiroth, yes this was true, but he had just said he would throw over Zack for him. His eyes shut in pain. He already knew in his heart of hearts that that wasn't true.

The silence stretched on for what seemed like an eternity, and in fact was only broken by a harsh pounding on the door. Cloud's eyes snapped open at the sound, and he was mildly aware that he had just jumped about 15 feet.

"Who is it?" Sephiroth bit out. Apparently he wasn't all that happy with being interrupted.

"Seph it's me." Zack's voice filtered through the door frame, and he sounded like he was either very frantic, or he was about to laugh. "Listen I kinda got into a little situation." This time he actually did laugh. "Can you let me in...he's getting kinda heavy."

Cloud's eyes widened at the prospect of being caught, and in alarm, he backed up as far as he could against the nearest wall. Sephiroth first glanced at him, mouthing the words 'We'll finish this later' before going to the door. Upon opening the door, Zack clambered in with a very blood, and very out of it, looking Rufus Shinra.

"What the hell's wrong with him Zack?" Sephiroth was looking none to pleased at the prospect of the prince of Shinra bleeding all over his expensive carpet.

Zack started laughing again, before he shrugged the arm off from around his shoulders and placed the passed out nobility on the chair. But anyone who knew him could tell that that laugh was just a front for how worried he was. "That kid...I swear to god he's half retarded." He had to actually place a hand over his mouth to stop his laughter. "The bastard actually tried to sniff the shaved off pieces of a materia orb." Cloud couldn't help it, he snickered at that, alerting Zack for the first time to his presence. Golden eyes traveled to where he was pushed up against the wall. "What are you doing here Cloud?"

Now he was about to come up with some lie about why he was here, but then he figured what the hell was the point? The truth was just as good as a lie. "Sephiroth was healing my wounds from practice." He glared, still not quite over getting the crap kicked out of him by the most powerful person in Shinra. "He really beat the shit out of me."

He noticed how Sephiroth's hand seemed to be clenched at his side, but he ignored that and instead went to stand by Zack. Despite his early notions about wanting to leave him, he really was insanely happy to see him. Zack stretched out his arms, welcoming him in to an embrace that he greatly excepted. "Oh my poor baby...Did you get picked on?"

Okay so he had just pretty much told on Sephiroth, but did he have to make him sound so childish. Cloud punched Zack in the chest. "You don't have to say it like that you jerk!" He stuck his lip out in a pout. "It really hurt." That lip was soon grabbed by Zack's own as they kissed a proper hello. When the raven haired soldier pulled away though Cloud felt terrible. Not for kissing Zack, he loved kissing Zack, but for kissing him in front of Sephiroth. What was he just the biggest bastard ever? How could he act so lovey dovey with Zack knowing how this was probably making Sephiroth feel? The blond pulled away and went to lean against the desk. He was scum. Why did he ever think it would be okay to act like that when he was around him?

"Why is he bleeding all over the place Zack?" Sephiroth didn't sound mad, but he definitely wasn't the happiest he had ever heard him.

Zack lifted up the Shinra prince's chin, grimacing as fresh blood still poured down his nose. "Well that's kinda what I needed your help with. See as soon as he sniffed it he immediately started to OD...or at least that's what it looked like." The soldier blocked the blood from pooling in Rufus's now open mouth. "No matter what I try I can't seem to get his nose to stop bleeding."

Sephiroth immediately began examining the incapacitated blond. "Why didn't you take him to a hospital?" It was amazing how easily the pale haired man could get into action. He didn't even seem concerned with the fact that Cloud was there anymore.

"Well that's the thing." Zack pulled a face, and abashedly rubbed the back of his head. "I was supposed to be watching him, and I swear I only turned my back for a second to go get a drink, and then the little bastard has sniffed materia with his dumbass friends."

Rufus's head was tipped back, as Sephiroth tried to momentarily plug the bleeding. "Were any of the others affected?" Zack reached out and handed him the box of tissues.

"No, but then again he was the first one to try it." Looking out at the President's son, an alarming though suddenly seemed to occur to him.

"Hang on...If he inhaled materia, then couldn't he have a mild case of mako poisoning?" Zack turned back to him smiling, and even Sephiroth seemed to give him a nod of approval.

"Very good Strife. He does seem to have mako poisoning, and as such there's really only one thing we can do." He walked over to his desk, rummaging around in its contents until he seemed to find what he was looking for. Zack's eyes widened as he saw the small vile of a deep green glowing liquid that he had pulled out. The stuff looked like pure antifreeze.

Zack shook his head back and forth, looking from Rufus on the seat, and then back to Sephiroth. "Seph you can't! You know how bad that stuff affects us, and we've been dosed with mako before."

Blond eyebrows knitted in confusion. "What is that stuff?" He really hated being out of the loop, and seeing how fearful Zack seemed at giving it to him it must be pretty terrible.

Worried golden eyes turned to him. He seemed to be debating on how much he should say. "It's stuff they give SOLDIERs after they go through the initiation to help them get over the affects." Zack's normal sun kissed skin had turned a light pale color at just the thought of it. "It's pure hell to take that stuff, but you would die without it." He turned sympathetic eyes towards his superior officer. "I only had to take it once, but Seph has to do it every month."

This time Sephiroth actually did get mad. "That is none of the cadet's business Zackary, and as to whether of not we'll be giving him the tonic, he'll die if we don't. Would you rather be executed for letting the President's son die?"

Zack was a little taken aback by Sephiroth's harshness, but he still seemed hesitant. "Yeah, but Sephiroth that stuff could kill him too."

"He's worse off without it." He pointed towards the door. "Now get out. If he does happen to die than I'll take full responsibility for it." He was talking to Zack, but he looked at Cloud when he said the next part. "I don't want the two of you anywhere near this if something goes wrong."

"You're crazy if you think that I'm gonna let you take the fall for my stupid mistake." Zack's face looked like it was set in stone, as he pretty much stood his ground against probably the most powerful person in the world.

Sephiroth didn't seem intimidated at all. In fact he just backhanded him. "Don't be an idiot Zackary. Despite how much they might want to they can't do anything to me for this. You though, they won't hesitate in executing you." Zack was rubbing at his sore face, obviously trying to think this through. "The worse they can do is suspend, and who cares...They'll do much worse to you, and to Cloud once they find out he was involved." Zack's eyes widened. "Think about him Zack...You have to protect him."

Rubbing at his sore face, Zack held out his hand. "You know I'll never forget this right?" Now he couldn't be sure, but he actually thought he saw a smile tug at the corners of Sephiroth's mouth.

The outstretched hand was grabbed. "You idiot...Stop talking about this like it's the end of the world and just go." Zack nodded, and then grabbed Cloud's hand, pulling him out the door. With one last look into Sephiroth's green eyes the blond disappeared around the corner. He could say unashamed that he was half in love with both of them.

As Cloud's eyes snapped open he saw green eyes, and for a second he thought they might be the green eyes he cherished so very much. He soon found that he was sadly mistaken, however, when those green eyes were shrouded with a curtain of brown instead of silver. "Aeris?"

The girl leaning above him gave him a smile, but he could tell immediately that that it wasn't genuine, because it didn't quite seem to reach her eyes. There was a underlining sadness that seemed to feel her, as if it hurt just to look at him. "I'm glad you're finally awake Cloud. You slept all night long, and a good deal of the day."

Things flooded back to him in a big gigantic heap. Everything came back to him, seeing Zack again, Sephiroth carelessly throwing him aside, the was all very clear to him now. The bet-It must be the day one. What did that matter though? It's not as if he was seriously going to change his mind. All this meant was seven hellish days that he would be separated from his true love before being returned. The very idea that he would choose Zack over Sephiroth was laughable, and if his heart wasn't so broken he might have done just that.

"Where am I?" He glanced around the cramped quarters, and knew the question before Aeris even answered him.

"On the Highwind. We're headed to Kalm." He was in the process of letting that information sink in, when something suddenly occurred to him.

"Why are you here Aeris? I mean it was Zack that took me, so why would you be here?" Flashes from previous dreams came back to him, and he answered his own question before he even gave her the chance. "Oh yeah...The two of you were engaged."

She blushed at that. "Yeah we were...but that was a long time ago." Her hands were clenched in her lap, and Cloud placed one over them both. Aeris had always been one of his dearest friends, and he had a feeling he was going to need one of those if he was ever to survive this.

"You must hate me for taking him from you." The words seemed foreign on his lips. He knew now that those dreams of his must be real, but it still was hard to get used to. It seemed unnatural to talk about Zack like they had really once been together.

The girl stiffened for only a moment, before her face once more took on its calm exterior. "Of course I don't hate you for that Cloud. I've come to except the fact that he just loved you more than me."

Dark thoughts crept to the service, and Cloud found that he could no longer keep his cool about things. "Don't make me laugh Aeris. You must have held some sort of resentment against me. Otherwise you wouldn't have kept the past a secret from me." His eyes narrowed to slits. "It must have been so entertaining to you to stumble across little ole me with no memories. Did you get what you wanted out of it Aeris? Did you get your smirking revenge?"

She placed a hand over her mouth, obviously most upset by recent events. Cloud could care less about her happiness now though. He was in a pissy mood. "How can you say such things Cloud? You know I would never truly hurt you on purpose. The truth is I was scared about why you didn't remember, and if I had told you those things there's no definite way to know if you would have listened anyways."

"I would have tried! But you didn't give me that choice, did you? None of you bastards that knew did!" Cloud sat up in bed, waving his arms around wildly as he vented. "And don't even get me started on that bastard of a turk. Cuz not only did my 'supposed' best friend not clue me in on the details, but the fucker actually took every opportunity to kill me!"

Aeris was just staring at him as if he had lost, and the truth of the matter is he probably had, but he didn't give a damn at this point. Too much had happened for him to just be able to bottle up his emotions.

"Calm down Strife...You're gonna give yourself an aneurism." Speak of the little bastard. Cloud turned to glare at Reno, trying as hard as he could to set him on fire with his eyes. Reno for the most part didn't seem all that affected by the hateful glare, instead he turned his attentions towards the brunette. "Aeris if you wouldn't mind I kinda want to speak with our fiery friend alone for a moment."

After a few moments of hesitation, Aeris nodded and left the room, clicking the door shut on her way out. Cloud sunk back on the bed, crossing his arms over his chest in a sulk. "What do you want Turk? I'm not really in the mood to fight right now."

In response to that a paper bag was chucked at his face, and he only just raised his arms in time to catch it. "I didn't come here to fight Cloud." Opening the bag, the blond discovered that inside was some bandages and disinfectant. "Your bandages need changed. We tried to heal your wounds with materia, but you sustained too many of them for just the low levels we had with us to do any good."

"Yeah well thanks for the help, but I think I'm capable of changing my bandages for myself thanks." Reno just scoffed, before pushing his way next to him on the bed.

"Just shut up Blondie and take off your shirt." Cloud didn't move. Sighing Reno grabbed his arm. "Of fine we'll start with your hand first. Fuck Cloud I didn't know you could be such a big baby." Despite how much he might be against it, the blond let his hand be grabbed, and tried not to wince as he touched his sore cut up hand.

The white bandage wrapped over his hand, and he watched in dim fascination as the color was tinged by pink. "So tell me Turk do you try to kill all your friends, or am I just special?"

Reno bit down to rip at the bandages with is teeth, and quickly tied them. "Now Cloud I'm sure we've both done things we're ashamed of. I tried to kill you. You slept with Sephiroth. I think we're about even."

He ripped the hand away, definitely not in the mood for pleasant chattery anymore. "What do you know about anything? I slept with him, because I love him."

To his surprise Reno responded by slapping him across the head. "You idiot, you don't love that bastard." Cloud glared as he rubbed at his head.

"Oh I don't? And you would know me so well to figure this out, now wouldn't you?"

He was rewarded with another slap. "Yes I would. Fuck Cloud we've been best friends since you were barely 15. You don't love that insane bastard. Your head is just too messed up at the moment to figure out that you don't."

What did he know about anything? Sure he didn't know who he was, but the feelings he felt were real. He did love Sephiroth. He loved him, and nothing he learned about his past could possibly change his mind. It didn't matter who he was in the past. All that mattered is who he was now.

"Fuck you! You're just a sleazebag who does all of Shinra's dirty work. You don't know who Sephiroth really is...You don't know anything about him."

The redhead just shook his head. "You're right Cloud I don't, but I do know that it's pretty weird to be in love with an insane psychopath that makes a habit out of killing all your friends." He picked up the roll of bandages. "I'm done with your hand...Can you take your shirt off now?"

Cloud was too freaked out on the inside to really be thinking clearly, and so he took off the t-shirt he was wearing without even thinking about it. Sure he was an asshole, sure he was just saying this to get under his skin, but that didn't change the fact that he was absolutely right.

"What are you doing here anyways Reno? Now I'm no expert on the subject, but the parts I do remember you didn't really like Zack all that much."

Reno smirked, before running a hand through his red spikes. "Yeah well to be perfectly honest with you I hate him, but I owe him a favor on account of him saving my life and all." Saving his life? When did he save his life? Was that just one of the many memories he was still missing?

"How did he save your life?" Reno wrapped the bandages around his stomach, taking care not to rub the cut that Zack made down his side raw.

"Well when Sephiroth stabbed me." He was going to continue, but Cloud interrupted him.

"Sephiroth stabbed you!" Despite how much he was trying to hate them all right now, he couldn't help but feel a little protective when he found out he had been injured. The fact that his lover had done the injuring had hurt even more.

He tied the bandages on his stomach, and Cloud hastily slipped his shirt back on. "Yeah he did. A couple months ago when he raided Shinra Headquarters and killed the President...Not to mention my mentor." There was scorn in that voice, and just thinking about Sephiroth doing that made the blond slightly shake.

Cloud could feel himself pale as bloody pictures filled his head, and that time when Sephiroth had come home covered in the crimson substance came rushing back. He suddenly knew where all that blood came from, and he was sickened. "I'm sorry."

His head was bowed in shame, so he couldn't see Reno's reaction. "Did you do it?"

Reno met his eyes. "What? Of course not!" Cloud felt a fondness grow in him when in response he received a slight smile.

"Then what are you apologizing for Cloud?" He laid a hand in his blond spikes, rubbing his head absentmindedly. "You're just confused Strife...Everyone excepts that. But you're here now, and soon you'll finally know where you should be." He was close now, and Cloud felt himself slightly mesmerized by how his brandy eyes seemed to swirl with spirals.

"With Zack." Reno looked slightly confused. "You said I'll find out where I should be. Is that with Zack?" The redhead opened his mouth to respond, but then hesitated.

He looked like he wanted to say something, but he was holding himself back. "Yes...of course. He's good for you Blondie...and he loves you."

If you asked him now he still wouldn't be able to tell you why he did it, but he felt compelled to lie his head on the redhead's chest. As weird as that was, it was probably more weird when Reno began stroking his head in comfort. "But I don't love him." Tears threatened to fall from his eyes, but he refused to let them fall.

"Cloud you don't know who you love right now, or who you want." The voice flowed out of his mouth like water to try to comfort him, and he would have to say it was working. Even though they were enemies, it almost felt natural to be talking like this with Reno. "But speaking of Romeo...He wants to see you."

Well that took all the relaxation out of the room. Cloud pulled away, glaring at whoever might meet his eyes. "Yeah? Well I don't fucking want to see him. He can blow his brains out for all I care!"

"Eww harsh...but you gotta be pretty hungry, and I'm afraid he's hording all the food."

He crossed his arms, and stuck his nose up in the air in protest. "Then I'll starve." Damn he was being a brat, but he couldn't help it. He would do whatever was possible to make their lives more difficult.

"Oh come on Strife, the least you could do is talk to him." He gave him a look that said 'like hell' before turning away again. "If not for him, then to get those answers you so desired." That's right. The reason he had agreed to this was because he wanted to know who he was. It wouldn't do him any good if the entire week all he did was sulk.

"If I go to see him will he try anything?" Reno got up from the bed, walking over to the door.

"To be honest I think his heart's a little too broken at the moment to try anything, but you never know." Reno extended a hand. "Now should I take you to him?" Cloud's eyebrows knitted as he stared at the hand. He knew he had to take it, but did that mean that he was giving in? Cloud shook his head, knowing that whether or not it was he really didn't have a choice in the matter anymore. He grabbed onto the outstretched hand, and led himself be pulled out of the room. He was going to see Zack, and he had a feeling that it probably wasn't going to end good.

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