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Chapter 13 Just Like Sephiroth

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Cloud gets taken by Sephiroth when he looks for him in the mountains. Leads to a relationship, but the past can never truly be forgotten. dark themes sc zc

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Unrequited Desires

Chapter 13 Just Like Sephiroth


Zack moaned as his tongue twined with Cloud's own. This was a definite relief from all the trauma he had been facing as of late. The whole thing with Rufus and Sephiroth was almost too much to bear, and between court dates the blond had suggested that they go out for a drink. Now this definitely wasn't strange for Cloud, because of his close relationship with Reno it just so happened that his lover drank like a fish. This was overly true nowadays, because over the whole trial he seemed to be a nervous mess. He couldn't blame him though, it was a pretty big deal. Rufus had gone into renal failure after his kidneys had rejected the injection, and Sephiroth had to rush him to the hospital to even save his life. The General, being the ever noble person that he is, had taken complete responsibility, and was now having to go through a serious of trials to decided his punishment. So all in all, it was pretty hectic lately.

Cloud pulled away as Zack fiddled with the keys, but as soon as the dormitory door was open he had to catch the blond as he flew at him at running jump. Their mouths connected again, and Zack could taste the absinthe that he had been talked into buying for him. Thighs wrapped around his waist, as he led them both into the dingy barrack, almost tripping over himself as he tried to kick off his shoes at the same time. He didn't even get a chance to shut his door, but he was way too busy to worry about that right now. This was exactly what he needed, and the inebriated Cloud was more than up for it. If they hadn't been in the process of making out, Zack would have been aroused on just principle alone. Reno had talked them into going clubbing, and had taken the incentive to dress up the petite blond for the trip.

He was garbed in the tightest red leather pants he had ever seen in his life...Really they just looked like he was poured in them, and to set his pants off he was wearing a black fishnet long sleeve shirt, and nothing else. When his knees hit, he had no choice in falling backwards onto the bed. Leaving a very voluptuous Cloud to fall on top of him.

Their lips broke apart when they hit, and Cloud took this opportunity to pull his shirt over his blond spikes, throwing it haphazardly in the corner. His blue eyes were glazed over in toxicity and lust, but there was a playful smirk on his face. "Do you want to fuck me Zack?" Despite how much that statement turned him on, he had to admit that to be hearing it Cloud must be a lot more wasted than he had before thought.

Zack's hands came to grab at the blond's tight leather clad ass. They then traveled to his bare back, forcing his lips back to his own. Cloud complied, but in a moment pushed him away again. "I asked you a question Zack...Do you want to fuck me?"

A moan escaped his throat when his cock was harshly grabbed. "...Of course I do baby." Cloud smiled, and went to make a wet trail down his chest, but stopped just after he lightly bit one of his nipples.

"Do you love me Zack?" A sigh of frustration escaped his throat. He absolutely adored the boy, but he could be such a tease sometimes.

"With all my heart Cloud." The blond went back to his early menstruations along his chest where he had pushed up his shirt, and soon his descent led him straight to the waistband of his pants. They were slowly unbuttoned, and the zipper was even slower to go down.

Hands came around the edges of his pants, as both them and his boxers were slipped down past his hips, coming to rest by his ankles. Zack drew in a breath as that action freed his engorged member that was aching to be touched. It only ached more when he saw Cloud lick his lips in anticipation. Sadly though, that was all he licked. Devious blue eyes looked up to him, as he ever so softly blew on the tip. "Would you love me more if I sucked you off right now, and then let you have your wicked way with me?" His cock throbbed as that teasing mouth leaned down, placing a soft kiss on the vein that ran up the back side.

He was panting quite heavily now, and his eyes glanced around the apartment. Trying to find somewhere, anywhere that was away from the cock tease in front of him. What they fell on though made his jaw slightly drop. "Sephiroth!?" He yelped.

The man was standing in the doorway, staring at the scene with a mixture of confusion and barely controlled furry. At the sound of the name, Cloud startled, and spun around to see him.

Now he was embarrassed. He really didn't know who wouldn't be after being caught in such a situation, but he was nothing compared to Cloud. All the color drained out of the blond's already pale face, and his hands came up to cover his mouth in horror. "Sephiroth!...How long have you been there?" His voice was muffled as he spoke through his fingers.

Their eyes were locked together, and Cloud looked very much like he was about to throw about. If possible Sephiroth looked even more sickened than the blond. "Well..." His voice cracked slightly...Something that Zack had never heard that strong and confident voice do before. "Since about 'Do you want to fuck me?'"

Sephiroth's voice sounded so hollow, so depraved...What the hell was he doing here anyways. For the first time realizing his state of undress, Zack quickly pulled his pants back on.

"Zack you and your little whore of a lover shouldn't stop on my account. I was just stopping by to give you the trial results after all."

Cloud was visibly shaking as he stared at the man in horror. Zack, however, was staring at him in anger. "Seph did you just call Cloud a whore?" He would have said more on the matter, but the blond did all that and more.

"Oh baby don't be upset with little ole Sephy...He's just mad cuz he can't join in." Sephiroth's eyes narrowed, and Zack stared on in shock. It was like he had adopted a completely different personality, and that was when it occurred to him.

"Cloud what the hell did Reno give you?" He was going to kill that cheeky redhead the next time he saw him.

Arching his back, Cloud gave both men in the room a good view of his creamy white stomach, and the blond hairs leading from his bellybutton all the way down under his leather pants. "I dunno...It was some white pill with a heart on it. He told me to take it right before I got laid." The blond glanced over at him seductively. "I'm pretty sure it just kicked in."

Hell yeah it had kicked in, and he was going to kick Reno's teeth in the next time he saw him. "Oh so not only is your lover a whore Zack, but also a druggy at that." Sephiroth sneered, and yet he never took his eyes off the blond's abdomen. "I'm sure having LSD in your system will look real good on Shinra's drug tests."

He didn't know whether or not to be more horrified or aroused when Cloud's hand went to the clasp of his pants, and then down them altogether. "Yeah? Well this druggy whore is ready and willing...An offer you certainly didn't get when I was sober." The hand came out, dripping wet with the precum from his arousal. He got to his feet, walking over to where Sephiroth stood. The silver haired man was a good foot taller than the blond, but that didn't stop Cloud. No, he just stood on his tip toes, placing those glistening wet fingers on his lips. "What's the matter sexy...Don't you at least want a taste of what you're never gonna have?"

Zack watched on as if it were a movie, a little too horrified at the moment to do anything else but that. Sephiroth grabbed onto the hand placed on his mouth, ripping it as far away from him as possible. "I could have had you anytime I wanted to, and you would have begged for it I assure you. You're just like all the rest...Only in love with me for my looks and power." He had never seen his friend this mad before. It was like a totally different person. "You're no better than any of the others." He spat out, throwing that arm away from him as he did so.

Cloud brought his hand back to him as if burned. Furry was boiling in his eyes, in both their eyes for that matter. "Oh really? Everyone's so in love with are they? Bit full of yourself aren't you?" The blond chided.

"You would have been full of me too, had I any desire at all to take you." He grabbed Cloud's chin, pulling their faces close together. "But I don't fuck cheap whores."

That was the point when he really couldn't just sit idly by anymore. Confusion and furry took hold of him. "BOTH OF YOU STOP!" Zack screamed. He pointed first to Sephiroth. "I think we need to have a little chat." Then his golden eyes drifted to his lover, and it pained him just see him. "And you...just get out."

Sephiroth let go of the blond's chin, backing as far away from him as possible. Cloud looked back at him in confusion, and it seemed his acid tripping brain just caught on that he had done something wrong. "Zack I..." He didn't want to hear any Zack I stories though, so he just simply pointed his finger.

"I'll talk to you when you're sober...Just get out right now." Confused blue eyes looked up at him, and he almost took back what he had said, almost. That is until he remember him sticking his cum soaked fingers in Sephiroth's mouth and asking him to fuck him.

Without another word the blond ran off, leaving just them together. The first thing Zack did was swing his fist through the air, connecting a punch with Sephiroth's surprised jaw. The sad thing is that even with that hard of a punch, the silver haired warrior barely staggered. He didn't even seem to loose his footing. Oh well...It's not like he had intended to knock his head off or anything. Sephiroth was his best friend...and right he didn't know all the answers. "Now I think you know why you deserved that...and now I would like to know what the hell that was all about."

The man rubbed at his jaw. His face was still set in stone, but truthfully Zack had never seen him look so angry before. There was a sort of raw power flowing off him in waves, and it all seemed to be directed towards the petite blond that had just ran around the corner. His eyes snapped from the doorway though, to give him a cold stare instead. "What that was about Zackary is your little lovey dovey boy toy not being able to make up his mind about which one of us he really wants. He's been fooling around behind your back with me for the last couple months." Zack really wanted to hit him again. "But you don't have to worry about that now my friend...You see I wouldn't go near him if he came crawling to me dying on his knees. The very thought of him sickens me. He's all yours now." That said he too walked out of the room, leaving Zack to sink to his knees, grief stricken about what he had just heard, and more confused about the future than ever.

At the feeling of insistent poking, Zack was slowly brought out of his dream. If you could call what he had been having a dream...In that case he would definitely have to label it a nightmare. He couldn't believe he had fallen asleep in the first place. It was just he was so exhausted from watching Cloud all night, and the exhaustion seemed to take hold of him, leaving him to fall asleep with his head resting on the table.

Golden eyes glanced up to see who had done the poking, only to see furious blue eyes staring down at him. His vision blurred however when the owner of those before mentioned eyes used probably all the strength he had in slapping him across the face. "Oh I'm sorry sweetheart...Did I wake you? It's just I'm not so used to how my etiquette should be around kidnappers."

He heard snickering in the background, and saw that it was Reno who had brought the feisty blond in. "Well then I'll just leave you two lovebirds alone then..." He slowly shook his head back in forth in amusement. "I daresay it'll be an interesting conversation to miss though."

Zack glared. Did he always have to make things way more difficult than they had to be. "Reno just get the hell out of here." The redhead saluted to him, and took off bounding in the other direction. came the fun part. Trying to ignore the hateful glare he was receiving, he motioned to one of the seats. "Why don't you sit down Cloud. I'm sure you're hungry."

Cold blue eyes just simply glared. "Believe me when I say, you piece of shit, that I'd much rather starve than give any sort of satisfaction over watching me eat."

"A piece of shit am I?" Zack gave a cheerful smile. "For someone who doesn't know the slightest bit about anything you're sure one to judge."

The blond's hand clenched at his side, and he looked as if at any moment he might take the butter knife that was laid on the table and jab it into his eye. "Yeah? And for someone who came back from the dead there seems a remarkable shortage of brains to eat on this table."

At first he was slightly confused, but then all of those monster movies he had watched as a teenager came flooding back. "I'm not zombie." He bit out. Offended at the very idea of being compared to one. "I don't honestly know why I was brought back..." He glanced at Cloud, from his malnourished body, to his still bruised throat, and finally to all the bandages adorning his skin. "but I can think of a few reasons."

If Cloud knew what he was insinuating he showed no knowledge it on his features. "And what would that be?...Taking people against their will?...Ruining lives?"

"If you're talking about me ruining your life, well then I think you're a bit misled on that subject." Cloud raised an eyebrow, but didn't reply. "After all you had already done quite a good job yourself before I even entered the picture." Shit. He hadn't wanted to do that. He hadn't wanted to get mad, but even as he scolded himself in his mind his tongue just wouldn't stop. "Tell me Cloud did hop into his bed that very night he killed Tifa, or did you wait a week out of respect for the dead?"

He hadn't meant to get mad, but he couldn't help those angry words of hurt and betrayal from coming out. Yes, Cloud had been infatuated with Sephiroth back at Shinra, and yes they had made out in corridors in the like, but that was when Sephiroth was normal. That was before what he did to Cloud. What he did to him... "Cloud do you even remember what happened in Nibelheim?"

Cloud scoffed, absentmindedly picking at a roll laid out on the table in front of him. "Of course I do...That's one of the only things I do remember." Zack's heart ached when he saw a hurt tear roll down the blond's cheek. "You seem to think I'm just this naïve little idiot. I know what he is...I know what kind of demon he turned into." Cloud's shoulders started to shake in anger and resonation. "I can still remember the smell of the smoke, hear the cries of everybody I had grown up..." Blue eyes glanced towards him, wide and fearful. "I can still see his blood thirsty eyes as he walked through the fire." His voice trailed off. "I know exactly what he did to my village, but I love him...I'm sure of it." He was shook as he said that, giving Zack the impression that he definitely wasn't all that sure.

Zack got up from his seat, going to lean down to look into the blond's troubled face. "Do you remember Cloud? I know you say you remember what happened, but do you remember what he did to before he set the town to cinders?"

Confused eyes looked into his, giving him the impression that he in fact had no idea what actually happened. "My's coming back, but not all of it. What are you talking about Zack?"

His hand reached out, stroking those blond spikes he adored so much, and yet hadn't touched in such a long time. He could tell him. He could tell him, and him spit it back in his face like he knew he would. Cloud would never believe it...No, this he needed to experience first hand. He would just have to wait for it to come in a dream. "I can't tell you that. You're not ready to know yet."

The hand that had been entwined in blond hair was slapped away as Cloud once more took on a face of anger. "Then what fucking good are you!?" He kicked out, knocking Zack away from him. It didn't hurt as bad as it could of, and he was only sent sprawling across the floor. "I'll tell you what I do remember. I remember getting pleasured by him, touching him, tasting him, saying that I'd leave you for him."

It was obvious he was just saying all of this to hurt him, and truthfully he was doing a pretty good job of it. Though more than that, as those memories resurfaced in his own mind, Zack felt his blood start to boil.

Jumping up from the ground, he rushed forward, pushing Cloud hard up against the wall. He could hear his head hit painfully, and for some reason that gave him more happiness than he would once have thought. Zack grabbed Cloud's hair, harshly tugging it until they stared ruthlessly in each other's eyes. "Listen to me, and listen to me good, you little brat. I was the one that left you!" He screamed into that surprised face. "Don't you dare try to dredge up the past in an attempt to hurt me, because unlike your fucked up mind I remember everything very clearly. It's been too long for something like that to hurt me anymore." A lie. "So get over yourself Blondie, because I did not bring you to this ship in some sad attempt to reconcile what we once had. I brought you to protect you from that bastard you claim to love." He tugged Cloud's head forward so that his mouth was harshly pressed against the blond's ear. "Get this through your head right here and now...I don't want you anymore. I haven't wanted you for quite some time."

Then as if that mouth full of lies wasn't enough to confuse Cloud, he just had to go and top it. Slamming Cloud's head against the metal hull of the ship, Zack forced himself on him, crushing their lips together in an almost painful way. Of all the ways he imagined kissing Cloud after their long time parted, this wasn't on the top of the least. Neither was the way his hand forced itself up the blond's shirt, feeling all of his bony ribs sticking out and loving every minute of it. Zack tried to further the kiss, but Cloud's mouth stayed closed, and the more he insisted, the more tight lipped the blond would become. What was he doing? Was he really going to force Cloud to do this?

Zack pulled away as if burned, and saw the pure hatred staring back at him from Cloud's glowing blue eyes. He didn't blame the blond though, not this time, not after what he had just done. "Oh don't stop Zack. Take me right here and now." The words were like a knife in his chest. "I'm sure you'll get what you want...I am just a cheap little whore after all." Flashes of his recent dream seared in his head. "Sephiroth did this exact thing to me, and eventually I gave in. He got what he wanted out of me Zack. Why don't your hand?"

Anger clouded his judgment, and before he knew it he had wrapped a hand around Cloud's throat, trying his hardest to stop the flow of those awful words. "Don't you dare Cloud! DON'T YOU DARE COMPARE ME TO SEPHIROTH!"

Cloud clenched his teeth, trying to fight the lack of air to his lungs. "Why not? You're just like him. He did this to me too...I even still have finger ligatures on my neck to prove it."

Horrorstruck, Zack immediately let go and retreated to the wall on the far side of the room. "Gods I didn't..." He placed his hand over his face, willing to take back the travesty he just done.

He just wanted forget that any of this had even remotely come close to happening, but Cloud seem inept to let him forget. "You didn't what?...Didn't mean to? Yeah he says that to." Zack felt sick. He wasn't like this. Why had he reacted so violently. He sunk down against the wall, dreading the thought of what those boots that walked over to stand above him could to entail. "Every time he hurts me, every time he loses it, every time he kills someone, he tells me he's sorry...that he didn't mean to...that it will never happen again." Cloud's voice was shaking, and Zack watched as tear droplet spattered against the ground. "And I believe him." The voice angrier. "And then he does it again, and again, and again...all the while telling me he loves me and that he's sorry. You just did the same thing Zack." Cloud leaned down, grabbing at Zack's face so that they stared each other in the eye. "But he's insane Zack...What the hell's your excuse?"

Cloud dropped his chin, letting it fall towards the floor where it belonged. Zack had never felt more ashamed in his life. The weight of it all suddenly seemed to much to bear, and he turned to the side, retching in the corner. The door slammed shut when the blond made his exit, and Zack couldn't bring himself to tell him to stay. All in all...This had certainly turned into one hell of a first day.
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