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Florin's Defence

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Florin is under attack and this time it is Westley's responsibility. I edited out the movie quotes and cleaned up the writing a bit. Still a work in progress.

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Florin's Defence

The ship rose as it mounted a swell in the water. It crashed down sending liquid splashing onto the deck. The long, dark hair of the mysterious Dread Pirate Roberts whipped in the strong wind. The large, dark ship moved quickly across the sea. At his feet a man with a hood covering his face begged for his life. Roberts' sword was at his neck.

"You know the stories. I do not leave any survivor,” said the dark, cruel figure dressed in all black.

"Please. Please, I must live," the caped figure whispered in a soft flowing voice.

The only reply from the dark figure was a low chuckle.

The hooded figure slowly stood up and removed his hood. Wispy blonde hair was caught up in the wind and a small crooked smile spread across his lips. "Inigo, you haven't changed a bit."

"Westley, I haven't seen you in years! What brings you to these waters?" Inigo Montoya replied. The dark Spaniard replaced his sword at his side and shook Westley's hand.

"Actually, I've come looking for you."

Inigo rested his hands on the handle of his sword. "Go on."

"Florin is in trouble. In all my travels I have never met a better swordsman than you, will you help us?"

After Prince Humperdinck was forced to resign from his rule Westley and his new wife Buttercup took over the responsibility of ruling Florin.

"Of course," Inigo replied in his smooth Spanish accent. "What is happening?"

"There's no time to talk now. We have to get going, I'll explain on the way," Westley explained starting to walk away.

"Wait a minute. I cannot just leave my ship." Inigo called over a short but built young man that had just walked by on his way to the cabin. "First mate, come here!" The brown haired man hurried to Inigo's side. "I'm going to be gone for awhile. Look after the ship and crew. If anyone asks questions just tell them that I had to go. If they keep persisting do what you wish with them. I'll be back as soon as I can."

With that the two sailors left Roberts' ship and boarded Westley's. They sailed through the rough waters towards Florin. Westley's ship was distinctly faster than Inigo's.

"You always manage to sail so quickly. I thought it was the ship but I see now it is not. How do you do it?"

"A secret I learned over the years," was all he said. Inigo didn’t press further as he knew it would get him nowhere.

They sailed in silence until they reached the shores of Florin.
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