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HiiragiTachibana. Teenage sex and love.

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"Nngh-! Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!"

Head thrown back, sweat dripping down a taunt neck to caress a well-muscled chest that is perhaps just a touch too pale to be pure Japanese.

Sex for teenagers is a way to exhaust oneself, a small pleasure under the overarching pressure of Growing Up. So said your professor, one day.

Such a small, precious thing, I think.

Sex as an act is not very attractive at all - it is you who make it beautiful for me. We have never used conventional words to shape our feelings, and yet there they hang in the air between us as the muscles in your legs twitch and you spill your seed over my stomach. I let all the thoughts go with a groan and fill you up once again.

Your smile, bordering on sleep, framed by my pillow, makes me shift closer and kiss your forehead awkwardly. I think you know what I mean by this gesture, but I blush a little and do not meet your eyes anyways.

A little jingle of laughter, and then you allow your fingers to brush against my cheek, drawing my attention back to you and your holy nakedness.

Exhaustion creeps over us, and the light caresses grow heavier and finally rest in place. Comfort at this level is all the heaven I could ever need.
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