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The update you guys have been waiting for has arrived!

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Note: IT'S HERE IT'S HERE. FIANLLY! I promised you an update this weekend and her it is sunday and you guys have an update. I made it extra long for you guys because thats the least I could do but I'm starting to do better in school and maybe I'll be off opunishment, but for now I'll let you read this wonderful earned update. Hope you guys enjoy:)
I was walking home. When I saw this car slow down by me. I looked at the car and then straight ahead.

The car rolled down there windows.

"Want a ride young lady" I heard the voice say. I turned to the car and I saw it was Brendon.

"Brendon" I squealed.

"Jump in" he said opening the passengers seat. I got in the car and shut the door.

"I thought you're be walking this way" he said

"Stalker" I said sarcastically.

"Me, never" he said in a valley girl tone.

"I thought you had some business to take care of?"

"What if I said just shut up and lets just go have a good time" he said leaning in next to me.

"Sounds good to me" I smiled.

He then started to drive. Silence fell upon of as he drove and I looked out the window. I lifted my eyebrow as I began to feel curious.

"Where are we going?" I asked

"You'll see" he said as a smirked linger along his lips.

"This better be good" I laughed.

He then looked at me and then turned back to the road.

About half an hour later he turned into this back road and then we drove up to this building and parked on the side of it.

"Come on" he smiled as he took his car keys out the engine. We both got out the car and walked up to the building.

"Okay close your eyes" he demanded.

"Why?" I replied confused.

"For me please!" he pleaded.

"Okay" I said closing my eyes.
I then felt him come behind me and put his hands over my eyes.

"What's that for?" I questioned.

"So I can make sure you cant see"

We then started walking.

"Okay just don't like throw me in a ditch or kill me" I said giving in.

"Who do you think I am?"

I laughed nervously.

"Okay ready?" he asked.

"Yeah" I replied.

He took his hands from over my eyes and I saw 6 people standing in front of me.

"Are you serious?" I laughed.

"I hope your ready to go in battle" Jon said holding up his paintball gun.

"I cant believe this" I smiled nervously.

"Yeah I told you I had to go on business so I could surprise you later one " Brendon said while he stood on the side of me.

"We didn't know about this until after lunch" Re said.

I looked at Brendon.

"So I see you scheme behind my back"

"Only for a good cause" he said with a smirk.

"I hope you have good aim" Lee teased Brendon.

"Don't worry about this, I know what I'm doing" brendon joked.

"Yeah we'll see" Meg laughed.

"Okay are you ladies ready?" Spencer asked.

"Ready when you are Sam" re said giving me my paintball gun.

"Okay but who's on who's team?" I asked.

"Me, Ryan, Spencer and Jon are a team" brendon replied.

"Oh so it's boys against girls. Battle of the sexes" Lee commented.

"Yeah if thats what you want to call it" Brendon said.

"Okay that's settle, lets go" I said. We all walked to the back of the building to go get our gear on and stuff. When we were done with that we left out the back door, because out side is where we were going to play. There were posts, mounds and tall cardboard standing in different parts of this grassy area. Kind of looked like a battle field.

"See you on the other side" Brendon said as our groups split up.

The girls and I went behind this one mound and sat down.

"Okay what we have to do is beat these boys" Lee said.

"yeah we already know that but to be more less obvious we need to cover each others back and be as sneaky as possible" re commanded.

"Got you" I smiled.

"YOU GIRLS READY" one of the boys called out.

"BORN READY" Meg yelled out.

"Sam that way, Lee stay here and meg stay with lee and I'll go that way" she said pointing in different directions as if she was named team captain.

"If anything happens, I want you all to know I love you" I said sarcastically, they laughed and we began with our positions.

The whole battle was fun. We were rolling and jumping around like animals and hide behind things trying not to get shot. Brendon and re ended up being the last people that hadn't been shot. They were really into the game and we laughed on the sidelines of how serious they were. Finally Lee ended up winning and in the car ride home Jon, Ryan and Spence wouldn't let him live it down.

But though it was disappointment for him the whole ordeal was really fun and I thought it was so sweet for him to go through all the trouble he went through just for me.

After dropping off the girls and the guys. Brendon drove me to my house and we ended up sitting in the car outside my house.

"So my moms not home want to come inside?"

"You sure" he asked.

"Positive" I replied.

I opened my door and got out the car. Brendon followed. We walked up to my door not saying a word to each other. I jiggled my door knob and it was lock. I then bent down on my knee and flipped over my welcome mat and there laid a key.

"So that's where you put it" brendon smirked.

"Yeah now you can break into my house but technically you wont be breaking in because you'll have a key" I said sarcastically.

I then opened my door as brendon giggled. All the lights were out. I turned on the light that was on the wall by the door.

"Come with me" I said trying to sound scary.

We walked up my stairs and went in my room.

"Make yourself comfortable" I said going in my bathroom. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and laughed to myself. I had freaking paint everywhere even in my hair. I then walked out my bathroom and went to sit on my computer chair.

"So..."I was lost of words.

"Did you have fun?' brendon asked.

"Yeah it was cool" I said throwing my head back.

"We look a mess" he said examining himself.

"I laughed at myself while I was in the bathroom"

"I mean I'm looking at you and I'm laughing"

"Ha ha smartass" I said throwing a book at him.

"Oh what's in here" he said opening it.

I had forgot it was my diary.

"Don't read it" I said trying to get it back, but he stood up and raised his arm in the air.

"Why am I in here/" he asked.

" give it back" I said trying to reach for it.

"Okay I'll give it back but you have to step back" he said as he still gripped on my diary.

"okay I'm stepping" I said taking a step back while I crossed my arms to my chest.

He smiled as he stuck my diary in his pants.

"You pig" I laughed.

"You want it now?" he asked

"Surprisingly yes" I replied.

"Come and get it then" he said crossing his arms.

I looked around my room as I saw his keys by my computer. I grabbed his keys and dangled them in the air.

"No fair" he said.

"Way fair" I said dropping them in-between my boobs.

"I'm letting you know I have no problem getting those out" he smirked.

"I'm sure you wont" I laughed.

"I think I really need my keys" he said walking towards me.

"oh yeah you do, just like I need my diary' I said walking towards him.

We stood in front of each other and I grabbed his pants trying to get my diary but he grabbed me by my waist and tackled me to my bed. He laid on top of me and as we were in the moment he reached in to kiss me. I pushed him off and sat up.

"okay....." I said looking from his opposite direction.

"that was cool I guess" he seemed confused.

I looked at him and leaned in to kiss him again. I laid on top of him and reached into his pants and got back up. I stood in front of my bed as I waved my diary in the air.

" Thanks' I smiled.

"No problem" he said sarcastically.

I held my dairy up to my chest as I leaned on my computer desk. Brendon stood up and leaned on the desk by me. We looked at each other and he leaned in to kiss me again he was putting his hands in my shirt and then leaned out the kiss.

"Yeah I need these" he said dangling the keys.

'Why do we kept having excuses to kiss each other" I said shaking my head and looking at my feet.

"Well maybe because we like each other and were too afraid to admit it" he smirked.

I arched my eyebrow. Hold up did he just refer to me he likes me? I can't believe this! Brendon urie is actually falling for me. Samantha, the girl who cant even fake her cousin to act like he's her date at dances. Interrupting my thoughts my phone rang.

I walked to my dresser and answered it.


"Yeah Sam what are you doing?" Re asked

'Hold on" I lowered the phone down and covered the speaker part.

"Hey Brendon its my mom" I lied.

"Ok" he replied.

I then walked out my room and downstairs.

"Okay Brendon's with me" I said.

"Good do you want to do step number 7" she asked

"yeah sure" I replied.

"Well I have to go, so you go work your magic"

"Okay bye"

We both hung up our phone.

I walked up stairs and when I opened my door brendon was sitting on my bed.

"So brendon after all of this I thought maybe we could try and learn more from each other" I said sitting on the bed next to him.

"Okay, then what do you like to do" he asked.

"Oh its silly" I said blushing.

"It cant be that silly"

"Alright I like to paint"

"Oh are you good?" he asked.

"Yeah..I won a award once"

"You must be good, can I see any of your work"

"okay hold on" I said walking to my closet.

I was trying not to laugh as I brought out my picture and held it with both my hands.

"Ready" I said.

"yep" he replied. I turned my paper around and he looked surprised.

"See here's some stick figures and a sun with some sun glasses and the little willow trees in the shade" I said with a huge grin.

"Interesting" he said.

I wanted to laugh so hard. I then put on my sad face.

"You hate it" I said throwing the poster down.

"No I love it..whatever it is" he said looking at me.

"You do?" I said acting like I was wiping tears.

"yeah" he replied.

I then sat on the bed.

"Do you want to make-out?" I asked.

"I was wondering when you'd ask" he said climbing on top of me as he laid kisses along my neck.

I lifted his head and pressed my lips against his and slide my tongue in his mouth. Our saliva becoming one. I rolled us over and grinded on top of him as we scoping around each others mouth.

I sat on top of brendon as I was catching my breathe.

"What if we took this to this shower?" I asked.

'Kinky" he smiled.

We then rushed to my bathroom and went inside the tub. I started the shower and brendon was against me as I leaned on the wall. We were taking off our clothes till we were down to our under garments. Brendon then lifted me by my legs as I wrapped them around him and took us against the wall under the shower head.

I then heard a knock on my door.

"Brendon I think someone's knocking on my door" I told him but he was too busy sucking on my neck.

I moaned silently as I intended to ignore it. Was I about to actually lose my virginity to him? Was this the moment I've been waiting for?
Just than as I was throwing my head back in enjoyment I heard my mom jiggling the door knob to my bathroom.

"Sam what's going on?" she asked.

"Nothing mom..just" I stopped as I was trying to keep in my moans.

Without notice I heard the bathroom door open.........

If you want to know what happens next you'll have to tune in to tnext update. reviews=LOVE
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