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Authors announcment-my readers plz read 4.18.07

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Category: Panic! At The Disco - Rating: R - Genres: Drama - Published: 2007-04-18 - Updated: 2007-04-19 - 109 words

Okay guys. here I am again from taking a even longer break.Well it turns out i ahve writers block and I'm not posting the chapter untill I feel confindent my readers(you) will be satisfied. I hope I didnt lose any readers and I hope you guys understand. I can'ty promise you whena na update will be up but i can say hopefully the next update should BE GOOD!


I have another story posted though becuz, I have wirters block for this one. Its under this section and its called "Were star crossed lovers baby". Go ahead and read it. I'll luv's you lots:)
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