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An Old Friend

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Alexa Cooper;a groupie. Finds out she was about to be a groupie wiht an old friend. Bert Mcracken..what will happen when the two have their lives colliding again.

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Alexa Cooper
Dark brown hair-shoulder length
Tattoos= Stars on wrist, love and death on the back of her neck.

Alexa Cooper is my name, I am not your average 19 year old. I am a groupie who makes my way through bands faster than an arena. My friend Carly who supports me 100%, told me there was going to be a band in town tonight and got me a VIP pass. I put on my jean skirt and black and white tank top and tied my hair up in a ponytail. I waited in my car until the concert was over to approach the band at the back door. Out stepped a boy with long black scruffy hair and a skinny frame , I didn't think he was a band member so I just stood there and waited for other people to some out the door. Bu then the guy started yelling my name from far of, I walked up to him slowly to see what he wanted.

" Um, can I help you?"

" Are you Alexa...Alexa Cooper?"

" Yea, and how do you know my name?"

" I guess you don't remember me."

" No, I cant say that I do....uh I have to go see if any of the band is out here."

" I'm in the band."

" Oh really, what's your name."

" Bert McCracken."

I stood there, I realized who this person was. This person use to be my best friend, use to be the person I was in love with, but that didn't last because he left me. Suddenly I felt my heart drop to my stomach, I felt like puking. I was so angry that he was here, the person I had avoided to ever see again is standing right here.

" I have to go."

" Alexa, I'm sorry."

" Sorry doesn't fix what happened in the past, I cant talk to you, I'm leaving."

He didn't stop me.

I drove home crying my eyes out. I knew I would eventually see him, but seeing him actually wasn't that bad. it's the fact that things will never be the same again, I could remember seeing Bert in magazines thinking of how much I missed him. I pulled up into my apartment parking lot, just wanting to forget about tonight.

" So Alexa how was the band?"

" I don't want to talk about it Carly."

" Awe, come on and tell me what happened."

" Bert."

" Oh my god you saw Bert McCracken, what was wrong with that?"

" Bert and I use to be best friends but he left me...for the music, not only him but the other guys did too. I am sorry, I cant deal right now. Goodnight."

" Uh...well ok I will talk to you in the morning."
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