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Going on tour with the present and the past.

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Alexa Cooper;a groupie. Finds out she was about to be a groupie wiht an old friend. Bert Mcracken..what will happen when the two have their lives colliding again.

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I felt someone shaking me.

It was Carly.

" Carly, why are you waking me up?" I said groggily

" Bert."

I shot straight up

" What about him?"

" He is in the living room."

" How could you just let him in like that."

" He looks really sad, he really wants to see you."

" Well, no."

" What am I suppose to do."

" Tell him to leave."

" Alexa, don't do this, get up. Go talk, I will be in my room."

" Ughhhhhh....fine!"

I rolled out of bed and pulled my bed hair into a bun. Walking into the living room there he was sitting there looking at me sadly, I gave him a angry look and started yelling at him.

" Bert why the hell are you here???!"

" To apologize."

" What the fuck, you said sorry last night no need to come here and say it again!"

" I want to talk to you, I miss you."

I lowered my voice
" What about?"

" Why I left you, not only me but the boys."

" I know why you left, it was the music and you guys didn't care enough to take me with you. Instead you left me in this hell hole of a town."

" That's not true, we couldn't just take you away with us you know that. We were thinking about you, you said it yourself that you couldn't just leave everything behind."

" Well, at the time I was thinking straight, you and the guys were my only real family. "

" Well that's why I came to fix thing with you."

" Bert, you cant just show up and expect things to be alright that quick."

" I know it will take time, but we miss you. You should have seen Quinn's face when I told him I saw you."

" Well, I do miss my Quinny."

" Do you want to see him?"

" Of course!"

" Well he is sitting outside on the steps."

" What! He has been out there the whole time?"

" Yea, he wanted to surprise you."

" Oh."

I walked over to the front door and opened it to see Quinn sitting there smoking a cigarette.

" Quinny!"

" Lex!!"

" Quinny I am so glad to see you!"

" Are you going on tour with us?"

" What?"

" Oh...sorry Bert I didn't know you hadn't asked her yet."

" Ask me to go on tour with you guys?"

Bert looked at his feet


" No, I cant."

" Why?, its not like you have a job."
" God Bert just don't talk, what he means is that we have heard about your groupie thing."

" Oh, well that doesn't mean I don't have other things. I will be starting art school in a week."

"Oh come on Alexa, we wont leave you in this hell-hole to rot."

" Let me talk to Carly about it."

" Who is Carly?" Quinn asked

" My roomie."

" Oh."

" I will be right back."

I walked to Carly's room.

" Carly?"

" Yes?"

" Bert wants me to go on tour with him."

" Oh my god, you should go."

" your suppose to beg me to stay so I don't have to go."

" Stop being a baby, its not like you don know him."

" Well if your forcing me to go then you have to go with me too."

" What??"

" Yep, hun your going on tour too."

" Are you sure its ok of course."

It was settled, Carly and I were going on tour with Bert. I am afraid this will be a big mistake, I don't want to fall in love with him again. I am a groupie now, I cant fall in love with anyone. Hopefully I wont fall into his trap, Carly and I told the boys what the deal was and everything was set. We would be flying out to New York for a concert the next day, we packed everything we could fit into our bags. Bert was suppose to be picking us up early in the morning, I was hoping he wouldn't show up but somewhere inside of me I was happy to be a part of him again.
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