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He has changed,

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Alexa Cooper;a groupie. Finds out she was about to be a groupie wiht an old friend. Bert Mcracken..what will happen when the two have their lives colliding again.

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Right now we are getting off the plane and walking into the airport. As you can tell Bert did came threw with picking us up. We waited to grab our bags from the moving belts, fans started to crowd around the boys, in a way this made me feel a little jealous; I had to share Bert...not that I wanted him. Finally we made our way out of the airport to a big black suburban , we stuffed our luggage into the back seat.

" Bert where are we going to stay?"

" Oh don't worry about that, we have a nice little house in one of the neighborhoods."

" Wow, and know one knows about it?"

" Not really, except for our neighbors of course but they don't really bother us when we are here."

" That's good."

" But we have and extra room for Carly and you."

' Ok, thanks."

We pulled into the big garage and parked the car. We carried the luggage into the house. The house had hardwood floors and black walls. The ceilings were high up with wooden beams at the top, it almost looked like a lodge inside. Quinn showed us where our room was while the others got ready.

" So down this long hall way is your room, to the left is the bathroom."

" Thanks Quinny ."

I walked in after Carly, just as I was about to set my bags down Quinn came back into the room.

" Lex I need to talk with you for a second."

" Carly I will be back in a second."

We walked to the other end of the hallway into Quinn's room, I sat down on his bed.

" Yes Quinn?"

" I just wanted to tell you something about Bert."

" Well what?"

" Be careful with Bert."

" I don't understand."

"He was back on drugs awhile back, maybe I shouldn't be telling you this though."

" Why not? It is important for me to know right?"

" Of course it is but, Bert would be ashamed if you knew about this situation."

" I don't see why he would care what I think of him."

" Awe come on Alexa, Bert still loves you, just as much as he did before he left."

" Well, whatever. I need to get back to Carly."

" Ok. Just remember what I told you."

I wasn't so sure if Bert still loved me, but I guess he does.
Quinn would never lie about that.

I walked back to my room where I found Carly sleeping on her newly made bed. Obviously she was tired from the flight but she straightened the whole room up and put all of my stuff away. Carly is a neat freak. I decide to talk it up with the guys while she slept, I plopped down on the oversized red couch next to Jepha.

" What's up with ya Alexa?"

"Just getting adjusted. So where is Bert and Branden?"

" With their girlfriends."

My heart dropped out of my ass

" What! Bert has a girlfriend ?!?"

" Shit! He didn't want you to know."

" Its not like I care. I just wish he would have told me first."

" Yea, I am sorry."

" It ok Jepha, I am going to lay down."

" Ok, Alexa see ya later."

" Okay."

I went back top my room and dived under the covers. I cant believe he has a girlfriend, In a way I was hopping to get back with Bert. I tried to push those thoughts into the back of my mind, slowly I slipped into a trance of sleepy haze.
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