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When hell freezes over

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Alexa Cooper;a groupie. Finds out she was about to be a groupie wiht an old friend. Bert Mcracken..what will happen when the two have their lives colliding again.

Category: The Used - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst, Drama - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-06-03 - Updated: 2007-06-03 - 520 words

When I woke up it was afternoon and Carly wasn't in her bed. Walking into the kitchen I spotted Carly getting all cozy next to Jepha.

" Come on guys, I cant take this mushy stuff."

" Alexa your just jealous cause your not getting any from Berty."

" WHAT!!"

" was a joke."

I gave him my best death stare

" Carly I think we should leave the kitchen I am scared."

Carly and Jepha scurried off through the back door.

Some one was on there way into the kitchen because I could her foot steps, and a giggle; an unfamiliar giggle. It was Bert and some girl.

" Oh hey Alexa, this is my girlfriend Wendy."

What the fuck! This girl was not Bert's type at all... short, stumpy, blonde!!!

" Yea, hi.", I said in a dull tone putting on my best fake smile.
Turning my attention back to my bowl of cereal I avoided looking at him or her.

He came up behind me and taped me on the shoulder.

" Lex can I talk to you?"

" I guess."

"Wendy we'll be right back, make yourself comfy." he gave her a quick wink, and led me to his room.

" What did you need Bert?"

" What is wrong with you, you were acting kind of hostile back there."

"Well, what do you want me to do, be the fucking welcome wagon!"

" Wendy is a nice girl, just try and be nice." he smiled.

I grimaced. " Its not Wendy!" I shouted.

" Well if its not that then what is it? I'll try to help if you tell me the problem."

" So you will help me with the problem right?" he nodded.

" The problem eh? The problem is you."

" What did I do?"

This was my only chance to tell him.

" I might as well tell you now...I still love you. I'm hurt to see you with someone else, I rather you be alone then with another girl. I'm sure Wendy is a sweet girl , and you seem happy with her. I don't want to ruin things."

He sat down on his bed pulling me by the hips closer to him.

He looked up at me. "Alexa why didn't you say those words 5 years ago? I want to drop everything I want to drop the world for you but I can't."

" That's not what I'm asking you to do. "

" Then what are you asking me?"

" If nothing else, I need you to be my friend."

" Alexa, we are friends and nothing will stop that. Not even the end of the world."

I smirked. "McCracken you get me every time." Bending over I gave him a kiss on the cheek, obviously I lingered to long.

" Bert, sorry but...." it was Wendy.

I straightened back up blushing.

"He's all yours." I smiled while gesturing to Bert.
" Thanks for the permission."

I smiled ignoring the harshness. Bert stood up giving me a quick hug, then walked out of the room with Wendy. With relief I flailed myself across Bert's bed, wondering when hell would freeze over. Because that's most likely when things would go back to normal.
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