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52. This Is The Most Unsual Story of A Most Unusual Girl

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in which Sean wins his argument. In which Molly meets an interesting man...sort of.

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The next morning Molly woke up and was confused for a few minutes until the previous night's rollercoaster ride came screeching to a stop in her mind. Looking for Patrick she found him passed out on the floor with a pillow. Cautiously getting out of bed Molly stepped over her ex and walked over to his desk. Grabbing a pad and pen she quickly scribbled a note that essentially said, "Thanks for the chat. Talk to you soon. - Molly," before she quickly climbed out his window the same way she used to when they were still dating.

Once Molly reached her house she snuck in quietly and headed upstairs to shower and get dressed. Patrick had given her more then a little food for thought and she had every intention of actually digesting it. So when she walked back into her bedroom she was a little surprised to see her brother sitting on her bed.
"What do you want?" Molly asked Sean.
"You have an appointment with Dr. Jacobs tomorrow morning at ten."
"Excuse me? That would be whom?"
"A shrink."
"You heard me. And I'm taking you myself." With that final statement Sean left his dumbstruck sister standing in the middle of the room and walked downstairs.
The next morning Molly silently got into her brother's car and glared at him the entire way to the psychiatrists office.
"You couldn't even just take me to a psycholigist. It had to be an actual medical doctor didn't it? Does Mom and Dad even know we're going here?"
"Yes. It had to be a real medical doctor. Yes they know. Dad's pissed."
"Gee...YA THINK."
"Who is the older sibling?"
"By eleven months and sometimes I wonder if I'm not the older one."
"Ha bloody Ha." The teens finally arrived at the doctor's office and walked into a thankfully empty room. Molly walked over to the receptionist and gave her name. The woman smiled and handed Molly some forms to fill out. Walking back over to her brother she glared at him again.
"You can stop glaring. It's not going to change shit." He said without looking up from his magazine.
"Stupid jock. Just cause you're going to Boston U on a soccer scholarship doesn't make you better then me." Sean raised an eyebrow at that and asked,
"Did I say it did?"
"" Sean snorted back his laughter at the slight glimpse of his old sister. "God, when did you get old?" She finally asked as she started filling in the typical doctor's office questions.
"I got old about the same time you decided to revert to a childish teenager."
"I did not!"
"Case in point." Sean muttered.
Once Molly was done with the forms she handed them back to the receptionist, who handed them back to her and told her she could go right in gesturing to a door behind her.
"Umm...thanks?" Molly squeaked out and walked through the door to the doctor's office while throwing one last glare over her shoulder at Sean.

On the other side of the door Molly found a comfortable looking office with a grandfatherly looking man behind a desk.
"Ahh...the young Ms. O'Conell I presume."
"Yea, that'd be me." Molly said as she shuffled in and handed him the paperwork she had just filled out. After a minute or two of flipping through the papers he looked up and said,
"Well...don't just stand there. It makes you look dumb. Sit somewhere kid." Molly gaped in shock at him. "What?"
"Nothing" Molly said with a bit of a laugh as she took a seat in the chair in front of his desk. "I just figured you'd talk a little less abruptly with crazy people."
"You're not crazy."
"I'm not?"
"Nope. Your eighteen and your mother is bi-polar. I think I'd be concerned if you weren't a little off kilter."
"Ok...I JUST handed you those papers. And I didn't write anything about my mother in them."
"Nope, but your brother and I had a little bit of a chat the other day. He seemed pretty convinced that you wouldn't tell me anything so he gave me a crash course in Molly 101."
"Great. All the shrinks in this town and Sean picks out the one who thinks he's a comedian." Molly shot back at the doctor.
"From what I've heard you could do with a little bit of humor in your life. So why don't we get down to the meat and potatoes of this matter. Talk to me Molly. What's been going on in that head of yours?"
"Well what do you want to know?"
"I want to know whatever you want to tell me. And then I want to know the truth."
"Why do you think I would lie to you?"
"Because your eighteen and your mother is bi-polar."
"Is that your answer for everything?" Dr. Jacobs smirked at Molly's question and responded.
"No, but it's kept you talking hasn't it. How about we start with your mother."
"You aren't going to let me get away without talking to you are you?"
"Not at all."
" much time do you have?"
"I kept my calander open today just for you."
"Oh goody."

Three hours later Molly was finally finished.
"So anyway Doc, what's the diagnonsense?"
"Cute...You're depressed."
"Geeeeeeeeee wiz." Molly rolled her eyes. "It took you three hours to figure that out?"
"Actually. I had you diagnosed before you even stepped into this room."
"Then....what the HELL did I just talk for three hours for?"
"You needed to tell it."
"I can not believe this."
"You're really all that surprised? I'm a shrink. I'm supposed to screw with you a little." Molly raised an eyebrow and asked,
"Did anyone ever tell you you're a little unconventional?"
"I've heard that a few times. But yes, you're depressed."
"Ok fine. I'm depressed. So what do we do? I talk to you once a week until I'm all happy happy again?"
"Yes. Except that I'm also going to be putting you on a course of zoloft. Not a heavy dosage, just enough to stabalize your moods."
"I hate drugs."
"See, if I wasn't your doctor I'd call you a liar right about now. I don't normally like them either, but with your history, and your mother's history I would be more comfortable knowing you were taking something."
"So you think I'm depressed. and....nothing else?"
"Do I think you've got that little genetic quirk that your mother has?"
"No. The black out was a stupid drinking binge on your part. The recent paranoia, all of that. It's a result of you're depression. If I thought it was something else I wouldn't be letting you off this easy."
"Ok fine. Any suggestions for getting things back to normal?"
"All of a sudden you're willing to listen to me?"
"Maybe I like the fact that you're probably as crazy as your paitients."
"I'll take that as a compliment. But anyway, to get to the point. Suggestions, yes I have them."
"And they would be?"
"Enjoy life."
"That's it?"
"Yup. You're young yet. I think enjoying life is a good place to start. You never really got to be a kid, that's why you've decided to rebel in college. I also suggest trying to make friends again with your ex."
Molly blinked at his suggestion and didn't have an answer for him.

Walking out of the doctor's office Molly found her brother listening to his headphones. He looked up when she walked out and smiled.
"Ready to go?"
"Been ready for about three hours. By the way, I'm pissed at you."
"Yea well. What else is new?" Sean replied as they walked out of the office together. "So what did he say anyway?"
"Let's put it this were wrong. I'm not nuts, but Mom and Dad might as well have made me crazy."
"That...doesn't make any sense what so ever."
"It's not meant to. At least not to you. I get it though."
"As long as you understand it then I guess that's what's important."
" feel like taking me to get ice cream?"
"Ice cream?"
"Sure...his instructions were to enjoy life and be young. Ice cream seems like a good way to start."
Sean looked at his sister and laughed before starting his car, "Ice cream it is then."

A/N: title is from "Not So Usual" by Jason Mraz.

This chapter was the end of Part 3 of my story. Part 4 will hopefully be coming starting tomorrow or Tuesday as I'm kind of in a groove, but I also don't want to promise anything 'cause work has been sucking.

I know I did a masssssive ammount of updates today--I need to start having paitience when it comes to posting things as I write them.
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