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Taylor and Rimfire's Baby

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Rimfire and Taylor married a year and nine months ago and now a year and nine months later,Taylor is pregnant by Rimfire and is expecting twins maybe even triplets. Rimfire thought it'd be a good i...

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Taylor and Rimfire's Baby
Trey,Alexis,Teddy and Tracey MacCloud
Copy Righted 2000-3000
All Rights Reserved
Ask Before Taking and using characters for personal use

On a clear, sunny and very chilly day in late October, Taylor Davidson who was nine months pregnant had just come home from the doctor's office and was sitting in the kitchen drinking a cup of hot chocolate until she heard her husband, Rimfire, come in the back door, then she eased up out of her chair carefully balancing a mug of freshly made hot chocolate in her hand,she slowly made her way out to the foyer where her husband was hanging up his jacket. After hanging up his jacket, Rimfire turned around to kiss his wife's cheek and take the hot cup of hot chocolate from her hand.

Rimfire takes the hot chocolate mug from Taylor's hand,kisses her warm cheek and says: When did you get home from your appointment? Hmm,thank you sweetie,just what I need after being outside raking leaves.

Taylor: About twenty minutes ago,why? The front door was unlocked so I let myself inside and made us each a cup of hot chocolate to warm us up inside and outside.

Rimfire walks with Taylor into the living room,sits down on the couch,takes a cautious sip of his hot chocolate and says: Oh,I never knew you were home. (Sets his mug on the table and says) So how'd it go? Anything out of the ordinary happen yet?

Taylor: Here baby,hold this while I sit down. (Carefully eases down on to the comfortable couch,takes her hot chocolate from Rimfire's hand and says) Well this isn't weight gain love. We're going to have a new addition to our duet. Pretty soon it'll be a quartet.

Rimfire looks at Taylor's enlarged stomach and says: We're having a healthy baby aren't we?

Taylor takes Rimfire's hand and guides it to where the baby constantly kicked saying: Feel that? Does it feel like we're having an unhealthy baby to you if they're that active? Or maybe it's a girl never know until the baby's born.

Rimfire feels a tiny unborn foot kick his hand and says: Our first child! Does Uncle Modo,mom and dad and the others know about this yet?

Taylor rubs her hand over her swollen stomach and says: Nope not yet,they're still waiting to find out if this is a false alarm or if it's the real thing. Why not keep your uncle in the dark until they're born? It won't be long considering that I'm nine months along, it could be any time this or next week that our family expands itself with four new additions.

Rimfire reaches over the back of the couch and picks up the cordless phone that was sitting on the table and dials his parent's number and is greeted by his father's voice as he says: Hi dad, I've got news you've been waiting for!

Centerline: Well hello to you too! Out with it before I wring it out of you!

Rimfire: I know you've been walking on egg shells not knowing if you'll be granpa and granma so stop worrying and concentrate on getting us baby supplies! She's carrying our first baby!

Centerline drops the phone on the table and runs into the next room babbling hysterically until finally Rimfire's mother came on the line.

Lanka picks the phone up off the table and says: Hello? Rimfire you still there on the other end of the line?

Rimfire: Yeah mom,I'm still here. Start planning on buying baby clothes 'cause in a few days or maybe even hours, you'll be nanna Davidson! Taylor's full term and the due date is rapidly approaching!
Lanka: Have you been taking care of that darling girl while she's with your child? It is your first child together and I expect many more grand babies out of you two.

Rimfire consoles his mother saying: Yes mom I've been taking real good care of Taylor. This was just a test to see if she could concieve and carry to full term and so far so good. Her OBGYN says the baby's happy and healthy and very active,so there shouldn't be any problems in the delivery process! What do you think of Tai for a boy and Kari for a girl??

Lanka: Not too bad,but no I don't think so sweetie. It was a hassel trying to come up with a decent name for you before you were born so I know what you're going through right now trying to name your unborn angel.

Rimfire looses himself in a thought and says: Now if only I could figure out what Cherry Blossom is in Japanese,I'd have a pretty name for a girl. (Hears Taylor give him the answer and says) Well how about Sakura for a girl? It means Cherry Blossom and how about Bryce for a boy?

Lanka notices her husband was coming around and says: Hmm,Sakura is a beautiful name but it doesn't sound right with Bryce. Sakura and Bryce Davidson? No there has to be a good name that goes with Sakura!

Rimfire leans forward and picks up the book of baby names,opens to the B's and says: How about Sakura and Byron?

Lanka: Sounds great! Do you know how many Taylor is carrying?

Rimfire turns and says to Taylor: How many? (Sees Taylor flash two fingers and says) Two.

Lanka: What're the sexs of the babies do you know?

Rimfire: No we don't wanna know what sex they are until they're born. If it turns out to be two girls then Chelse and Sakura or Madison and Sakura!

Lanka: Piece of advice sweetie,if you don't know what sex the babies are and you don't want to know,then wait until they're born to name them or try every combination of names until the right ones click and they kick at the same time. That's the only other way that I can possibly think of. Well I've gotta go and calm your hysterically babbling father down enough to tell him he's gonna be a granpa soon but you take good care of Taylor. A girl that good doesn't come along every life time. (Hangs up the phone to go calm a hysertically babbling Centerline down)

Rimfire hangs up then says to Taylor: You up for a walk hon?

Taylor: A walk? Where to? Can it wait a minute? I've yet to call my brother, I told him the minute I found out I was pregnant I'd call him. So far he hasn't been on base,maybe t'day will be my lucky day and he'll fianally be there when I call. (Picks up the phone and dials four numbers and is connected to Logan's cordelss phone in his bedroom on Mars and within two rings a groggy voice came over the air waves)

Logan groans and gropes around lookin for his phone then finds it,turns it on and says: Y'ello?

Taylor: Hi,'bout time you were home! Nine months later and you've finally stayed home! I've been leaving you messages trying to get you to call me back you nitwit!

Logan heaves a yawn and says: Sorry haven't checked my voice mail yet. Been too busy bustin up stink fish hell holes and lettin loose stinkfish prisoners to check. What do you want?

Taylor: Fine I won't tell you what I know then!

Logan: C'mon don't make me beg,I'm too tired and sore to beg

Taylor: What're the magic words?

Logan heaves a sigh and says: Would you please just tell me?

Taylor: FIne, I'm nine months pregnant and you're soon to be uncle Logan

Logan mutters: Nine months pregnant...yeah that's nice (Bolts upright and says) YOU'RE NINE MONTHS PREGNANT?!

Taylor: Is there an echo on the line? Didn't I just get through saying I was nine months pregnant?

Logan: When's the baby due?

Taylor: I'm hopin for sometime this week depending on the mood of the baby,you'll find out if anything changes.

Logan heaves a yawn and says: I'm sure I will. Look as nice as it is talkin to you lil' sister,I'm tired and I mean every joint,muscle,tendon,bone and nerve in my body is shot with exhaustion. I have got to get some sleep, I haven't slept in ages. I'm having trouble focusing at the moment,keep me updated with junior's progress will ya?

Taylor: I will you KNOW I will. (Hangs up at the same time Logan hung up and says) So we still on for that walk?

Rimfire gets up off the couch,places his empty mug on a coaster then goes over to Taylor,takes her empty mug and places it on a coaster then helps her to stand up and says: Oh to the usual hauntings of the others to spread good news and cheerfulness.

Taylor: Well if you really want to go on a walk then could you get me my heavier coat please? It's really chilly outside and I don't want to get sick all over again.

Rimfire picks up the two empty mugs and takes them into the kitchen where he puts them into the dishwasher then goes to the coat room just off the kitchen and takes Taylor's heavy coat off the hook and takes his down as well saying: Is this the coat you wanted? (Hands her an oversized jacket and waits for her to answer)

Taylor takes her coat and says: Yep,this is the one alright. I just bought it because the other coats won't do up with my stomach sticking out the way it is.

A few minutes before Rimfire and Taylor were about to leave,Taylor's three overly protective dogs and Rimfire's dog,Jingle,Shadow,Panda and Twilight came barrelling out of the den with their leashes their mouths and planted themselves infront of Taylor until she fastened the leashes onto the collars of her three dogs while her cats made themselves cozy in her hood and Rimfire snapped Twilight's leash on his collar then allowed his cats to cozy up in his hood and opened the door.

Taylor: Alright you three made your points,no leaving without you. Now lets go before it gets really cold outside. (Pushes the screen door open and steps outside into the chilly air and waits while Rimfire who had Twilight's leash in his hand locked the door and says) Well,haunting number one would be the Last Chance Garage and from there it's the old Score Board. I know what I should do! I oughtta call Charley and ask if they're at the garage. (Pulls out her cell phone and presses redial and is instantly connected to Charley's phone at the garage and a three rings later Charley answers and she says) Hi ya Charley! I'm perfectly fine aunt Charley! No I'm expecting twins and you're gonna be aunt Charley for the second time! The boys doing destruction there? They are?! good keep 'em there until we get there. There's four legged company who want attention for once. Hmm,I think I seen his dog in the house,just as sec while I put you on hold. (Puts Charley on hold and calls out) Banjo! Banjo! C'mere bud! Hello to you too cutie pie! How'd the baby? Huh? How'd the baby? Yeah you da baby until the baby's born then you become a big boy! As for now,there's some one who wants to talk to you. (Takes Charley off hold and says) Yeah he's here,why does his owner wanna talk to him? Oh alright. (Eases down onto the chair behind her and puts the phone to Banjo's ear and says) Someone wants to talk to the baby of the family!

Modo speaks to his dog saying: You gonna come home today? (Listens to his dog bark then says) Alright,I'll fill your dish with fresh food so you can eat when you arrive. You behave yourself and be a big boy and walk on a leash like the big boy you are! (Hangs up to go save the city and trash Limburger once more)

Taylor takes one step towards the porch and feels a sharp pain in her stomach and says under her breath: Oh's too soon! They're coming already? Well they did drop last monday so it MUST be time! (Eases back on the porch swing and says to Jingle) Go...get.... Rimfire....and..... bring.....him.... back! (Watches as Jingle tore off down the side walk and drags a resistant Rimfire with him)

Rimfire continues to dodge Jingle saying: What's gotten into you Jingle? You NEVER act like this! What's wrong? (Notices that Taylor wasn't with him and says) It's Taylor isn't it? (Darts up the sidewalk and up the porch dropping to his knee and says) Taylor? Taylor what's wrong?! What's the problem?

Taylor: Labour is the problem! The contractions have started and something's not right! We need to get to a hospital SOON to get this checked out!

Rimfire helps Taylor stand up and says: C'mon, the Transporter is in the Garage's Spare room, we'll be on Mars in no time to get you checked out! (Helps Taylor walk slowly to the Garage and opens it remotely then helps her inside and shuts the door again and continues helping Taylor to the spare room saying) You alright to continue or should I go ahead and get Stoker to come help?

Taylor: I'll be alright for now...

Rimfire opens the spare hidden room's door and helps Taylor to the transporter saying: Next stop Mars.

Taylor to her self: Hopefully by then the baby will be ready to come out if it's not crowning already!
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