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Rise of the Fallen

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Raimundo and his friends fly confidently off to retrieve the latest Shen Gong Wu, but while battling Jack, they discover a new threat that threatens to shift the balance of power and bring about a ...

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Attention, at this time I do hereby declare that the characters portrayed in this story are fictional, and not mine. Well most of them aren't, a few I'm actually making up, but the rest they're not mine so don't sue. These people were made up by the guy who made this show, I can't remember his name but they're his not mine. I would also like you to note that no animals where harmed during the writing of this fan-fiction, except for that one cat that exploded. But he was dead when I got there.

P.S. It would be greatly appreciated if you good folk would kindly leave a critique of my story. Whether you loved or hated it, it doesn't matter. Just let me know what you thought.

Dramatis Personae

Master Fung
Omi (Dragon of water.)
Raimundo Pedrosa (Dragon of wind.)
Kimiko Tohomiko (Dragon of fire.)
Clay Bailey (Dragon of earth)
Jack Spicer (Evil boy genius)
Alexander Argos (fallen Dragon of lightning.)
Ayane Von Deprave (fallen Dragon of fauna.)
Bob "The Destroyer" Peterson (fallen Dragon of steel.)
Lady Rin Anor (corrupter of champions.)

Rise of the Fallen
By Darth Maud-Dib

Darkness, swirling clouds of darkness fill the cramped space of the ancient chamber. Bolts of lightning flash constantly as if the dark masses are lashing out in a violent rage. A bitter wind propels the angry clouds while a blazing gust swirls to counter the cold. In this darkness there is no up, no down, or left, or right, it's all meaningless. There is only the void, the burning swirl of freezing wind, the roaring clap of thunder. The air sizzles, crackles with energy, but not because of the lightning.
There is a presence in this void, one filled with malice and hatred and pain. Hatred for being imprisoned, for being forced to endure this endless torment, and hatred for the betrayal that led to this place.

The trees rustled as a gentle breeze passed through the open courtyard of the Xiaolin temple. Omi sat cross legged in the center of the courtyard breathing in the tranquility. He breathed deeply, finding his center, a crystal clear lake with small waves caused by a peaceful wind. Content, he slowly released his tensions into the wind forgetting about the troubles caused by Hannibal Bean or the other Heylin. In this quiet meadow there was only Omi, the wind, the water, and, and a PDA?
The tranquil picture faded, replaced by the shouts of Kimiko and the laughter of Raimundo. Omi opened his eyes and saw Kimiko chasing Raimundo across the courtyard.
"Give it back jerk." Kimiko tried to grab her PDA but Raimundo spun away.
"I will," Raimundo replied curtly. "After I find out what you're written about me."
"I'll tell you what I wrote. I wrote that you're a big dumb scruffy looking jerk!"
"Who you calling scruffy lookin'?"
"You, you little geek." Kimiko lunged forward and tackled Raimundo. Omi couldn't help but snicker as the two fought for the handheld device. A few seconds later he noticed Clay standing by his side.
"What they fightin' 'bout this time?" Clay asked.
"I do not know."
Raimundo and Kimiko continued rolling around fighting for the PDA until they noticed Master Fung and Dojo standing over them.
"Maybe we should leave you two alone," Dojo said through a wide grin.
"Shut up." Raimundo sat up. A second later Kimiko snatched the PDA from his hand then stood.
"It would seem that there is still much to teach you about teamwork and unity," Master Fung stated. "For now though, a new Shen Gong Wu has reveled it's self."
"I see." Omi stood and hurried over to Master Fung. "You need not worry Master; I will find it and bring it to the temple immediately."
"Yeah, we'll be back in time for dinner." Raimundo stretched his arm's then flashed a cocky smile.
Master Fung looked down at Raimundo then over to Omi. "Be mindful of pride young warriors. It can be good when used to bolster ones strength, but too much pride can lead to disaster."
"Yes master," Omi replied solemnly.
"Okay, okay enough with the melodrama." Dojo rolled his eyes as he grew larger. "Lets just hurry and get this one before Wuya or Chase find out about it."

Jack Spicer stood in an open field surround by Jack-bots. The thick grass rose above his ankles as he waited for his robots to find the Shen Gong Wu. The field was only a short distance from his house so he was glad that he didn't have to go far. Unfortunately that meant the Xiaolin Dragons would be here soon to try and take the Wu from him.
But let them come; he was more than ready this time. He had spent months out of the picture, secretly building a massive army of Jack-bots. While they were busy fighting Hannibal Bean and Chase Young, he had gone unnoticed, forgotten. So he built new weapons, new upgrades for his Ninja-bots and new equipment for himself. He wore new hover boots that enabled him to fly faster. He designed a new backpack that held all of his weapons and gadgets in a pocket of subspace. The gloves he wore had a small micro chip sewn in to allow whichever of his new toys he wanted to be digitally transferred to his hand.
"That's right stupid Dragons, come and get me. It's time you remembered just who I am. I'm Jack Spicer, evil boy genius and future ruler of the world!" He laughed maliciously. They would come but he was ready.
After a few minutes one of the Jack-bots came speeding over towards him and stopped just short of knocking him down. "What is it?"
"Sensors detecting enemy targets approaching."
Jack smiled as he looked up and saw the large lizard that the Dragons used as transport headed towards him. "Keep looking for the Shen Gong Wu." The Jack-bot flew off just as Omi and the others landed about twenty feet away. "Welcome Dragons."
"Oh, it's only Jack," Raimundo stated plainly.
"What do you mean only Jack!" Jack felt his face turning red.
"I forgot you were still around." Kimiko wave her hand dismissively.
Jack could feel his blood rushing to his face. "How could you forget about me? I'm your arch-nemesis!"
"Recken you're more like a rock stuck in'a boot." Clay adjusted his hat.
"Either way it doesn't matter." Raimundo shrugged. "Dude, why don't you just hand over the Wu and save us all a little time."
"I'll teach you not to look past me," Jack shouted then forced himself to regain his composure. "Alright, it's time for a little reminder of who I am." He reached in to his pocket and pulled out a something that looked like an almond and held it up. "Perhaps you've noticed these little stones lying around?"
"What about them?" Omi asked defiantly.
"Well chrome dome, if you take a closer look you'll see that there not rocks." Jack laughed as he pushed the button on his belt buckle. An instant later all of the rocks beeped, and a second later a five foot chrome robot appeared in there place. "Each of those stones holds one of my new and improved Super Ninja-bots."
Jack's smile broadened as his sleek robots began to slowly encircle Raimundo and his friends. He couldn't help but laugh as watched the Xiaolin Dragons confident expressions turned to ones of worry. "Any last words?" Jack mocked.
Before Raimundo had time to make a sarcastic comment, one of the Ninja-bots punched him across the face. An instant later all of the dragons began battling the robots. Jack was pleased to see that his Ninja-bots were doing well. They were faster than his older models and they were able to keep the Dragons on the defensive. They fought in a flurry of motion that looked more like a swarm of bugs.
The sound of metal tearing caught Jack's ear and he saw one of his robots being thrown out of the crowd. A wave of contempt washed over him as he noticed Clays look of victory, but the contempt quickly turned into amusement when one of the Ninja-bots threw Clay by the arm knocking him into Omi.
Raimundo and Kimiko seemed to be holding their own for the moment. The two of them had managed to destroy five of the twenty eight robots, but Jack was not worried. With Omi and Clay out of the picture, even if only for a moment, then the numbers alone would be enough to beat them. Still, Jack thought to himself. I don't like how my Super Ninja-bots rush together and get in each others way. But even with the ones they destroyed my bots should still be enough.
As the fight raged on, one of his Jack-bots flew over towards him. "Sir, we have found the Shen Gong Wu."
"Where is it?" Jack asked excitedly.
"It is over there near the up turned tree. We have also found what appears to be an entrance to an underground chamber."
"Show me," Jack said with a grin. He followed the robot over to where the other Jack-bots had been digging but stopped when he saw the seal. Although it was still grimy from the dirt it looked really old and had some strange writing on it that he couldn't read. He glanced over to his right and there dangling on a root was a sapphire orb the size of a fist, hanging on a gold chain.
A flash of motion caused Jack to turn to his left just in time to see the little lizard shoot passed. "Stop him!"
"The Sphere of Dreams!" Dojo zipped towards the orb but one of the Jack-bots jumped into his path. Dojo hit the Jack-bot square in the chest and bounced off dazed.
Jack activated the glove on his right and a long barreled silver gun appeared in his hand. "Hey gecko, why don't I show you one of my new toys. I call this one my Bubble-gun." Jack quickly aimed and fired. A small blot of jelly quickly shot out of the barrel; once it hit Dojo it enveloped him in a small see through blue bubble. One of his Jack-bots picked up the orb and brought it over to Jack. "Hold on to it," Jack ordered. "Let's go see what's in that chamber."

Darkness, the presence is surrounded by the darkness, filled with it. The anguished presence knows nothing but the darkness, the freezing flames and the burning winds. But in the darkness something begins to change. The wind is less intense, the flames not as cold. The thunderous roar of the lightning is now a quiet rumble. Something else has changed as well, the presence is now aware. Aware of thoughts and feelings, feelings like revenge and longing, pride and hate.
The swirling clouds are slowing and the presence is gaining clarity. It remembers being betrayed and imprisoned. It remembers that it had allies, has allies. They were taken, hidden, but with clarity returning they could be found, restored.
The darkness was still, quiet, and calm but the presence grew angry, furious. It wants out of this darkness, to be free again to run wild with its cohorts. In the darkness it wait's, but it does not wait long. Above, it feels something, someone. Then it sees it, the light. It rushes up out of the darkness screaming a terribly joyous shriek of anguish.
Then it is free.

Raimundo blocked a kick from one of the Ninja-bots then countered with a side kick. He felt himself grin as the robot he kicked crashed into another and exploded, but his smile faded as he glanced around and saw that they still had a least a dozen more to get through. To his right he saw Kimiko kick one of the robots on the jaw then punch it. Another Ninja-bot tried to kick him but Raimundo ducked the attack and jumped back, but as he landed one of the robots slammed into him knocking him off his feet.
Raimundo landed hard on his stomach then rolled to the left to avoid a metal foot aimed at his chest. A second bot tried to stomp on him but Clay rushed it from the side and knocked it strait into Omi's flying kick.
"Need a hand partner?" Clay offered his hand to Raimundo.
"We are wasting to much time on these robots." Omi leaped and kicked another bot.
"I'll go grab the Shen Gong Wu," Raimundo exclaimed.
"I'll give ya a boost." Clay laced his fingers together and motioned for Raimundo to step on. As soon as he did, Clay flipped Raimundo over the Ninja-bots.
Raimundo hit the ground running and headed strait towards Jack. One of the Jack-bots tried to stop him but it was too slow and he rolled under the sloppy attack. As he got closer he saw that Jack was trying to open something and that the bot next to him had the Shen Gong Wu. He was only a few feet away when he saw Jack fall back with a grubby lid, a moment later a strange black fog shot out of the hole with enough force to knock him off his feet.
As the strange cloud shot into the air it wailed an earsplitting cry. The dark cloud began swirl and compact itself and the cries began to sound more human. Looking up in shock Raimundo could hear something that resembled bones being crunched or twisted. The cloud continued to compress itself until it suddenly burst outward in a warm gust of wind.
"What in the world?" Raimundo heard Jack ask. He looked up to see what Jack was staring at then felt his jaw drop.
In place of the dark cloud now floated a slender woman in torn black robes. She had long stringy blonde hair and wore gold bracelets around her arms and ankles. As Raimundo stared he couldn't help be think she was some kind of heavenly being, but the sentiment quickly faded once he saw her eyes. In those pale gray eyes he saw only hatred and evil.
"I am free!" the woman spun around. She subsequently looked back down towards the hole and snarled as pointed her palm at the opening. A white light formed around her hand, but the light turned black and shot from her palm. The black energy wave hit the empty chamber and exploded kicking up dirt and knocking Raimundo, Jack, and his Jack-bots back. "Never shall I return to the nothingness of that prison. I am free, free and fully restored to all my glory. Now let the world tremble before my wrath." The woman laughed.
"Hey." Jack stood and dusted himself off. "What's the big idea? Now I'm covered in dirt and my ears won't stop ringing."
The woman looked down and smiled at Jack then looked over towards Raimundo and the others. "Well it would seem that I have an audience. I was unaware that my return was foreseen."
"Who are you lady?" Raimundo asked as he stood up.
"I am your mistress, the ruler of this world." She began to walk towards them as if she were descending an imaginary flight of stairs.
"Sorry lady but the world's already got a ruler, me," Jack stated. The woman began to laugh at Jack's statement then waved her hand dismissively. "Hey I'm not joking lady. I'm Jack Spicer, evil boy genius, so you'd better show me some respect."
The woman looked strait at Jack with an amused grin. "Well in that case your majesty, I suggest you advocate the throne." She glanced over then her grin turned into a full blow smile. "I see that you have a Shen Gong Wu. You should hand that over as well."
Jack face flashed with a look of contempt as he snapped his fingers and seven of his eight Jack-bots flew to his side. "I'm tired of this, take care of her."
The Jack-bots rushed up at the woman prepared to strike but just as they got close enough she waved her left hand and a thin black wave sliced them all in half. "You send toys to fight me? Mere mechanical men cannot harm me."
"Who the heck are you?" Raimundo yelled as the woman continued to walk towards them.
"I am a priestess of the Heylin, Lady Rin Anor."
"I don't care who you are. I'm gonna rule the world." Jack tried to shoot her with his odd gun but she pointed a finger at it and it burst into flames. "Super Ninja-bots forget about the Dragons and get rid of her!"
"Dude, I got a bad feeling about this." Raimundo looked over towards Jack. "Hey maybe this once we should work together."
"No way," Jack spat but then the head of a Ninja-bot landed next to him. "Okay fine, but just until she's gone."
"Agreed," Raimundo replied as Clay and the others joined him.
"What's going on?" Kimiko asked.
"So you four are the new Xiaolin Dragons." Rin finished destroying the last of Jack's robots. "Well it's hardly fair that the five of you are going to pick on little old me. So why don't I introduce you to my friends, your predecessors." She began to chant something in Chinese as three black portals opened on the ground in front of her and three large crystals rose out of them. "They were imprisoned so they wouldn't be able to help me, but now that I am free it's a simple matter to release them.
"Allow me to introduce you to Bob, the Dragon of steel." The first crystal shattered and revealed a physically imposing kid that looked about the same age as Raimundo. Bob wore a black tunic with dull gray outlines, metal boots, and gloves with steel plates over the knuckles.
"Ayane, the Dragon of fauna." She looked about the same age as Kimiko and wore a black and green tunic with short sleeves, dark green boots, and two gold bracelets on her right wrist.
"And finally Alex, the Dragon of lightning." The third crystal shattered to reveal a kid with silver hair who looked slightly older than Raimundo. His tunic was black and silver with two lightning bolts on the back. He had black boots and wore a pair of black fingerless fighting gloves.
"Alex, dear, would you be so kind as to teach these pretenders what real Dragons are capable of." Rin ran her fingers over his smooth hair.
"With pleasure," Alex replied with a grin. He slowly began to crack his knuckles as he advanced towards Raimundo. "These are our replacements huh?"
Before Raimundo had time react Alex spun around and heel kicked him on the jaw. He staggered back into Clay amazed at how fast that kick was and by how much his jaw now hurt. "Man he's fast."
Ayane stepped forward and brushed a lock of raven colored hair out of her face. "Of course he's fast lame wads, he's as fast lightning."
"I wanna break da little one," Bob stated excitedly.
"You hear that baldy, you accept Bob's challenge or is you courage equal to your height?" Alex mocked.
"Size matters not," Omi replied in a surprisingly calm voice. "And do not call me baldy!"
"Now which one of you losers want to fight me?" Alex asked.
"I'll take you on," Raimundo said confidently. "Besides I owe you for that sucker kick."
"Fine leave me with the leftovers." Ayane rolled her eyes.
"Who are you calling leftover's?" Kimiko shouted.
Ayane simply smiled in return then lunged forward and leaped into a dragon kick. Kimiko side stepped the attack and countered with a furious right punch. The two girls began to hurriedly trade attacks, both trying to knock the other off her feet.
Raimundo looked back over towards Alex just in time to see Bob rush forward and throw a large fist at Omi. The fist hit the ground with a loud thud but Omi had jumped over the strike and kicked the larger boy on the chest. Bob stumbled back only a step then snarled in rage while he began launching punch after punch at Omi. The steady barrage forced Omi to roll or flip back to avoid the attacks.
"Whenever you're ready." Alex waved his hand.
"I don't have time for this." Jack pushed a button on his right glove and a silver bazooka appeared in his hands. "Say hello to my Electrified Bolo Net Launcher."
"Dude, you really need to come up with better names for that stuff," Raimundo said.
"Shut up." Jack aimed and fired. The sizzling net shot out towards Alex but just before it reached him, he rolled to the side then sprinted forward and punched Jack in the ribs. He then grabbed Jack a flung him back to the tree.
"Who's next?" Alex grinned maliciously.
"I'm with you partner," Clay whispered next to Raimundo.
Raimundo started to advance but stopped once he noticed Omi out of the corner of his eye. It looked like Omi had superior speed but he wasn't able land any solid blows because of Bob's size. "I got this guy; you go help Omi then get the Wu."
"Right." Clay ran over towards Omi and shoulder blocked Bob.
"Ready yet?" Alex asked impatiently.
"You know I'm really gonna enjoy kicking your butt." Raimundo charged forward and did a spinning heel kick but Alex duck below and stepped to the side. As soon as his feet hit the ground Raimundo tried to hit Alex with two back hands then a roundhouse kick. He kept attacking Alex, not giving him time to counter attack but somehow Alex seemed to always find a way to avoid getting hit.

Jack slowly started to rise to his feet and felt a sharp pain shoot through him. He looked over and saw Clay and Omi trying to avoid the big kid's fists. Kimiko and the pretty dark haired girl were busy trading punches. To his left Raimundo attacked the oldest kid in a flurry of motion, but none of his blows landed.
"Well," Jack said as he dusted himself off. "I think its about time I left. Now where did that Shen Gong Wu get to?"
"You mean this one?"
Jack turned to his right and saw Rin dangling the orb on her finger. "Hey, that's mine."
"Not any more." Rin pointed her left index finger at him and a black bolt of energy shot at him.
Jack dove to his right barely avoiding the bolt. He quickly jumped to his feet and called a round black ball into his hand. "Take this!" He raised the ball to throw it at her, but she shot the ball causing it to disintegrate in his hand. "You, you caught me by surprise this time but I'll get you the next time I see you." Jack quickly activated his hover boots and flew as quickly as he could back to his house. "You haven't heard the last of Jack Spicer!"

Raimundo faked a left hook, and then sprang forward with a right kick but Alex still managed to avoid the attack. Feeling his frustration growing Raimundo continued his attacks.
"What the matter?" Alex dodged another kick. "Can't keep up?"
"All you do is dodge because you know you can't take me." Raimundo tried to hit him again but instead of dodging Alex caught his fist.
"You wanna see what I can really do?" Alex tried to punch Raimundo on the chest but he jumped back. Alex instantly leaped forward and punched him in the ribs then spun behind him and hit him hard on the small of his back. Alex then delivered a swift kick to the side of his head knocking him back a few feet. "Come on, what happened to all that energy you had?"
"Why you." Raimundo jumped to his feet and lunged at Alex, but Alex landed four quick side kicks on his ribs and then a roundhouse kick on the jaw.
As he hit the ground he saw that Clay and Omi were being forced to fall back as Bob landed one powerful punch after another. The realization that they were actually losing hit Raimundo like a brick. They needed to retreat and regroup then attack when they were ready. He pulled himself to his feet and sprinted towards Omi and Clay. As he neared them a motion to his right caught his eye. He turned in time to see Kimiko being thrown at him. He tried to catch her but her momentum knocked him off his feet.
"We need to get out of here?" Raimundo stood and helped Kimiko.
"Leaving so soon?" Rin sat on a large bolder and placed the orb around her neck. "What about your little friend here?"
Raimundo noticed for the first time that Dojo was trapped in a small bubble and that Rin was rolling it under her foot. "Let him go!"
"Ya gonna make us?" Ayane asked as she stepped over to Alex's side.
Rin picked up the bubble and held it in front of her face. "Tell me dragon, who is in charge of these young Dragons?"
"Do I know you from someplace? I could swear that I've seen you before," Dojo replied.
"Answer lizard." Rin shook the bubble.
"Alright, alright, it's Master Fung."
"What?" Rin shrieked. She began to squeeze the bubble until it burst, and then she started to squeeze Dojo. "That wretch Fung is still alive?"
"Yes," Dojo wheezed.
Rin gave Dojo a final squeeze the flung him towards Raimundo. "Hear me Dragons; tell your master that Lady Rin has returned. Tell him that I am coming for him, that he will suffer a thousand times worse than the anguish that he unleashed upon me. You tell him that I will not rest until I have taken everything he holds dear from him. Tell him that I am coming, that we are coming, to seek our revenge!"
Raimundo felt a chill run through his body as he looked into her cold dark eyes. The chill only became more frigid as he glanced at Alex and saw his malevolent grin that he shared with Ayane.
Dojo quickly enlarged and the four of them climbed onto his back and took off. Raimundo looked back over his shoulder and saw Alex and Ayane waving at them as they flew off.
"I'll see you real soon," Alex yelled after them.
Count on it, Raimundo responded silently.

"Man, I can't believe how badly we got trounced." Raimundo slammed his fist into the ground. It had been almost an hour since they got back to the temple and patched their wounds.
"I didn't believe we could be beat like that," Clay stated. They all sat in front of Master Fung in the courtyard. They had spent most of their time explain to him what happen and what Rin had told them.
"I thought Good would always defeat evil," Omi added.
"It would seem that you have learned a valuable lesson today," Master Fung observed. "One that was much need."
"He did tell you guys not to over estimate yourselves." Dojo floated at the Master's side.
"Master Fung?" Kimiko sat next to Raimundo. "You never did tell us who that woman was, or who those kids were."
"My apologies Kimiko." He sat down in front of them. "When I was just a few years older than you, I meet a girl named Rin Anor. She had tremendous spiritual power and was able to focus her chi into pure energy. She eventually joined forces with me and others from our order and we battled the Heylin side by side. Over time we became more than friends.
"Some years later we encountered a dark priest named Shenpo. He was obsessed with her power, and tried to constantly steal it from her. One day he placed a spell on her to try and control her but her power was to strong and the spell didn't work as planned. She obeyed him for a time; learned his dark arts and forgotten magic's. Then she banished him to the nether realm. But after that she became a different person. She began to grow more and more cruel. She began to think that the world wasn't worth fighting for and started to lash out at anyone who angered her. Then one day she over heard one of the other monks talking to me about how she must be controlled. She viewed those talks as a betrayal and attacked us."
"What happened then?" Raimundo asked.
"As powerful as she was she was unable to defeat all of us so she fled. It wasn't until a year later that she returned. While she was in hiding she had found some of the Shen Gong Wu's. She then attacked the temple where the young Dragons trained and slew their master. She used their dreams and desires to turn them over to the Heylin. She continued their training teaching them how to manipulate their chi. Then she led them against us in a merciless campaign of vengeance. Aided by their dark chi as well as the Shen Gong Wu they now possessed, they proved to be far stronger than I would have thought."
"How did you defeat them Master?" Omi asked.
"Two of the others joined me in a plan to put a stop to Rin. We led the Dragons who had fallen from the light in to a trap and imprisoned them each in a crystal cell, then sealed the cells in another realm. We then attacked Rin before she had time to figure out what happened to her companions. My two allies fell in the long battle against Rin, but ultimately I was able to seal her in the chamber of Tempests."
"Until Jack stupidly let her out," Kimiko pointed out.
"Indeed." Master Fung nodded. "Now she is back and she has freed her dark champions. They are Dragons like you, but they have more training. If you are to defeat them we must step up your training so that your strength matches theirs."
"The fight for the Shen Gong Wu's just got a lot tougher," Clay said.
"What ever it takes for us to win." Raimundo rose to his feet. "We might have lost today but I won't rest until we've crammed them back into their box for good." Raimundo slammed his fist into his hand to drive in his point. He closed his eyes and saw the image of Alex grinning at him. He opened his eyes and looked directly at Master Fung. "I'm ready to go to the next level."
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