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The Grandchild

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Donna tells Monica about a surprising visit.

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After Alicia had left Donna suggested Monica lay down and take a short nap. The girls would be home from school soon and Monica looked exhausted. "I know you need to talk to them about Jenn and you need to have a clear mind." Donna told her.
"Donna can you tell me what exactly happened when Jenn was here?" She wanted to hear from Donna the events that had transpired.
"I feel terrible that Kelly almost went off with her and I didn't know. I was doing laundry and Kelly answered the door. Kelly told me her aunt was standing there and told her that she had missed her and had come to visit. When Jenn told Kelly she wanted her to show her around Belleville Kelly decided to go with her. I have to tell you Monica; Kelly is still very confused by this. She likes her aunt and can't understand why she couldn't go with her. Kara, bless her heart, has been trying to explain it to her without coming right out and saying that Jenn hates you." Donna shook her head, "I'm afraid I don't really understand either. Why would Jenn blame you for her brother's death?"
Monica knew that Donna was aware of the fact that Kyle had abused her. She also knew that Donna didn't know about the details of Kyle's death that Gee and the rest of the guys in the band knew. She chose her words carefully, "I realized when the police questioned me after Kyle's death that Jenn thought I was holding something back. She believed that I had caused him to fall through the ice and drown."
Donna looked into her eyes "Did you?" The question was brutal but unavoidable.
Monica couldn't lie to her future mother-in-law, a woman she thought of as a mother. "Yes, but it wasn't intentional. That day he was waiting for me to come home. He was angry and hit me but this time I fought back. I knew he was so angry if he could have he would have killed me. When I ran he followed. He ended up on the ice and fell through." She couldn't make herself tell the rest of the story and Donna didn't need to hear it.
"Oh, honey, I'm so sorry." She went to Monica and hugged her. "You hid all this to protect your girls from knowing the truth about their father, didn't you?"
Monica nodded not trusting her voice.
Donna sat back down she felt so weary, "And you told Gerard finally? He knows this?"
Once more Monica could only nod.
Donna looked relieved, "And now you two are engaged and looking forward to your future together." She looked away sadly.
"We are looking forward to our "happily ever after" Monica told her truthfully. Suddenly she noticed that Donna wasn't smiling. "Donna, what is it?"
Taking a deep breath Donna began, "Something happened yesterday and I don't know what to do. My first thought was to call my son but when I talked to him last I could tell something was wrong. I thought you and he were having trouble so I didn't say anything. He sounded so wrong, like he used to when he was depressed."
The dread that Monica felt earlier was back. "What happened?"
Donna looked away, "It just seems so wrong to tell you. I don't want to say anything that will cause a riff between you and Gerard. You have made him happier than he has ever been. I don't know what is going on with him right now but I know he needs you."
Monica closed her eyes and spoke one word, "Liv"
Donna was shocked. She looked uncertain but spoke, "She came to see me yesterday. I was alone when the doorbell rang. There she stood, I almost slammed the door in her face." She added in a whisper, "until I saw the little girl with her."
God, she wished Gee was here with her for this, "Donna, Liv told Bert that the little girl is Gee's. He knows."
Donna had tears in her eyes, "That child is my son's. All I had to do was look at her and I knew. Gerard didn't know about her?" She was trying to piece this all together in her mind.
"No, he didn't. When Bert told him the night before we left on tour he was shocked. She threatened to go to the press with a lie about Gee raping her."
Donna's face showed her anger. "I always hated her. Mom tried to see in her what Gerard did. I just couldn't. She hurt my son. The drugs, the alcohol, she was why."
Monica needed to hear what had happened, "What did she say? Why did she come?"
Donna brushed away a stray tear, "It was so strange. She stood there a moment then asked if she could come in. I just stood back and she and the little girl came in and sat down. I sat across from her and waited. I couldn't help it I kept looking at the child. She noticed and smiled at me. I was expecting her to be hateful, the Liv she had always been. Instead she looked nervous. She finally told me that she had come by because she didn't think it was right for me not to know my grandchild. I just stared at her. I didn't know what to say."
"This is tearing Gee apart. It has brought up all his old feeling for Liv. He loved her so much." Monica was trying hard not to cry.
"Oh, honey I'm so sorry. My son loves you so much it's just that Liv was the first girl he ever loved who he thought loved him in return, in the beginning. The longer they were together the more he loved her and the less she seemed to love him until he was sure she had never loved him at all. She made him believe he was unlovable. The bitch convinced him that no woman would ever really love him. By that time the band was getting so much attention she told him that the only reason a woman would ever want him was because he was the lead singer of a famous band."
Both women were lost in their thoughts. "What else did she say?" Monica finally asked.
Donna shook her head, "She introduced me to Elena. I nearly cried when she told me the little girls name. I looked her in the eye and asked her what she was doing. For a minute she looked like she was going to cry. I couldn't believe it. Then suddenly she stood up, took Elena by the hand and went to the door. She told me she was sorry she had come and left. I just sat there wondering what had just happened. I still don't know. After she was gone I cried. It was seeing that little girl and hearing her name. Knowing that you and Gerard were trying to build a life together and not wanting anything to stop that. I just didn't know what to do."
Monica tried to speak with strength, "She won't come between Gee and I. I won't let her."
Donna gave Monica a sad look, "I love my son but sometimes he doesn't make the wisest choices. Liv was like a poison in his blood. She was part of his very being, slowly killing him. What does he say about this; about Elena?"
"He says he never wanted to have a child and he doesn't want to have to deal with Liv or Elena."
His mother shook her head, "He's running away again, not facing his problems. That is how his depression always starts." Her tears spoke what was in her heart, fear for her son and what was happening to him.
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