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The Note

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Monica talks to the girls about their aunt. Gerard calls with disturbing news.

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Explaining to Kelly about her aunt wasn't easy, "Mom it is just stupid she thinks you had anything to do with Daddy's death. You weren't even there when it happened." Kelly said shaking her head. "Aunt Jenn is just upset he's gone."
Kara sat across from her mother and Kelly who were seated on the sofa. Silently she watched her mom wondering once more what had really happened that day. She had loved her father very much but now the truth about him was revealed and she was questioning so much. Kelly knew something has been wrong but she was blocking things out trying to remember only good memories about him. Kara noticed how her mom glanced at her and she knew in her heart that something very bad had happened the day he died.
"So I shouldn't talk to Aunt Jenn?" Kelly asked.
Monica sighed "Honey, if she wants to talk to you I want to be there too. OK?"
She smiled trying to make sure Kelly understood without frightening her.
Kelly looked down at her Etnies and sighed, "I saw her today in front of the school. I was going in and was late so I didn't stop and I don't think she saw me."
Monica was surprised but tried not to sound as concerned as she felt, "She was in front of the school? Are you sure?"
"Yea, she was standing there looking around. I guess she was looking for me but I was late for Art class so I didn't say anything to her. Mom, can't you just talk to her and tell her you didn't have anything to do with daddy's death?"
Monica's heart felt heavy. She had tried so hard to keep all of this from her daughters. "Honey it isn't that easy. Look I just need you to promise me you will stay away from her at least until I can talk to her." Monica did want to talk to Jenn to ask her why the hell she was in Jersey.
Kelly still looked confused and hurt, "But mom you must think this is pretty serious. You weren't supposed to come home yet. Did you think you had to come cause you thought I was in danger?"
Monica was getting a headache and this conversation wasn't helping, "Honey, I missed you girls. I wanted to make sure everything was OK"
Kara spoke up, "But you really didn't need to come home. I can take care of things you know" She gave her mom a look that told her she understood.
"Kara, I am very proud of you, and I trust you could take care of your sister." She wanted to change the subject "So would you two like to hear some wonderful news?"
Both girls looked at her waiting. "What is it mama?" Kelly looked excited.
"Gerard asked me to marry him and I said yes" She held up her finger so they could see the beautiful engagement ring.
Neither girl spoke for a moment digesting the news. Finally Kelly spoke first, "Mama that's great. I'm so happy. I just knew he would." She spoke quickly, "Oh man I'm gonna have a famous step dad." She moved closer to take a look at the ring.
Monica looked over at Kara trying to gauge her reaction. She was smiling one of her knowing smiles. "That's great mom. You are Gerard are so much in love, I can tell. When did he ask you?"
"When we were in Denver. It was very romantic and very personal," she added to ward off too many questions.
"Translation, she isn't going to give us anymore details" Kara told Kelly laughing. "So Bob has known this and he didn't tell me."
Monica shook her head, "I asked him not to. I wanted to tell you girls myself, so don't be mad at him. He already has gotten teased by Gee who told him he will have to get permission from him to marry his daughter."
Kara thought a moment and giggled; "I bet that got him" She quickly grew more somber, "Of course we really aren't his daughters."
This comment seemed to upset Kelly, "But we will be his daughters sort of. I mean we will be his step-daughters."
Monica wanted them to understand how Gerard felt towards them, "Gee said he already thinks of you two as his daughters. He hopes you will accept him."
Kara looked unconvinced, "Why would he want two teen-age daughters?"
"He told me he wants is all to be happy, that we are all going to be a family. He and I are going to look for a place of our own and he even thought about how we have to stay in the same area so you won't have to change schools."
"That was nice of him' Kara said, "When are you going to look for this place?"
"The band has four more dates then they will be home for ten days. He said we would look then. She noticed Kara's look and laughed, "OK of course you know how many more dates they have. I'm sure you are counting the hours until Bob gets back" Kara nodded with a smile. Monica continued, "don't you think it will be nice if we have a place of our own together?"
Kelly smiled "Yea, but when are you two going to get married?" She had visions of a huge wedding in her head.
Monica realized she had no answer to that question, she and Gee had so many thing going on they hadn't even talked out a wedding date. "Well I'm not sure. We haven't really talked about that yet. With the tour and all things are just sort of crazy."
Monica phone alerted her to a call. Gerard's voice sounded strange. "Monica I need to talk to you." He said as soon as she answered.
"I was just telling the girls that we are getting married," she explained.
"Oh, that's great" he sounded distracted. "Can you go someplace where they won't overhear the conversation?"
Now Monica was worried, "Sure honey, just a sec" She smiled at the girls "I'm going to take this downstairs" They both nodded their understanding.
Once Monica was downstairs behind a closed door she asked, "Gee, what's wrong? Are you OK?"
His voice was weary, "Monica I really wish I could be there."
"Gee you are scaring me, what happened?"
He sighed, "Brian just called me. He wanted to get my take on something before he spoke to you. A letter was left at his office. It said that it hoped Gerard had said his final goodbye to Monica cause it would be the last time he would ever see her."
Monica felt the room tilt. "Oh shit. Did it say anything else?"
"Nothing. Brian has already called the police. They took it to dust for fingerprints. Monica I can't stand this. I want to be there to protect you. Instead I'm fucking thousands of miles away."
Monica tried to quell her fears. Her first thought was Gee. "Honey, please I promise I will be fine. This has got to be Jenn, she is just trying to scare me. Don't let her upset you. That's what she wants. You have to keep your mind on the tour."
"Fuck the tour, Monica' he shouted. "You are more important that this tour."
Monica closed her eyes and gathered her strength, "Gerard, stop it. Don't say that, I know I am more important to you than the tour. But we won't live in fear. I did that too many years. We won't let someone make us live in fear. Your tour is a big part of your life. You live for what you are doing. So many people depend on you. Think of your fans. This is a hollow threat. I will be careful I'm not the same person I was before. I am a strong person who isn't going to take any shit off of anyone especially Jenn. Please Gee promise me you won't let this ruin one minute of the tour for you. You will be home soon anyway." She hoped her words would calm him.
"Yea, for ten fucking days and then I leave again. What kind of life am I offering you?" He was beginning to doubt all the things that just hours ago he had believed.
Monica felt a tear escape from her eye, "The kind of life I want. I knew when I agreed to marry you the kind of life we would have. You will be gone a lot and I accept that. It's your life and I wouldn't want it to change for the world. I love you Gee."
His anger had turned to sadness, "I love you, Monica. Just promise me you will be careful."
She smiled sadly, "You just promise me you will get on that stage tonight and be the Gerard Way that your fans love. It will all be alright, I promise."
He tried to believe her but this feelings were so dark, "On stage I will be fine, honey. It's knowing that tonight when I lay in my bunk it will be without you at my side, that I hate."
"I will hate not being at your side, too. Just remember how much I love you. We will get through all this Gee."
He mumbled he loved her and hung up. Monica hung her head and cried.
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