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The Phone Call

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Gerard lies to Monica and finds out that she knows.

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Monica made several phone calls early the next morning. The first was to Belleville High School. She explained the situation to the principal making sure that it was noted that neither Kara or Kelly were allowed to leave the school property with their aunt. The principal was very understanding about the situation.
The next call was to the police station. She talked to the detective who was in charge of the investigation concerning the letter that was found at Brian's office. The detective was very polite but Monica could tell he didn't think the situation was all that serious. Monica explained about Jenn's hatred towards her and how she had tried to take Kelly without permission. He noted this but still didn't seem overly concerned. As far as the law went Jenn hadn't done anything illegal. She had simply tried to visit her niece. And as of now there was no evidence that she had written the letter. The detective had explained to her that because Gerard was a celebrity a situation like this wasn't all that unusual. That the letter could have been written by anyone who disliked her because of her relationship with Gerard. Monica nicely pointed out that whoever had written the letter knew about her and the fact that she had left the tour to return to New Jersey. Once more he noted her remarks but seemed unconcerned.
Monica hung up the phone and sighed. Once more for the hundredth time she wondered by Gerard hadn't called last night after the concert. They had played in Phoenix and he probably hadn't wanted to wake her because it would have been after 2:00 in the morning for her when he was back at the bus after the concert. Still she wished he had called. She needed to hear his voice. Tonight's concert was in Los Angeles. The time difference would be three hours. Should she call him? No, she decided against calling him. He was keeping his mind on the tour like she had told him to do. It was important for him not to worry and stay focused.
However, she still could check on him. She took out her Sidekick and looked up the number then hit the entry. She had just about given up when the call was answered. "Hello?"
"Hey Mikey, it's Monica. Are you busy?" She could hear laugher in the background.
"No hold on let me go into the practice area so I can hear you better." After a minute he came back on "Is something wrong?'
"No I really just wanted to check on Gee. The letter left at Brains shook him up."
Mikey sat down after checking that no one had followed him down the hall. "Yea, he told us about the letter and he's pretty fucking upset. He got through most of the concert OK."
Monica heard something in his tone, "Most of the concert? What happened?"
Mikey sat back and closed his eyes. "Nothing terrible, it's just that he seemed distracted. He wasn't his usual self. I mean the fans wouldn't have noticed but all of us did. I tried to talk to him several times last night but he talked to you for so long I fell asleep.
Monica couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Mikey I didn't talk to Gerard last night. I waited up for his call but it never came."
Mikey was surprised, he was sure that Gee had been talking to Monica. He had been on the phone for at least an hour, probably more. Shit, now what should I say to Monica he wondered. "Oh, well I fell asleep after talking to Alicia so I'm not sure how long he was on the phone."
Monica tried to keep her voice neutral but she knew he was lying. Gerard had called someone last night and it hadn't been her. "Ok Mikey, well I really just called to check on him. I'll talk to you later."
Gerard walked in and looked at Mikey. He could tell his brother looked uncomfortable to see him. "Who are you talking to?" he asked.
Mikey just looked at him. On the other end Monica heard Gerard's voice. Suddenly he was on the line. "Hey honey. Why are you talking to my brother and not me?"
Mikey glared at him. He hadn't appreciated Gerard grabbing the phone from him and looking at the caller ID.
Monica answered him honestly, "I was just checking on you. Just wanted to make sure you weren't still upset over the letter." she thought a moment then added, "I waited for you to call last night but you didn't"
He paused a moment then spoke, "I was pretty whipped after the concert. By the time I got back to the bus I just wanted to crash. I fell asleep as soon as I hit the bunk."
Mikey looked at him in shock. He knew his brother was lying and what was worse he knew that Monica was aware of it too. "Gerard" he tried to get his attention but Gerard turned his back and crossed the practice area.
Monica was hurt. Why was he lying to her? "Oh, well that's OK. I understand," she said in a small voice.
Guilt washed over Gerard. He was lying to her and she didn't deserve that kind of behavior. Still he couldn't tell her the truth. "Monica I have to go. We have a crazy day planned. Three interviews, and a live performance. It's gonna be broadcast on the new music channel My Music. So you can watch if you want."
This whole conversation seemed so wrong, she could watch if she wanted to? The stress was starting to get to her and she snapped, "Gerard what the hell? Can you really imagine me not wanting to watch you? What's wrong with you?"
He was shocked by her anger. "I didn't mean it to sound like that, I'm sorry." He looked over a Mikey who was listening to his end of the conversation. He seemed to be frowning at him too. "Look I'm sorry, don't be mad at me, please"
Monica exhaled a calming breath, "I'm sorry Gee. I just miss you so much"
Frank joined Gerard and Mikey. He looked over at Mikey, "Who's he talking to?" he whispered. When Mikey told him it was Monica he went over to Gerard, "I need to talk to her," he mouthed.
Gerard rolled his eyes but told Monica that Frank wanted to speak to her. Once he had the phone Frank asked "Monica how is Jamia? I tried to call earlier but she said she was too sick to talk to me."
"She got sick on the plane yesterday and was still feeling bad when we dropped her off at your place. I'm planning on going over to see her later today and make her some soup."
"Thanks, I'm just sort of worried about her. Well I'll let you talk to the fuming singer standing by me. Guess he didn't want me talking to his woman." Frank smirked at Gerard and added before handing the phone back to him "love you Monica"
She laughed "Love you too Frankie"
Gerard grabbed the phone from Frank's hand. "Monica I gotta take off now. Ray and Bob are already in the van. The live performance is at three this afternoon so I guess for you that will be 6 pm for you. Mom will probably want to watch too."
Monica smiled "You think? Kelly and Kara will be watching too. Do you really think Kara would miss a chance to see Bob?"
Gerard laughed "No I guess she wouldn't. I bet he hasn't even had a chance to tell her about it. This just came up so I'm hoping to goes OK. We won't have much practice time."
Monica heard Jerry's voice in the background rushing them. "Babe, I gotta go"
"I heard," she told him, "Gee have a great day. I love you."
"I love you too. Watch me close on the live performance. I will give you a sign that is meant just for you." He hung up before she could ask any questions.
Monica sat looking at the phone in her hand. Why had he lied to her? Who had he been talking to for so long? It wasn't that she didn't trust him but she hated that he had lied. She shook her head and headed to the kitchen to gather up the things she needed to take to Jamia's. She would make her a pot of chicken soup that was guaranteed to make her feel better.
Mikey, Gerard and Frank got settled in the van. Gerard immediately settled back in the seat and closed his eyes. He hadn't slept much and was having trouble keeping his eyes open. Beside him Mikey was fidgeting. He wondered why his brother was nervous. "Mikey, you OK?"
Mikey looked down at his hands, "Why did you lie to Monica? You didn't crash as soon as you got back to the bus. You talked on the phone a long time to someone."
Gerard tired to control his temper. He opened his eyes and looked over at his brother. "Hey, tell me why you think that is any of your fucking business?"
"It's my fucking business cause I love Monica and I don't like you lying to her. Who the hell were you talking to?'
"None of your business" Gerard answered putting his head back again and closing his eyes.
Mikey glared at him, "Well it's none of my fucking business but I'll tell you. Monica knows you were lying to her."
Gerard's eyes popped open, "What?"
Mikey explained to him what had happened. He told him he hadn't meant to but that she knew that Gerard had been on the phone a long time and that it obviously wasn't her he was talking to. He sat back waiting for Gerard to blow up at him.
Gerard looked down at his hands and sighed, "Well shit" was all he said.

Authors Note - No new chapter tomorrow night. I will be in Topeka with the guys. I can't wait. I really wish all of you could be there with me. Take care, I love you all. -SanDee
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