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Keep Happy Thoughts

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Monica checks on Jamia and Gerard calls in a better mood

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Jamia looked like hell when she answered the door. "Hey, Monica come on in if you're not afraid of catching the plague." She stepped back and Monica sailed past her towards the kitchen.
"Chicken soup for what ails you" she called over her shoulder. "Lay back down on the sofa and rest."
"Okay, your wish is my command" she settled herself on the large sofa and pulled a soft blanket over her. "Hey, Monica how did you know I was still sick?"
Monica sat the pan she was holding down on the stove. "I talked to Frank earlier. He's worried about you."
Jamia closed her eyes, "Yea, me too. I hate this. Remind me never to go to Vegas again. Did Gerard tell you how the concert went last night? Frank always calls to talk after every concert but I was feeling like crap so he just told me he loved me and I went back to sleep."
Monica took a moment away from preparing the soup to walk back into the living room. "Actually I didn't talk to Gee last night. He didn't call me"
"Oh" Jamia said looking surprised, "Well he was probably too tired." She didn't know what else to say.
Monica nodded, "Yea, probably." She didn't feel like talking about last night anymore. "I did talk to Mikey and he said it was good but that Gee was sort of distracted about the letter."
"Letter? What letter, did I miss something?"
Monica realized that Jamia hadn't talked to Frank so there was no way she would have known. She briefly explained what had happened. Jamia looked concerned, "Shit, just how crazy is your sister-in-law?"
"I haven't even told Gee but Kelly saw her in front of the high school. Kelly said she thought she was looking for her. Luckily she was late for class and didn't talk to her. I called the school and gave them a heads up on what was going on. I'm just glad Kara is there to look out for Kelly."
"Kara understands the situation" She pulled the blanket up over her shoulders. "You know I'm really happy she and Bob are together."
"Me too" Monica admitted, "At first I was so worried cause she is so young but having spent time around Bob I really like him." she turned back towards the kitchen. "Got soup to make. Take a nap."
"Aye Aye Captain." she closed her eyes just as a wave of nausea hit her. She barely made it to the bathroom before the toast she had choked down earlier made a return appearance. She opened the bathroom door to see Monica waiting for her.
"Jamia, are you pregnant?"
In Los Angeles the guys were settling into the studio for their first interview of the day. Gerard refused to take off his sunglasses and sat with his arms crossed. The rest of the band knew this wasn't a good sign. This was pissed off Gerard. Frank decided he would try to answer most of the questions.
"Crap I hope the word Emo isn't muttered" Frank whispered to Ray.
Ray looked over at Gerard, "So what's wrong? Monica is OK isn't she? No more letters?"
Mikey leaned over, "She's OK."
Gerard shot them a look. Then turned back to the interviewer who was ready to begin.
The first question was "What are people gonna take away from the show and how different is it from any other My Chem tour up until now?
Frank waited a beat to see if Gerard would speak, when he didn't the answered, "It takes you along the journey that is the story of the Black Parade.
The interviewed nodded "So do you play it in order?"
Frank and Gerard both answered "Yea"
The next question was "Were you ever concerned that this was like waiting to long to launch the actual tour?"
Gerard couldn't help but answer, "We started a new band with this record so you gotta build that you gotta get it. You gotta listen to it, the whole thing not just the singles. It's visceral and it's raw and it's live and it's dirty. The most exciting thing about this tour is it's the first time you really see the Black Parade as a band and yet your never gonna be alienated cause you also get My Chemical Romance."
The rest of the band inwardly gave a sigh of relief. Gerard was back to acting like himself.
The rest of the interview went smoothly.
They went directly to the next interview. It went well and the rest of the band members breathed another sigh of relief. Gerard was pleasant and giving great responses to the questions asked of them.
In the van heading for the last interview Mikey whined, "Hey I'm hungry. Can't we hit a drive thru?"
"You in need of some Happy Meal toys, bro? Gerard asked with a smile.
Mikey was happy to see the smile, "Yea, you got something to say about that?" he challenged.
Gerard just shook his head. He looked out the window at the sun-draped landscape and felt his spirits rise. Thinking about Monica made him happy. He reminded himself to keep happy thoughts in his head; he couldn't let the darkness consume him. Monica loved and needed him. He had to stay in the light for her.
He decided to give her a quick call. She picked up just as he was about to disconnect. "Hey Gee." She sounded very strange.
"Hi babe, did I catch you at a bad time?"
Jamia was sobbing on the sofa so Monica walked into the kitchen. "No I'm just happy to hear your voice."
"We are in the Mickey D drive thru on our way to the third interview. Just wanted to tell you I love you." Frank, Bob, Ray and Mikey all did a loud "aaaaah" Then they began to make kissy sounds. Gerard flipped them off.
"I love you too baby." Monica said with a laugh. "Tell them to be quiet."
"Monica said to shut up she hates all of you." was how Gerard translated.
"No way she said that" Frank yelled. "Monica loves me"
"Tell him I'm here with Jamia" Monica said
"Monica I don't want to talk to him" Jamia hiccupped before bursting into a fresh round of tears.
"I know" Monica told her. Once Frank was on the phone she told him that Jamia was feeling a bit better."
"Let me talk to her" Frank said.
Monica looked over at Jamia who was shaking her head wildly. "She just fell asleep. I think my chicken soup made her sleepy"
Frank sounded disappointed, "Oh, well tell her I love her when she wakes up, OK" Now it was his turn to hear all the kissy sounds.
Gerard took back his phone "I'll call you after the concert tonight, OK? But sleep until I do cause it will be really early in the morning your time." His voice dropped to a whisper, "I need to tell you something."
Monica sighed, "Gee, I know you lied and I'm not asking who you were talking to. I just don't like the fact that you felt you had to lie to me."
"Honey, I'm sorry. I promise I won't again, please believe me."
"I love you Gee." She answered. She was going to say more but she heard Bob in the background.
"Bob says to remind Kara about the live performance tonight."
"I'll tell her as soon as she gets home from school" she promised. She heard them all calling out their McDonald's orders. She laughed out loud when Gerard ordered a cheeseburger Happy Meal.
"Hey don't laugh," he told her. "I have to order one cause Mikey won't share his toys with me."

Authors Note - The interview in the story is taken from a recent MTV interview. The Topeka concert was all that I could have hoped for. I sat in line in the very cold, very windy weather for 6 hours but was rewarded with being on the barrier right in front of Gerard. He was only 8 feet away from me! No cameras allowed but I have my cell phone videos. As soon as I figure out how to download them off my phone I will try to capture some still photos to show you all. All the guys looked great. Franks hair is longer and looks so good. Mikey put his glassed on for "I'm Not Okay", Ray ran around the stage like a crazy man and Bob looked so good on his revolving drum platform. They had lots of fire and explosions. (The fire was back by Bob, maybe not sure a good idea I would hate to see him burned again.) Eliza Cuts was there out in front of the stage on the side. I got to go backstage and meet "Rise Against". Not sure why but a guy from the Lawrence Ks radio station came up to me and asked if I wanted to meet them. Like I was going to say no!!
It was a magical night and I hated for it to end. I made so many new friends. Hey we all know how great MCR fans are don't we? At one point in the concert Sarah, who went with me, was helping the security guards spot people who needed out of the crowd. She would get his attention and we would help lift them over the barrier. Gerard looked at what we were doing and smiled and gave us a nod. He is so damn cute.
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