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Hello Baby

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Monica spends time with Jamia, Gee calls.

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Monica scanned the drugstore shelves looking for the easiest home pregnancy test. Closing between a blue or pink box made her smile. If you chose a blue box did that mean you would have a boy? The image of a little Frank running around made her giggle. She picked up the pink box and headed towards the checkout line.
Glancing at her watch she noted that she still had quite a bit of time before the girls got home from school. She was sure she would be home before them but if not Donna would be there. Knowing that Jenn was still in the area made Monica uneasy leaving the girls alone. It was her turn to pay and as she sat down the box she noticed she got a strange look from the young cashier. At first Monica wondered why then it dawned on her that the girl probably recognized her. Pictures of her and Gee were becoming more frequent on the Web and in a few magazines.
"That will be $12.89" the girl gave her a huge smile.
Monica wasn't sure how to handle the situation. Maybe she was overreacting and the cashier was just being friendly. She handed her a twenty and waited for her change.
The cashier fumbled with the change then finally counted it out into Monica's waiting hand. She put the test in a bag. "Aren't you Gerard Way's girlfriend?" she asked.
Monica saw no point in lying, the girl already knew. "Yes, I'm Monica and you are?"
The young girl looked surprised by Monica's question. "Oh, my name is Karen" she answered. "I'm a big fan of My Chem. I've loved them since they started. My brother took me to one of their first shows when I was 12."
Monica noticed there was no one in line behind her so she spoke honestly. "Karen could you do me a favor and not tell anyone what I just bought? It's really not for me but for a friend. But with the way the press is if the story gets out that I bought a pregnancy test well, you know."
Karen nodded, "Yea, the Press can be a bitch for you I bet. I won't say anything, I promise." Monica could tell her words were sincere. My Chem had such loyal fans.
"Thanks" she picked up the bag then stopped. "Karen would you like tickets for Bambozzle?" This was the concert My Chemical Romance would be playing at in June here in Jersey.
Karen's eyes lit up, "Oh hell yea. I would love to go."
Monica wasn't surprised. "Write down your name and address and I will make sure you get the tickets." She waited until Karen handed her the paper with her information.
"Thanks so much." Karen told her. "Promise to keep my mouth shut."
Monica smiled and walked out to her car making a mental note to give Karen's name and address to Brian. She was planning on going to see him in the morning. She felt at loose ends and had decided that going in to work at least while the girls were in school would help.
Jamia was waiting impatiently for her return. Monica told her about choosing the pink box instead of the blue. "A little Jamia seemed easier to accept," she laughed. Jamia just stared at her. "Jamia it will be alright. Aren't you just a little bit excited about the thought of being pregnant?
The pink box was being ripped open while Jamia answered, "I don't know. I mean Frank and I aren't even married yet. Shit, what will our families say?"
"Anyone who knows you both understands how much you two love each other. No one will think badly of you."
Jamia was unconvinced, "I dunno, I'm not even sure how Frank would take it. I mean they just started this tour. Shit he won't even be around." She was starting to tear up again.
"Stop that" Monica said taking charge, "We don't even know it you are pregnant. Get in there and do the test. No sense in worrying about something you're not even sure about."
Her hands slightly shaking, Jamia moved towards the bathroom. Monica sat down on the sofa to wait. Her phone vibrated. It was Gerard.
"Hey babe" he sounded upbeat. "Just finished the last interview and had a few minutes to spare. I know I said I wouldn't call until after the concert but I just had to hear you voice."
Monica couldn't believe how just hearing his voice made her so happy, "So how did the interviews go?"
"They were great. Just talking about the Black Parade has me psyched for the live TV show we are heading for now. I think we will have time for one run through."
"What song are you guys performing?" Monica could already guess it would be "Famous Last Words." And she was right.
Gerard also added, "We are gonna do "Dead" too. Ray is really excited cause he just loves his guitar riffs on that one." Monica could hear Mikey in the background telling his brother that they were a block away from the studio. "Babe gotta go. Love you."
"I love you too Gee." She answered before the connection was broken. It had been a short conversation but it had made her feel so good. He was thinking about her and he sounded upbeat. She was still smiling when Jamia walked into the room clutching the test stick. Her face was pale.
Monica quickly went to her and glanced down at the test stick. Seeing the results she placed her hand over Jamia's stomach and smiled "Hello Baby Jamia".
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