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The Sign

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MCR performs live and Gerard gives Moncia a special sign. Another note is left.

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The TiVo was set and they were all gathered around anxiously waiting the start of the show. The My Music channel was getting off to a great start with a live performance by My Chemical Romance and had been running spots advertising the performance all day. Kara looked absolutely giddy waiting to see Bob. Donna smiled at Monica and gestured towards Kara with a smile. "Ah young love" she said.
Kelly giggled at her sister. "Oh Bob where for art thou?"
"Shut up twerp" her sister shot back.
Alicia who had come to watch the show with them giggled, "Sisterly love, ain't it great?"
Kelly was about to give her a typical little sister response when the show came on. They all turned towards the T.V. The VJ welcomed the studio audience, which was obviously comprised of MCR fans. The screaming was intense as the band came out and took the stage.
The first song they launched into was "Dead". Kelly sang along causing Kara to give her a dirty look. It didn't stop her. Monica just loved the way Ray bounced around his fro flying. The whole band played with such intensity. Monica couldn't keep her eyes off Gerard's face. God, she missed him. Next to her Kara and Alicia were watching their men in much the same way. The song seemed to end too soon.
The VJ came on stage and talked to Gerard. She asked him how the tour was going and if they were looking forward to tonight's show. Gerard smiled and assured her the tour was all they had hoped for and that tonight's show would be nothing short of spectacular. "Isn't that right?" he asked the audience. They responded with a roar.
After the commercial break the band launched into "Famous Last Words". Monica loved the song. The audience went wild. Donna smiled watching her two sons with pride. As the song ended Gerard took his hand and with three fingers made an M shape, which he placed over his heart. Monica knew this was her sign he had promised. Her heart filled with love. She wanted so badly to be with him.
"I wish we were there," Alicia said looking at Monica and Kara. They both agreed. Monica stood and stretched, "Ready to go?" she asked Alicia. They were heading over to Jamia's to see how she was doing. Alicia didn't know about the baby and Monica was curious to see if Jamia would tell her. They said goodbye and headed for Alicia's car that was parked at the curb.
As they passed Monica's car which was parked in front of Alicia's they noticed a sheet of paper tucked under the windshield wiper blade. Alicia snatched it off the windshield and frowned, "It has your name on it" she said passing the folded piece of paper to Monica.
Monica slowly unfolded it with a feeling of dread. As she read the words Alicia moved near and read it over her shoulder.
So do you feel bad you can't have a baby?
Don't worry about it too much. You wouldn't be
around to raise a child anyway.

"What the fuck does that mean?" Alicia asked looking puzzled.
Monica folded the paper and looked around. When had this been placed on the car? Was Jenn still somewhere watching her right now? Instead of fear she was filled with anger. Jenn was playing with her and it was pissing her off.
Alicia was still staring at her waiting for an answer. "Is it another note from Jenn?" Mickey had told her about the first one that had been left at Brian's office.
"Yea, she is playing mind games. Thinking that by leaving notes she can scare me." Once more she surveyed the neighborhood looking for any sign of Jenn.
"But what does it mean?" Alicia asked, "Why mention a baby?"
Monica sighed, "Obviously Jenn has been watching me all day. She saw me earlier at Jamia's and when I went to buy a home pregnancy test." She hated to reveal Jamia's news but there was no other way to explain the note to Alicia.
Alicia stared at her a minute then it dawned on her, "Jamia is pregnant?"
Monica nodded, "Please don't say anything to her. She just found out and she's not taking it very well. She's confused and scared."
This was a lot of news for Alicia to digest. She paused a moment then said "Yea, OK. Shit, Jamia is pregnant? Holy Crap. She was shaking her head "But you mean Jenn followed you and saw you buy the test? How did she know it wasn't for you?"
Monica explained, "When I was married I suffered a miscarriage that caused me to never be able to have anymore children. Jenn knows that. What she doesn't know was that her brother kicked me causing the miscarriage." Monica said sadly. In her heart she still mourned her lost child.
"What a fucking bitch" Alicia expelled another round of profanities. "Monica you gotta tell someone about this. The woman is stalking you. This is a threat." She was so angry she was shaking.
"Come on let's go" Monica propelled Alicia towards her car. "Jamia will be waiting for us."
Alicia couldn't let it go, "But really you gotta do something. She could be seriously threatening your life. I mean it says you won't be around. That sounds pretty fucking threatening to me."
They pulled away from the curb and began the drive to Jamia's. "Alicia, I've already talked to the police. They weren't too overly concerned about the first note. I told them I was sure who had written it and the said they would look into it. Just forget it OK"
She tried to regain her composure but her hands were still shaking.
"Monica we can't just forget it. The woman is a psycho."
"Look, Jenn is a mean spirited person. She always has been. She never liked me and hated it when Kyle and I married. In her mind I got pregnant just to trap Kyle into marriage. I'm sure when I had my miscarriage and couldn't have any more children she rejoiced. She is just messing with me. Making sure I know she is watching me. Well I won't give her the satisfaction of seeing me be afraid. That's what she wants."
They drove in silence for the next few miles. "Alicia please don't tell Mikey about this. He would tell Gee."
"But Gee should know." Alicia told her with a frown.
Monica cut her off "No, he shouldn't. He is stressed enough right now. The last few times I've talked to him today he sounds so much better. The first note upset him so bad. He has so much in his head right now I don't want anything else added to it. Promise me Alicia."
Alicia wasn't convinced, "I don't think it's right but it's your call. I won't tell Mikey. But Monica promise me you will take this note seriously. I know you're just doing what you think is best for Gerard but just think what would happen to him if something happened to you."
Monica closed her eyes and leaned back against the headrest, "Nothing it going to happen to me. Gerard and I are going to get married and have a wonderful life together. Nothing is going to stop that."
Both women were so involved in their conversation that neither noticed the late model car following a few car lengths behind them.
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