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Just a filler. . .

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It's just a filler. . .Get ready for some drama though.

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'When do you graduate?' Brendon asked as Chelsea lay on top of him.

'Baby I still have at least a year and a half until I graduate.'

'When can you come tour with me?'

'During the summer again.' Chelsea said as she ran her hands through Brendon's hair.

'That's a long time away.' Brendon whined.

'I know but it'll be okay, Thomas will be grown up a little more by then and walking and sleeping through the night.'

'If I'm not mistaken, in the middle of the tour, it'll be 18 months since we had Thomas.'

'Yeah you're right. He'll be eighteen months in June.'

'We can start trying for another baby.'

'Yeah, we can.' Chelsea smiled.

'I can't wait. I want a girl this time.'

'A girl?'

'Yeah a daughter, I never though I would want a daughter.'

'Well let's concentrate on our son for the moment. We still have a little while until we're moving into a bigger house and painting a nursery.'

'That's true.'

'So how is the new album coming?'

'Kinda slow, Ryan was pretty mad at me the other day because I had to leave to get BT. '

'Brendon, why won't you just let me take care of this stuff, you need to work.' Chelsea said as she ran her fingers through his hair.

'I want to be a good father, I don't want to spend so much time away from BT. I want to be with him and spend as much time with him as possible.'

'Brendon, Thomas loves you, you're his daddy; you'll always be his daddy no matter what. You need to work; you made a commitment to the band you need to stay committed to them.'

'I know, I'm just worried about being a good father to Thomas. I helped to make him so I should help to raise him.'

'Well Brendon, you are his father you are going to have a part in raising him but you need to sort out your priorities, you can't let the boys down. Thomas and I understand that, it's okay.'

'I don't know what I'm going to do when we have another baby.' Brendon said like a little kid.

'Well maybe we should hold off on having another baby until you guys have slowed down a bit.'

'I guess you're right.'

'Brendon, we have our entire lives together to have children. We don't need to do it all at once.'

'I know I like babies though.'

'I like babies too.' Chelsea smiled.

'I like your pregnant belly.'

'Yeah well I hate it.'

'You're so cute when you're pregnant. You were so beautiful.'

'I love you.'

'I love you.' Brendon said before placing a soft kiss on her lips.

'You need to go work on the album with the guys.'

'I know, I'm going.' He smiled climbing out of bed as Thomas woke up and Chelsea went after him.

'Bye buddy, daddy will be home later.' Brendon said as he picked up his car keys.


'Finally you decide to grace us with your presents.' Ryan mumbled as Brendon sat down next to Spencer.

'Chill out Ryan.' Spencer snapped as Brendon rolled his eyes.

'Whatever.' Ryan said sitting down across from them as Jon answered his phone.

Hours went by as the boys worked on various parts of various songs they had written. The time had flown by and not one of the four boys realized it was so late until Brendon received a text from Chelsea telling him she was going to bed. Brendon looked down at the sidekick for a moment before messaging her back.

'How about you pay attention instead of playing with your girlfriend.' Ryan snapped at him.

'What is your problem tonight?' Brendon asked standing up and looking at his best friend.

'I'm tired of this. You can't pay attention for more then five minutes with out getting distracted before of you have to tend to your little boy or your stupid wife. The Brendon I use to know would never sacrifice the band for a girl.'

'Don't even blame this on Chelsea.' Brendon said calmly.

'We'll its true. I bet she got pregnant just so that you would start spending less time with the band and more time with her. She was always an attention whore.'

'I can't believe you're saying this. Chelsea and I have been together longer then you and I have known each other.'

'Well maybe that's a sign that it's been too long.'

'Whatever; I'm not going to sit here and listen to you smack on the woman that I love. I'll see you tomorrow Spencer, bye Jon.' Brendon said picking up his bag and keys and walking out of the studio and out to his car.

Brendon drove around for a while in hopes of not going home in a pissy mood. Chelsea didn't deserve to have him like that so he didn't want to do that to her.
By the time he pulled into their apartment building parking deck he was a little calmer but very tired.

Brendon stripped of his shoes, socks, jeans, jacket, and finally his tee shirt before walking into their bathroom to brush his teeth. He soon crawled into bed where Chelsea lay peacefully sleeping. He curled up next to her and laid his head on her chest where he felt comfortable and happy.

'Hey you're home.' She whispered running her fingers through his hair.

'I missed you.' He mumbled kissing her shoulder.

'I missed you too babe.' She smiled before slipping back into a peaceful sleep that Brendon soon followed.
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