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Hissy fits and cat fights.

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haha get ready for some drama

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'Hey mom, I have a favor to ask you.' Chelsea said two days later, 'Would you mind picking Thomas up from school and keeping him until I get out of school? Thank you so much, Brendon has got to do some work, he's been slacking off lately. Okay I'll be by to get him around two thirty. Okay love you too bye mom.'
Chelsea said and hung up the phone as she heard Brendon singing along to Elmo.

'Hey babe, my mom is going to pick Thomas up from school today so you can work.'

'I don't think I'm going to go today.'


'Ryan and I had a fight last night.'


'Ryan and I got into an argument last night; it's not a big deal.'

'Baby what happened?'

'He told me he was sick of me slacking off, he said that we never got any work done, he said it was your fault.' Brendon said as he held Thomas up over his head while the baby laughed.

Chelsea stood for a minute before walking back into their room. She was feeling hurt that Ryan would talk like that about her. She was under the impression that she and Ryan were friends but apparently with the recent activity, she was wrong.

'Babe?' Brendon asked standing in the door way with Thomas scrambling in his arms.

'What?' Chelsea asked as she swept a tear out from under her eyes as she went back to straightening her hair.

'Why are you crying?'

'I'm not crying. I yawned.' She lied.

'Chelsea...I'm not stupid, we've been together for a long time, I think I know when you're upset about something.'

'I thought that Ryan and I were friends, I thought that we were cool but I guess I was pretty wrong if he blames everything on me.'

'Baby, Ryan is just jealous of you and I.' Brendon said cupping her cheeks, 'He's jealous of you, me and BT, he's jealous of our life together. Ever since he and Elizabeth broke up, he's been like this. It has nothing to do with you.'

'I know. I'm sorry. I'm overreacting.'

'No you aren't. Talk to Ryan, we'll fix this don't even worry about it anymore.' He smiled as the tip of his nose rubbed against hers, 'I love you baby.'

'I love you too Brendon.' She smiled letting her lips gently touch his as Thomas pushed between them, 'and mommy loves you baby doll.'

'So I'll see you when I get home tonight. It could be late.'

'It's okay, you need to work. We'll be here when you get home.' She smiled as she put Thomas in his car seat while he looked up at his mom and dad.

'Are you sure?'



'I love you, be good today, and if you come home after three am, sleep on the couch.' She smirked.

'Oh no, I'll take you up so we can have hot sex.'

'I'm not doing anything at three am. Just go work on your album. I love you.'

'I love you too baby. Have a good day.' Brendon said as he opened the door for Chelsea after giving his son one more kiss followed by his wife.

'Hey it's me.' Brendon said when Spencer answered the phone, 'I'll be there in about half an hour. Oh he is? Okay we'll I'll still be there in half an hour, talk to you later. Bye.'


'My mom is going to pick him up today at 12:30, Brendon is working today.' Chelsea said as she held Thomas.

'Alright, when you check him in just be sure to write that down and we'll see you day after tomorrow.' Karen smiled.

'Thank you.' Chelsea said before looking down at her baby, 'Well baby, mommy has to go to class. Grandma will be here to get you in a few hours and then we might go visit daddy, how does that sound?' Chelsea smiled before she gave him a small kiss, 'Have a good day baby mommy loves you.' Chelsea said handing Thomas over to his teacher as he started to cry reaching out for his mom.

** ** ** **

'Wow, he's here early for once.' Ryan muttered as he walked in to find Brendon holding a guitar and Spencer with a note book out.

'Dude chill out, it's going to be a long day, the last thing we need to is be arguing all day. You've done a number on Chelsea already.'

'What do you mean I've done a number on her, you're the one that is never around for your son.'

'Are you kidding me? You're as bad as a PMSing woman. First I'm not with the band enough now I don't spend enough time with my son. Pick one already Ryan and stop being such a girl.'

'I'm not being a girl!' Ryan shouted.

'Yes you are. I'm tired of this jealousy act you're putting on, go find yourself a girl and knock her up, newsflash it's not that hard.' Brendon said before receiving a strong nail to the face from Ryan's fist. Brendon stood in shock as he felt the blood from his lip start to roll down his chin.

'Two can play at that game.' Brendon said throwing a punch at Ryan and nailing him in the nose.


'You know, you two should be ashamed of yourself. You two are suppose to be adults...ADULTS for Goodness sake and you two just beat the hell out of each other with poor Spencer sitting here, you could have seriously hurt him. And what makes this even worse is that I was called out of class to come deal with your morons.' Chelsea said as she paced back and forth in front of Ryan and Brendon who had been shooting glares back and forth between each other for the past half hour come to Jesus talk they were currently receiving from Chelsea.

'Chels, if your husband would stop...'

'Ryan I do not want to hear it. This just as much your fault as it is his.'


'GEORGE RYAN!' Chelsea said forcefully, 'You know Ryan, I half expected something like this to come from Brendon one day but to have you throw the first punch, I'm very surprised and disappointed in you but then again with the way you have been acting lately, I should have known.' Chelsea said as she dropped down onto the couch. Ryan looked at her for a moment before looking down at the ground.

'I'm sorry.' Ryan mumbled.

'You should be.' Brendon said.

'Brendon. Go sit into the kitchen.' Chelsea demanded pointing towards the small kitchen in the studio.


'Go now!'

'Chelsea, I didn't mean for any of this to come out like it did but...'

'Ryan, for the past seven years I've thought that you and I were friends, I thought that you were one of the only ones of Brendon's friends that I could talk to and I knew I could trust. When I found out I was pregnant, you were the first person I wanted to ask to be a god father to my son. You're Brendon's best friend but I thought you were also one of my best friends. So imagine my surprise when I find out all the shit you have said behind my back about everything being my fault.'


'Have I done something to you to make you not like me? Ryan if you don't tell me what you're mad about I can't fix it. I need to know this stuff.'

'Chelsea it's not you. It's not Thomas, and it definitely isn't Brendon. It's just that...' Ryan said as he trailed off.

'Ryan you can tell me anything you know that.' Chelsea said sitting next to him and holding his hand.

'It's just that I see my best friend, I've never seen Brendon as happy as he is. He's head over heels in love with you Chels. He has a beautiful son, a fantastic marriage, from what he says an even better sex life. His life is perfect and what do I have? An empty apartment, an ex-girlfriend that thinks I cheated on her with some whore in New York, and a best friend's wife that thinks I hate her. I want what Brendon has.'

'Well Ryan, I'm sorry to tell you this but I'm kinda in love with your best friend or else I might think about it.' Chelsea joked as Ryan snorted back his laughter.

'I'm serious.'

'I know what you mean. That's why I'm going to help you.' Chelsea smiled.

'What do you mean?'

'There is this girl in my Western Civ class named me you'll like her. We can go out on a double date just as soon as I talk Spencer into baby-sit BT for the night.'

'You don't need to set me up with one of your friends.'

'Actually, you just busted my husband's lip. His lips are pretty huge on a regular base but now he definitely looks like a fish. We need to take your anger out on something a relationship.'

'You know, I'm glad we're friends.' Ryan said pulling Chelsea into hug.

'Bitch you die!' Brendon yelled playfully running into the room as he and Ryan started wrestling like old times.

'What are we going to do with these two?'

'We can't take them anywhere.' Spencer laughed.
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