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The Milk Maid.

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And the drama begins.

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Saturday soon rolled around; the boys had decided it was time for a day off away from the music, and away from the drama between Ryan and Brendon. Chelsea wanted to spend the day cleaning their apartment and cleaning out all the crap Brendon wouldn't throw away thus she had bribed Thomas' grandma and grandpa to baby-sit for the day and she had every intention on making Brendon help her.

'Get ready Brendon, when I get home, we're starting.' Chelsea said slapping Brendon's butt as he laid face down on the bed still asleep. Brendon didn't respond as Chelsea walked out of the room with Thomas in her arms and his diaper bag packed, 'If your daddy thinks he's going to be lazy today he has another thing coming.' She said as he strapped his car seat into the back of Brendon's range rover and started over to his parent's house.


Brendon had another agenda for the day. One word described what he had planned for the entire day: Sex. It had been a long time since he and Chelsea had a day to themselves and he sure as hell wasn't going to spend it cleaning out his underwear drawer. Brendon snuggled back into the covers as he heard a loud knock on his front door. He tried to ignore it but it just continued.
After grumbling in hopes that who ever it was would go away he crawled out of bed not caring his was currently only wearing a pair of Scooby doo boxers with no shirt. His hair still held remnants of the last make out session he held with Chelsea early that morning as he stumbled to the door opening it only to see the blonde girl from Thomas' school.

'Can I help you?' Brendon mumbled squinting his eyes from the bright son.

'I'm sorry to bother you, I'm out of milk for my daughter, can I borrow some?' she asked.

'Sure.' Brendon said as he opened the door wider for her to come in and follow him to the kitchen.

'Your apartment is so cute.' She gushed.

'Yeah...thanks.' Brendon said taking the cup from her and filling it with some of his son's formula from the fridge.

'Thank you so much, she's having a fit right now.' The girl said.

'No problem.' Brendon said rubbing his eyes.

'Okay well I'd better get back; Shayla is in the apartment by herself.' The girl smiled acting as though it didn't matter.

'You left your daughter in your apartment alone?' Brendon asked with wide eyes.

'Yeah, I do it all the time. Have a good day.' She winked before walking out of the apartment.

Chelsea walked out of the elevator just as the girl shut her apartment door. 'Hi.' The girl said brightly as Chelsea walked by giving her a weird look. The girl stopped and watched Chelsea walk into Brendon's apartment before walking back into hers.

'Hey baby.' She smiled as Brendon stood looking intently at the banana in front of him.

'Chels. What is this?' he asked holding it up.

'Brendon, go put on your glasses, it's a banana.'

'You come with me.' Brendon said picking her up and carrying her bridal style into the bedroom.

'Hey Brendon?'

'What?' he grunted as he sat down on the bed.

'What was that woman doing over here? You know the weird blonde one.'

'She needed some milk for her daughter, whom she left in her apartment alone. She's Thomas' age.'

'Are you serious? The woman is crazy.'

'I know.' Brendon said as he started to kiss her neck.

'What are you doing?' Chelsea giggled as he laid her back down on the bed.

'Some people like to call his foreplay.'

'Brendon, we have stuff to do today.'

'A little sex won't hurt.'

'Brendon you promised you'd help.'

'I will, after we have sex.'

'Brendon.' Chelsea whined. Brendon sat up and looked at her while straddling her hips.

'I promise I'll help you baby but I'm so horny right now I can't possibly watch you go through your panty drawer with out jumping your bones.'

'You're killing me you know this right?' Chelsea laughed as she pulled him down into a kiss, 'Brendon did you lock the door?' she asked braking the kiss.

'Chelsea, you're ruining the moment, no one is going to come in; Calm down and fuck me.'

Chelsea pushed the though out of her mind as Brendon pushed his tongue into her mouth after removing her shirt.

'Brendon.' Chelsea moaned running her finger nails down the middle of his back as his rhythm steadied making the butterflies in her stomach go crazy.

'God Chels.' Brendon moaned in reply. Chelsea bunched handfuls of the sheets in her hands as she threw her head back in delight not hearing the front door open.

'Hey Brendon I was wond....oh my god I'm so sorry.' The blonde woman said as Chelsea let out a shrill scream pulling the blankets up over her body throwing Brendon clean off the bed.

'What are you doing in my house?' Chelsea yelled.

'I came to borrow some more milk for my daughter what are you doing here?'

'I live here. Get out.' Chelsea yelled pointing towards the door.

'I need some milk for my daughter.'

'Yeah well I need some privacy and what you're doing is breaking and entering, GET OUT!' she yelled again.

'Look I just need some milk.' The girl said with an amused expression.

'If you don't leave now, I'm going to call the police get out.' Chelsea said. The woman rolled her eyes and slumped out of the room. Chelsea heard the apartment door slam shut before looking over at her husband who was still looking at the door way with a shocked expression.

'Yeah no one's going to come in.' Chelsea said reaching down for her under garments and tee shirt.

'Chelsea.' Brendon started as she pulled on her jeans.

'Who the fuck is that?' she shrieked.

'She's our neighbor, she has a daughter that goes to school with Thomas, and she hits on me every time I pick him up.' Brendon said before he realized what he had said, 'No wait baby.' He said after Chelsea who stormed out of the room.

'Who does she think she is walking into our house like that or hitting on my husband?' Chelsea yelled walking into the kitchen as Brendon followed her buck naked.

'Honey, calm down.'


'I know but...'

'No. I don't want to hear it. I am not putting my son in danger with some psycho living next door. That door is staying locked from now on and if she ever does that again, I'm calling the police and having her arrested for breaking and entering got it?'

'Baby why do I care, she's weird.' Chelsea stormed past Brendon and back into the bedroom, 'So I guess that's the end of our sex for the morning?' he asked dodging a look from Chelsea.

'Haha look at this picture.' Brendon said as he and Chelsea sat in the floor later that afternoon looking through a box of her pictures. The picture was taking at their senior vacation with Brendon's parents. They had been wrestling and Chelsea had pinned Brendon in the sand and buried him in it.

'Aww we were so cute.' Chelsea laughed.

'We were a pretty cute couple.' Brendon said as he put his arm around her.

'We still are a pretty cute couple.'

'I know, it's because you're so cute, I'm just kinda there for the ride.' Brendon smiled.

'Look at this one.' Chelsea said holding up one they had taken during that weekend.

'It's a good thing my parents never found this film, then they would know what we do when we're grounded.' Brendon laughed.

'Bee Beary what happened to us? We went from being this to being here in the blink of an eye.' Chelsea said as Brendon laid back in the floor taking her with him and letting her head lay on his chest.

'We got married, graduated high school, and had a child and here we are an old married couple with a baby.'

'We still have an awesome sex life.'

'You're right we do.' Chelsea said with a smirk as she straddled Brendon.


'Was he good?' Chelsea asked as Brendon's mother handed her her son.

'He was great. He's so cute.'

'I know, he's an angel, isn't that right baby?' she smiled as she kissed his forehead.

'You know, he reminds me so much of Brendon as a baby it's hard to believe they aren't the same person.' Mrs. Urie laughed as she soothed Thomas' dark hair back.

'So I've been told, we'll see how he turns out when he grows up.'

'Where is my son by the way?'

'We were supposed to get things done today and he sat around all day so I made him stay home and work.'

'Stand your ground Chels.'

'Tell me about it...Thank you for keeping him today.'

'You're welcome sweetie, we'll see you later, call if you need anything.' She smiled.

'I will, can you say bye to grandma?' Chelsea asked as Thomas smiled at her, 'We'll see you later.' Chelsea walked out the front door and put her son into the car seat, not noticing the car sitting across the street that had followed her. As Chelsea started her drive home, she had a smile on her face, Ryan was right. Their life was perfect.


When Chelsea walked out of the elevator with Thomas' car seat and diaper bag, plus her purse in tote she saw a few trash bags sitting outside their door and music playing from inside the house just as the blonde woman from earlier stepped out of her apartment wearing a pair of microscopic shorts and a tank top. Chelsea watched as she started next door towards their apartment.

'Excuse me, is there something you need?' Chelsea asked.

'Just some more milk.' The woman smiled as she looked at Thomas, 'Aww is this your son?' the woman asked as she reached for Thomas.

'Don't touch him.' Chelsea said pulling the car seat away, 'And I'm tired of this whole 'I have to borrow milk' act, if you need some so bad, go buy some. Stay away from Brendon, he doesn't need you he has me.' She said before pushing the door open and walking in locking it behind her.
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