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Just a filler...again.

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It's a sequel.

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So I promise promise promise that this story is going to have some drama in it soon...I just have to get to the drama. School is insane right now, I have more stuff going on then normal so that's why there has been lack of updates but I only have three days left then I'm good. Hope you like it.
P.S. The more reviews I get the faster I'll update!!! :D

Chelsea sat on the couch later that night with a book in her hands while she attempted to do homework. She was side tracked as she listened to Brendon sign Thomas to sleep and as she thought about the woman next door. There was some vaguely familiar to that woman but Chelsea couldn't put her finger on it.

'What are you thinking about?' Brendon asked sitting down behind her as he pulled her back to lean on him.

'That woman next door; she's so weird but there is something about her, I feel like I've met her before.'

'Chels, stop thinking about her. She's just weird don't worry about it.' Brendon said caressing her face.

'I know, she just worries me I guess. Call me crazy or call it a mother's instinct but there is something about her.'

'Baby, look at me, you have nothing to worry about.'

'I hate how she comes over here when she thinks I'm not here. I hate she thinks you're the sexiest man on earth, that's my job. I hate how she looks at you. And I hate how sexy you look in your glasses.'

'Chelsea, she has no effect on me.'

'I know she doesn't but it still annoys me.'

'Well don't worry about it just worry about your sexy but cold husband.'

'Don't flatter yourself Urie.'

'Hey! You said it not me.' He laughed.

Chelsea shut her book and placed it on the coffee table and leaned back into Brendon cuddling into him, Brendon kissed the side of her head laying his head against hers. Chelsea smiled and got up and straddled his hips. She cupped his face pressing soft innocent kisses against his plump lips before biting her bottom lip in a smile as she looked at him.

'I love you so much.'

'Not nearly as much as I love you.'

'But I love everything about you. I don't think there is anything I don't love. I love your lips and your eyes and your goofy glasses, and your hair that is never anything less then perfect looking, I love your ghetto booty, I love the fact that I can't fit into your jeans, I think I'm just in love with you.'

'Well then I guess that's a good thing right? I'm kind of in love with you. I don't think I've ever said that. Chelsea Elizabeth Urie, I'm in love with you.'

'You....come with me.' She said standing up and taking his hand leading him into their room as Thomas slept.


'Look at that mommy of yours; she's really beautiful you know.' Brendon whispered as he held Thomas in their bed the next morning. Thomas smiled as he wriggled out of Brendon's arms onto the bed. He slowly unsurely crawled over to his mom and touched her face.

'Ma ma ma ma' he cooed. Chelsea couldn't help but smile at the sound of her little boy. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at him.

'Hey Beautiful boy.' Chelsea smiled as she cradled him. Thomas wiggled around trying to get out of his grasp.

'It's time for this little boy's bath.' Brendon said as he stood up pulling Thomas to the edge of the bed where he took off his sleeper and diaper and picked him up carrying him to the bathroom.

Chelsea got up and pulled on a hoodie of Brendon's and walked into the bathroom to brush her teeth while Brendon sat in the bathtub with Thomas, 'I'm going to have a girl over from my chemistry class later to study. It's your job to get Ryan over here.' She said as she sat on the toilet watching them.

'Why should I have Ryan over?' Brendon asked as Thomas splashed water on his glasses.

'Ryan needs himself a lady friend...I'm helping him with it.' She said standing up and starting out of the room as her cell phone rang.


'Brendon, why is Thomas running around with out clothes on? Jennifer is on her way over.' Chelsea asked picking up her son and walking into his bedroom to put him in clothes as the door bell rang.

Brendon smirked as he opened the door to find Ryan with two packs of beer and chips, 'So where are the rest of the boys?' Ryan asked standing in the door way.

'Yeah about that,' Brendon began, 'I kind of lied, the boys aren't coming over. Chelsea is having a girlfriend from her class over to study and is trying to hook you two up.'

'Well I feel used.'

'Ryan!' Chelsea smiled as she walked over and gave him a hug while Thomas pulled his hair.

'Chels, this girl better be really hot, if I had known you were just using me then I wouldn't have come.'

'I'm not using you, I'm helping you now shut up and get in here, besides someone has to watch Thomas while I study.' She said as there was a knock on the door again. Chelsea walked over with Thomas and opened the door to see Jennifer smiling with her backpack and some cheetos.

'Hey!' Jennifer smiled.

'Hey, I'm so glad you came.' Chelsea smiled as she opened the door wider for Jennifer to walk in.

'Is this Thomas?'

'Yup, this is my baby.' Chelsea smiled as Thomas smiled up at Jennifer.

'He's so cute Chels.'

'He looks like his dad so don't say that.' She laughed as they walked further into the house, 'Jenn this is Brendon, my toy, and this is Ryan his best friend boys this is Jennifer, she's in my chemistry class.'

'Hey.' Both said as they stared mindlessly at the TV.

'Let me get him settled and then we can go study.' Chelsea smiled as Ryan looked at Jennifer. He was smitened.

'We're going to study keep him in here with you. I'll come out and get him some dinner in a little while, be good.' Chelsea said as she gave Brendon a soft kiss and sat Thomas down in between him and Ryan.

As Jennifer and Chelsea walked out of the room both checked out the girls as they walked. Ryan had a look on his face that said it all....She was his Chelsea.
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