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Chapter 3 - Than I Do of What's In Your Head

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Why is it so easy to forgive?

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Chapter 3 - Than I Do Of What's In Your Head

The boys used to be straight up, fame demanded so much from their personal lives, that ultimately, they went back on their ideals. Being human is so weak.

Already his speech was slurring and he could feel Bex's hot lips on his ear as she knelt beside him, as if she were some sort of waiting maid for him, carefully plying him with the right cocktail of drinks. Feeling her teeth gently nip his ear, he smiled and didn't even resist it anymore, it was too much hard work. He also couldn't resist retaliating to the glare in Pete's eyes as he saw his best friend on the sofa with the adorable blonde.

"What are you doing?!" he asked, standing over him.

"Getting pissed. What's it look like?" he replied lazily.

"Go home to your family, you're walking the thin line dude..." Pete said sternly.

Patrick scoffed at him.

"Are you telling me what to do?" he asked, pointing a clumsy finger at him.

"You're smashed, I'm getting you home." He said, gripping his friends arm and detaching the not-so-adorable - half-cut-blonde from his other arm.

"Piss off Bex..." Pete said to her, Bex smirked at him and slinked back down onto the sofa and sipped her Vodka Red Bull.

"Get off me man!" Patrick said impatiently to Pete as he marched Patrick towards the door.

"Call me!" Bex hollered to Patrick, who in turn and waved to her.

"Huh?" Shay gasped out as Pete bundled into their house with Patrick's arm secured around his neck.

"Is he drunk?!" Shay asked.


Shay giggled and helped Pete tow in her husband and they dropped him on the sofa.

"What a dork!" Shay laughed and gently stroked Patrick's hair.

"Look at you!" Pete said, Shay thought referring to the stit of his best friend but upon looking at him realized he was talking to her.

"Why? - What!" She asked, padding her body down and looking, baby food? Ice cream? DROOL??

"You look beautiful Shay!" he said, she laughed out and flopped her arms down by her side.

"You're a nice kid!" Shay said,

"Bex?" Patrick asked, Shay snapped a look at her dilapidated husband.

"Who's Bex?" Shay asked Pete. Pete's face as always, told her everything she needed to know.

"Stupid girl at the club.....he's drunk!" Pete justified.

Her eye's stayed on his.

"You're lying." She said, Pete looked at her, if there's one thing he couldn't do, it was lie to Shay. It was like he was married to her sometimes, the loyalty he had to her.

Shay made it easy for him, she dumped a blanket over Patrick and offered Pete the guest room if he wanted to stay.

"Actually, I'm gonna go. I got meetings in the morning." He said, he kissed her head gently.

They didn't even need to say goodbye, she just watched him close the door behind him and she stood in the hall way.

Natalie was attached to her hip, Aimee her leg and Rory stirred the coffee. She hadn't slept that night at all. Her kids felt like a burden that morning, she vowed to keep her temper lashing out, the two girls might as well have been dead weights on her body, they felt extra heavy today.

"Natalie, stop whining.." Shay sighed, mixing up cereal for her.

"How come Dad's on the sofa?" Rory asked, carrying the coffee jar to the table.

"Careful with that!" Shay said. She leaned over the table and the small child on her hip clung tighter around her neck.

"Mom!" Rory called. Shay was distracted.


"-Rory - what?!" She snapped. His green eyes stared at her in shock. She covered her eyes with her hand for a second to stop the emotions over running.

"Baby, I'm sorry - I didn't get a wink of sleep last night!" she said, beckoning for Rory to come to her, she gently hugged him into her. Natalie just looked on from her Mothers hip and took everything in with her eyes. She could sense her mothers anxiety, more than anyone else.

The kids fed at the table, she heavily tapped the glass of water on the table next to Patrick's head along with two paracetamol.

"Patrick." She said firmly. He rolled slightly.

"Patrick!!" she snapped, his eyelids flew open. He engaged Shay.

"Take these!" she said firmly, he sat up slightly and frowned, no memory at all resurfaced about how he got here.

"Why-where...ho..." he croaked.

"You have a hangover Sweety, take these...." She said, pushing the tablets into his hands.

"Then you can tell me all about Bex!" she said, his eyes grew wide and he looked at his wife.

She smiled at him.

"Ok?" she asked, suddenly, Patrick started to feel the effects of his hangover very much.

"In order for me to help, I need to know at least basic outlines of things, unfortunately, I can't read both your minds..." Sue said gently.

"Can I leave?" Shay asked,

"Do you need a moment?" Sue asked, Shay nodded and Sue sanctioned her time out.

The office door closed gently, Sue turned her head slightly at Patrick.

"So...should she have any reason to worry that you might not come back Patrick?"

"No." he said solemnly.

"Well that's good isn't it?" Sue asked, confused.

"Yeah....but I can't get that through to her!"

"Why does she think you might not come back?"

"Because I screwed around with a girl about a year ago, nothing even remotely serious, I was drunk, I let her fool around with me..."

"Did you sleep with her?" Sue asked, Patrick's mouth hung open.

"No I did not." He replied for a certainty.

"Well that's good!" Sue said.

"How is that good? It hurt Shay just as much...I might as well have, she would have been hurt just the same!"

"Did you want to sleep with this woman?"

"God no..." Patrick said.

"That's good..."

"I could never do that to her..." he said, his eyes were glazed over slightly, Sue acknowledged that by gracefully dipping her head and projecting words onto her note pad.

Definitely faithful. , she wrote down

"How often do you tell Shay you love her?"

"Every day." He replied.

"Out of that, how many times do you actually think about what you're saying and show that conviction?" she asked, looking at her notepad.

"Every single day..." he said. Sue looked at him and pondered thoughtfully.

"That's good..." she smiled.

"Tell me...what was going through your mind when you and you so put it....screwed around?"

Patrick played with his jeans and thought back.

"It wouldn't make sense to you...."

"I'm a very open minded person....try me!" she said comforting him.

He looked at her cautiously.

"Being in the environment I am...the environment I choose to be're always surrounded by people who want something from you....and the one thing that is hardest, is the women...." He said. Sue listened attentively.

"They just hit on you - even though they know you're have children, and even if you're totally happy they're just always there...enticing you, making it seem exciting!"

"Make what exciting?"

"Them! And what they want from you..."

"And what's that?"

Patrick looked at Sue with a patronising expression.

"I just want to be clear..." she said.

"Y'" he said, Sue nodded.

"Carry on." She said,

"I don't know what was going through my head to let her even near me that night...the only way I can put that I just let go....I got tired of always having to fight off interest...she just made it easy..." he said.

"You had a weak moment." Sue said factually.

"Yeah..." Patrick said, thinking carefully.

The door opened and Shay slipped back in, Patrick could tell she'd been crying, maybe not obvious to Sue because she hid it well, but she always got a tiny bit puffy at the top of her cheeks.

"You ok?" Sue asked, Shay smiled and squirmed back into her seat shiftily.

"Listen..." Sue said, adjusting her seating position slightly.

"A crucial concept within a forgiveness." Sue said, Shay secretly rolled her eyes in the back of her head.

"Shay, you don't forgive Patrick for fooling around with this girl..." Sue said, stating the facts.

"I do!" She objected.

"No, you don't." Sue said, looking at her notepad.

"I need you to look Patrick in the eyes, and you need to tell him you forgive him absolutely for what he did." She instructed. Shay stared at Sue, refusing to follow out the command.

"I can't." she said gently.

"What, you can't do it....or you can't forgive him?" Sue asked.

"Both!" she replied.

"Shay look at me." Sue said, leaning forward towards her.

Shay did look at her.

"Suppose your kids are especially trying you one day...your used to the daily routine of questions and demands from them, but this day, you're particularly tired and it seems especially hard to control your nerve." Sue said. Shay nodded gently.

"One of them....Aimee for instance, pushed your button, you lose yell, maybe even lash out physically...whatever...the act is not would you feel if Aimee never forgave you for that?" she asked. Shay stared at this woman.

God, you're really good.... she said in her head.

"I would be devastated..." she said softly.

"Would I be right to categorise you as a bad mother, because you let your guard down, you got exposed and you lost if for that one moment?"

"No..." Shay said, knowing where she was going with it.

"Imagine the children...are beautiful, bold women....who don't care that your husband is married to you.....they just keep applying pressure.....and for a moment, he lost it....he lost sight." She said.

"It doesn't make him a bad husband..." Shay said softly.

"It makes him stupid!" Sue said. Shay laughed heartily and Patrick smiled bashfully.

Shay looked at Patrick and he looked at her casually from his relaxed position in the chair next to her.

"I forgave him the moment I found out..." she said softly. He just kept looking at her.

"I just couldn't let him know I was that easily brushed over..." she said.

"I'm sorry." Patrick said gently, reaching for her hand. Shay took it and squeezed it affectionately.

Sue smiled proudly, another marital issue nipped in the bud.

"Now....tell me more about Pete..." Sue said, looking over her notes, both their heads whipped around.

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