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Teddy Grahams and Gerard's POV

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*see title and warning...not REALLY graphic, but some references.

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A few minutes later, Will came to Lily asking for cookies.
"Why the fuck are you crying?" he demanded to know, grabbing her by the arm and pulling her into the bus. As he dragged her inside he pushed a large red button, closing the doors behind them.
Adam and Ryan took a moment from setting up the Xbox to come into main area.
"What's going on?" Ryan asked, stepping into the room with Adam in tow.
"She's crying." Will said, sitting next to a sniffly Lily.
"What the fuck?" Ryan said, hands in pockets, "Why?"
"If it's that asshole Gerard, I swear to God.." Adam began, fists at his sides.
Admittedly so, they had all had to deal with Lily's various meltdowns over Gerard; curled up on the couch under a blanket, sniffling quietly as the bus drove on, eating all the was understandable Adam was growing tired of the drama.
Lily raised her head,
"Calm down you guys, its not Gerard..." she said with a swallow, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand.
"That's a relief.." Will said, head in hands.
Both Ryan and Adam made grunts of agreement.
Lily sighed deeply, breathing out slowly.
"I uh.." she began, leaning back on the couch,
"I told Bert I'm seeing Gerard, and he...wasn't happy." she said slowly.
"Did he punch you in the face?" Will asked.
Lily sighed, "NO WILL, he did NOT punch me in the face." she said with a roll of her eyes.
Will shrugged, "I would've."
Lily leaned forward, elbows on her knees,
"He did throw some Oreos, though..." Lily mumbled, staring blankly into the distance.
"At you?" Adam asked, arms crossed.
"No," Lily said with a shake of her head, " On the ground...all angry.."
"What the hell? Wastin' MY fuckin' oreos" Will grumbled.
Lily sighed, "It was like two, but still...I've never seen him that way."
"Fuck it. Don't worry about it." Will shrugged, getting up to search for his coveted cookies.
"Yeah," Ryan began, "You shouldn't have to apologize for dating Gerard...just ignore it."
Adam nodded, staring at the bus carpet.

Lily looked at her fuzzy pink slippers as she scuffed across the bus, opening the cabinets in search of a late-night snack; cell phone pressed to ear.
"What are you doing?" Gerard asked, voice tired and soft.
Lily smiled, glancing out the window for his tourbus, just in case.
"Nothing..just looking for something to know me."
She could hear a smile in Gerard's voice.
"What are you doing?" she asked, frowning at the oreos.
"Uhhh..." Gerard thought aloud, "Nothing..just laying here..." he mumbled quietly..sweetly.
Lily beamed, struggling from melting into a puddle.
"Just laying there?" she repeated in a sweet voice; the kind of voice a girl can only give to her boyfriend or a small animal.
"Yeah." he said with a laugh, "Find anything?"
Lily looked down at the box of Teddy Grahams in her hand,
"...No...are you waking Frank up with all your talking?" she asked, climbing onto the couch, phone wedged in place between her head and shoulder as she opened up the box.
Lily could hear Gerard shift slightly,
"Nah, he's asleep.." He said quietly.
"And shouldn't you be getting your beauty rest?"
Lily said with a smirk.
"Ah, it's hopeless. I bet you don't even need any." He added, clenching his fist anxiously as he awaited her response.
Lily laughed and stared at her feet, her neatly painted,
"You'd be surprised...." she mumbled shyly, sinking into the couch, cookies in hand.
She popped a teddy graham into her mouth as Gerard continued,
"No..I bet you could just wake up and be beautiful."
Lily twisted her toes into the couch cushions
"Awww...Gerard...." she gushed, "Thank're...too kind.." she added awkwardly, graham between her fingers.
Gerard hummed and let out a small yawn,
"I'm so fuckin' tired..." he mumbled, yawning for emphasis.
Lily frowned,
"Go to bed..its late." she added, glancing at the clock on the microwave.
Lily could hear his grin..even across the phone,
"Nah...I want to hear your voice."
Lily was a puddle, speechless at his sudden compliments.
"Ok, I'll go to bed under one condition..." he said, trailing off.
Lily raised an eyebrow, smiling broadly,
"And what is that?" she asked, slightly giddy from all of this attention.
"Look out your window." he said mischievously.
Lily poked her head up from behind the couch, peering out the window timidly.
She looked to see a tourbus driving next to her own...illuminated in the dark night.
And there was Gerard, standing there, phone to ruffled, wearing pj pants and a band t-shirt.
Lily laughed,
"There you are." she said with a giggle, waving.
Gerard smiled, and waved back,
"Are you watching?" he asked with a smile.
Lily sat up more, and gave a small wave,
"Yeah...I can see you..."
Gerard put his hand at his waist,
"No you can't, sit up more..." he demanded in a teasing tone.
Lily signed and sat up all the way,
"Ok, there you go." she breathed,
"Now what is it?" she asked, hoping he couldn't see that she was blushing madly.
Gerard scratched his head,
"Are those scooby pajama pants?" he asked with a laugh.
Lily sighed restlessly,
"Yes," she laughed, "They ARE, now what is it?"
"Now what are mine?" he asked, extending his leg.
Lily squinted and leaned forward closer to the glass,
"...Batman?" she guessed with a shrug, adding, "You're so weird, Gerard."
"Just making sure you can see...and yes, they are batman." he teased, then paused.
Lily could see him press his face closer to the glass,
"Wait...are you eating teddy grahams?" he asked as Lily brought the box into his sight.
"Yes!" she laughed, shoving the box below the couch "Now what is IT?"
"I'm on the edge of my seat here." she added coyly, trying hard to remain cool and calm.
Gerard smiled, "Someone isn't patient."
Lily shook her head, getting on her knees on the couch, elbows on the edge, facing him fully,
"I'm not very patient at 1 in the morning, Geebee." she said, flashing him a grin and a peace sign.
Gerard laughed, looking at the ground and running his hand through his hair,
"Now I feel all nervous..." he said sweetly, looking up at her through the glass.
Lily frowned, "Sure...he who grabs his crotch in front of a thousand screaming 14 year old nervous."
He snorted slightly, "OK ok...watching?"
Lily nodded, "Yep."
Gerard set down his cell phone and came back to the window, flashing Lily a thumbs up.
Lily raised an eyebrow and shook her head, as if to ask, 'What the hell?'
She watched as he grinned and formed a heart with his hands, pressing it up against the glass.
Lily put her hand to her mouth to stop massive awws from spilling forth.
Gerard grabbed his cellphone,
Lily smiled, "Yeah, I see..." Lily paused, as she saw both bus drivers signaling to each other.
Had Gerard told his driver to catch up with her bus?
Just so he could do that?
Before she could thank him he spoke once more,
"Hey..I just wanted to apologize for making the last couple of days hard for know..with Bert and stuff..." he said, rubbing his face.
Lily nodded,
"'s ok..." she mumbled, rubbing her own nose out of habit.
"It's not's has nothing to do with you." Gerard continued.
Lily raised an eyebrow..she didn't know if that was entirely true or not...
"And uh.." Gerard continued, "Don't worry about it." he said with a shrug.
Lily laughed, almost compulsively, "Alright..I' my best." she said with a sigh.
It was ridiculous of him to ask such a thing..of course she'd worry...
"Ok..well...I'm going to get some sleep." Gerard said with a wave.
" too.." Lily sighed, "Sleep well."
" too...Night." Gerard said, waving once more and hanging up.
Lily leaned forward and pressed her mouth against the glass quickly in a kiss, waving with a smile as MCR's bus gained speed.
As their bus pulled away, Gerard quickly did the same..kissing the window, laughing at himself, waving until the bus pulled out of sight.
Lily felt like she was a teenager with a very big crush...who happened to be the lead singer of a very popular band...
Who also happened to be ridiculously good looking..and sweet..and funny..and an artist and a poet..and...
God, he was almost perfect.
And she had kissed him! Multiple times!!
His soft lips pressed up against hers in that tourbus for the first time...full of curiosity and yearning...
And then again in her hotel room,body almost shaking in excitement as he pushed her down on the bed, kissing her neck, her face...running his soft hands over her arms.
And that night he didn't cross any lines..didn't cop a feel or force her into anything..just kissed her and held her underneath him.
And then, in a burst of realization, Lily remembered...
He was her boyfriend.
Gerard walked to the back of the bus, crawling into his bunk with a smile.
He looked up at the ceiling, thinking about Lily.
Remembering, in a smile, the first time he had met sweet and naive...
Watching her onstage...surprised at her ability....
And the first time they had a real conversation..the curve of her smile, the way she looked at the floor instead of his eyes at times...
Her music video...the way she danced...
And he remembered the night he had first kissed her...when she was drunk and demanding he paint her face...
Gerard chuckled softly...
The way she talked to her fans, so sweetly, stepping out from her bus and into the rain to sign autographs and take pictures...
He remembered the night he had saved her, every so valiantly, from Chris.
Sitting across from her in the dark as she slept, chest rising and falling softly...
When she sat up and demanded they talk about their relationship..her back to him, peeling off her shirt...her smooth skin underneath his hands.
He had to use all the will within him to keep himself from digging his pelvis into her, grinding up against her like he wanted badly.
And he remembered how his hands almost ached as his eyes wandered over her breasts, so perfect and round..rising and falling with each ragged breath she took underneath him. How badly he wanted to feel them underneath his badly he wanted to remove the barriers between them and give into every manly urge, every instinct screaming at him as her body lay beneath soft and feminine.
He wanted to give in...but he knew it was too soon...
And it hurt..almost physically, getting up and leaving her...
her innocent eyes...her smile...
Gerard sighed loudly, muffled by his pillow.
He hadn't really acknowledged any sexual feelings...
Sure as hell he had thought them, but he had fought the desire to play out his replay the events of the past in full detail...every moan..every whisper...
Their steamy encounter in the airport hallway hadn't helped at all.
He closed his eyes...
thought of her smile...her laugh..her pajama pants...
her kissing the window...
But in a surge of blood...his heart beat almost in his ears, he could hear her breathing heavily underneath him...gasping as his lips pressed against her neck...
He felt a hardness pressing up against his thigh.
"I hate you." he thought to himself, curling up into a ball, facing the wall.
Lily smiled and sighed as she hung up her phone, staring at her legs as the blush on her cheeks wore off, and her heart beat returned to normal.
She jumped as she saw Will, standing behind her in the window's reflection.
"Jesus Christ," Lily gasped, "How long have you been standing there?" she asked, hand to chest.
Will laughed, "Long enough," he said, walking to the cabinets and grabbing a Capri-Sun,
"Long enough..."
As he neared the end of the hallway he turned around and formed a small heart with his hands,
"Night Lilypad." he said with a grin, sipping his juice in a very self satisfied manner.
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