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Accidentel Lovers

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Ok, so its being weird, and I have to post it in parts. =P

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Pete and Brendon make their way back to the party. "where have you two been?" says Ryan. "bathroom, we also did some talking" says Pete. Taylor looked at Brendon, and Brendon smiled, making Taylor feel more comfortable. Within hours, they are all pretty wasted, and Taylor and Pete where in a corner talking about random stuff, and she ends up falling asleep on his chest. In the morning, she wakes up, and bats her eyelashes. Then she looks around. "oh. Your definitely not Ryan." she says to Pete, who is staring down at her. "or Brendon" he whispers. "what...what?" she says. "don't worry. Im not planning on telling anyone." he says. "thanks Pete" she says, snuggling into his chest. "so where is everyone else?" she asks "I have no idea" says Pete.

He gets up, and they look around, they find Ryan sleeping on top of the washing machine, and Brendon on the ground, they find Patrick and Joe in Taylor's bed, and Andy on the deck. "Should we wake them?" says Taylor. "nah, let them sleep. In the mean time, I'd like to get to know you, Taylor, a little better." says Pete. They spend the whole afternoon, talking on the couch, while everyone slept. "Taylor, can I tell you something?" says Pete. "mhm," she says, staring at her nails that she had just finished biting. "listen, Brendon told me something last night, after he told me the story." he says. "what?" she says. "He likes you, like a lot, but...he thinks he's in love with..." he says. "oh my god" she says, knowing what he's about to say "Ryan" he adds. "oh god" she says, putting her head in her hands. "maybe I shouldn't have told you." says Pete. "no, im glad you did" she says. "you aren't gonna treat Bren any different because of this, are you?" he says, "no. god no, Brendon is one of my best friends" she says. "good. Your cool Taylor. What did you say your last name was?" he says. "Thomason." she says. "Taylor Thomason. I have a feeling we're going to get along great." Pete says with a smile.

A week passes, the boys go back to Chicago, and Pete and Taylor keep in touch, by text, phone and AIM. Brendon and Taylor are still best friends, but they haven't done anything since that kiss at Taylor's house and have agreed to stay at a friendly pace. Taylor is laying on her bed, chewing on an eraser, writing. She jumps when she hears Ryan's voice from behind "hey baby" he says. "Ryan!" she says, as she gets up and kisses him. "Hey, your writing" he says, as he sits down and picks up her pad. "mhm" she says, taking a seat. "this is really good Taylor, have you ever thought of being a song writer?" says Ryan.

"no...I just do it for fun, a way to get me out of real life for a while, my stuff isn't good enough..." he stops her. "yes. Yes it is. I should show some of these to the guys, we could make songs out of these" he says. "really?" she says, with a beat of hope in her heart "most definitely." he says, as he puts her pad down and kisses her. "Ryan, I..." she says, as his lips are pressed against hers. "mhm" he says. "I love you Ryan," he pulls away. "really?" he says. "yes. Really. I love you." she says again. "Taylor, I love you too, I've loved you since the day I've met you." he says, kissing her. And for the first time, Taylor felt horrible about what she had done with Brendon, because she really did love Ryan. They made love for the first time together that night, Ryan, in Taylor's opinion, was better then Brendon, but maybe it was out of pure love. In the morning Taylor woke up next to nothing but a piece of paper.
Had to go to a photo shoot.
Last night was amazing
I love you, so much
Call you later
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