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Part Tew

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She smiles at the paper, and cooks some pancakes, then she signs on AIM, wanting to talk to Pete, who was Taylor's very good friend now. They talked a lot about personal things, and lyrics, and Pete was always there when she had problems. She smiled when she saw Pete's SN on her buddy list, in bold.

Xheyxtayx: Pete!

Xwentzxcorex: Taylor!

Xheyxtayx: how are you my love?

Xwentzxcorex: m ok U?

Xheyxtayx: im good.

Xwentzxcorex: I wanna c u soon.

Xheyxtayx me too!!

Xwentzxcorex wanna fly up 2 Chicago sum time?

Xheyxtayx hell yesss!

Xwentzxcorex maybe u can come wen ryan goes 2 that thing 4 a week, wat is it, a private concert in china?

Xheyxtayx yeah. sounds good, I was planning on being all alone, what with ryan and brendon gone, so I will definitely come up.

Xwentzxcorex: ok, I g2g but listen Ill call u and c u in wat 4 days?

Xheyxtayx: mhm. Bye Pete.
UH its being so stupid and wont let me post the whole thing, sorry it has to be this way guys.
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