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Part Three

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sorry again this all has to be stupid and in parts.

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She gets up, and calls Ryan. "Hello?" she hears his voice. "hi gorgeous." she says. "Taylor! Hi baby, just finished the photo shoot. How are you?" he says. "good, you know that private concert you have in china?" she says. "yeah" he says. "well I was thinking of going to Chicago to see the boys while you were gone, I'll be so lonely" she says. "good idea" says ryan. "alright, I'll book a flight." she says. "which I will pay for" he adds. "ryan, you don't have to" she says. "I definitely do." he says. "alright I love you baby" she says. "I love you more" he says, she laughs and hangs up. As she hangs up, she hears her "camisado" ring tone start up, and looks at the caller ID. Pete. "Hey Peter" she says. "Taylor, hi" he says. "so you coming up?" he adds. "mhm" she says. "great! I can't wait to see you." he says. "me neither." she says. "hey, I'm writing a song, I really like it, so when you come up you'll be the first one to hear it, ever." he says. "ahh sweet!" she says. "mmmhm" he says. They talk for an hour, and then Pete has to go take a shower. She lays down on her bed, and stretches, looking at the clock. Only 12:00. She decided that she should go over Brendon's and talk him into helping her make cupcakes for Ryan, for no particular reason. She walked across the street. And knocked on the door. She heard someone get up and walk over to the door. Then open it. "Bren!" she says, hugging him. "Hi tay." he says, quietly and well, definitely not himself.

"Brendon, is there something a matter?" she asks, tilting her head. "yeah, I'll tell you about it in my living room, come on." he says. She sits. "so, shoot it, whats on your mind sweetie?" she says. "well, lets just say uh...there's this guy I know..." he starts. Taylor knows where this is going. "and, he likes...this other guy." he adds. She knew exactly what he was talking about, "and, they've like, kissed and stuff, and they used to be like, wicked close, like on the verge of falling for each other" he says. "mhm" she says, nodding her head. "and I...I mean my friend, encourages him to get a girlfriend, thinking he'd never actually do it, and he...this guy I mean, gets someone, and friend is jealous...only he has a problem" he says. "whats his problem?" she says, pretending to be totally oblivious to the fact he was referring to himself. "he likes his friend's girlfriend, AND his friend" he says. "jeez. Your friend has some problems on his hands. So whats he planning on doing?" she says. "he's lost now, doesn't know what to do"

"wow, I feel bad for him" she says. "yeah. So what brings you to the Urie household today my dear?" he says, trying to get off the subject before she "figures" anything out. "uh, I was actually wondering if you'd like to help me make cupcakes for Ryan?" she says, smiling "sure! I love cupcakes!" he says, as he takes her hand, and brings her into the kitchen.

He dug through a cabinet, and pulled out two boxes of cupcake mix, three different icings containers, sprinkles, and those writing tools, you know, for cakes. "so, what'll it be miss?" he say. "see brendon, this is why I love you as my neighbor ever so much, you have everything. How about vanilla cupcakes, and um" she says, starting to think. "ryan loves chocolate. Everything must be chocolate" he says. Wow, he knew more about him then she did. "oh really, ryan doesn't look like much of a chocolate boy" she said. "yeah, he doesn't look like a lot of things, but he is" says brendon. "ok, chocolate, and chocolate icing, and chocolate sprinkles?" she says. "that sounds perfect, for a perfect boy...I mean, for my best friend" he says. He puts an apron on, and turns around, grabbing eggs, milk, and a spoon, he emptied the contents into a bowl, mixing. Taylor just watched him.

"RAIN DROPSSS ON ROSESS AND GIRLSSSS IN WHITE DRESSSES AND SLEEEEEEPING WITH ROOOACHES AND TAKKKING BEST GUESSSESSS!!" he started belted out and the top of his lungs as he mixed. Taylor covered her ears. "wow bren" she said, as he laughed, and started the song over "it's these substandard motels on the." he pointed to her "LALALALALA!" she screamed with a smile. "corner of forth and" he yet again pointed to her "freeeeeemonntttt streeeetttt!!!!" she screamed. He laughed, and continued mixing, now quietly humming "London beckoned songs about money written by machines"

"ok, we just wait a while for those babies to cook, and we're good." he says, as they take their seats on the couch, and flip around until they find a movie to rate.
About 20 minutes later, brendon heard a bell ring and turned to Taylor with a fake "omg" face on. "THE MUFFINS!" he screams, getting up and waddling over, in his little apron. "Bren, they're cupcakes" sighs Taylor, following him into the kitchen, and finding him holding a pan of cupcakes, with mitts on. "wow brendon, you look like a grandmother" Taylor laughs. "well I am one, im YOUR grandmother" he says.

Taylor gives him a look. "Brendon, you're a silly pants" she says. He laughs. "ok let's frost these suckers" he says, setting the pan down. They open up the chocolate frosting and each take a butter knife, and frost them "and for the visiting touch." he says, as he puts white frosting, with a just a dash of red food coloring into a tube, and draws hearts on the cupcakes "they're gorgeous brendon." says Taylor with a smile "well, they have to be. They're going to a gorgeous boy." he says, not even realizing that he was talking to this gorgeous boy's girlfriend. "well, I better get home. Thanks for your help Brenbren" she says, kissing his cheek. "anytime babe" he says. "byee!" she says. "bye" he says, as she takes the pan and walks out.

She gets home, and places the cupcakes on the counter, as she digs in her pocket and pulls out her cell. She calls Ryan. "hey Taylor" he says as he picks up. "come over, me and Brendon made you something" she says "oh really? Ok I'll be right over" he says. Soon she hears a knock on the door. She goes and gets it. "Hey baby" he says as he kisses her. "hi ry" she says. "so where's this big surprise?" he says. "in the kitchen" she says. She takes him hand and leads him to the cupcakes "CUPCAKES!" he says. "how'd you know I loved chocolate?" he says, as he picks one up. "actually the real master mind behind this is Brendon." she says. "brendon? Really. Wow what a nice guy." he says, spacing out. "mhm, I love him like a brother." Taylor says. "yeah, I love him too." says Ryan, clearly spacing out, still holding the cupcake. "ryan?" she says, waving a hand in front of his face. "yeah what?" he says snapping out of it. "you ok?" she says. "huh? Oh yeah" he says. Taylor gives him a face, and picks up a cupcake and takes a bite. He goes to take a bite, but Taylor pushes his face in it, and he rises up, with chocolate all over his face. "oh your gonna get it" he says, as the chocolate covered ryan chases her to her bedroom, and gets on top of her, "now you'll have to share the pain." says Ryan as he kisses her, getting chocolate all over her. "ryan. I love you" she says, looking up. "I love you too br...Taylor." he says, gulping, and covering it up with a kiss. Taylor feared the worse.

The days passed, and soon Ryan and Taylor, along with the rest of panic found themselves saying their goodbyes, one going to china, the other headed for Chicago. "they just called my flight. See you in a week honey." Taylor said after the booming of the load speaker. "bye baby, love you" says ryan, rapping her in a one handed hug, other hand grasping a bag. He kisses her. "bye guys, play good. Bye brendon. Love you kiddo" she says. She winks at Ryan, as a last goodbye for a week, and heads off for Chicago. She steps on the plane, and looks back, as Ryan's back is turned to Brendon. She sighs, as the door closes. She finds a seat, and pulls out her pad, and scribbles some words.
Meanwhile, panic waited around for their flight to be called. "Brendon, uh, we should sit together on the plane, I mean, to discuss the songs and stuff, for thee uh...concert?" says Ryan. "yeah, sounds good" says brendon, smiling.

Taylor finally hears the announcement the pilot makes "thank you for flying with us today, we will be landing in a matter of minutes" the loud speakers boom. She gets up, taking her small bags from the cubby above, and gets off the plane. As she steps she looks for Pete, whose picking her up. Still no sign of him. She looks around more, as she feels someone grab her waist and scream "BOO!" she turns around only to find herself smacking Pete in the face. "ow!" he says holding his face. "oh Pete! Im sorry! I didn't know it was you! I don't take it too kindly to strangers grabbing my waist." she says, as she sees him keel, face in hands. She crouches down and takes his hands down, only to reveal a laughing Pete. "PETE! I REALLY THOUGHT I HURT YOU!" she says, punching his arm. "Hehe, MY TAYLOR!" he says, mauling her in a hug. "hehe, hi petey" she says, patting his back as he lifts her off the ground. "come on! We're going to my mad chill pad." he laughs, she laughs as well as he leads her to the luggage pick up, followed by his car. "so Taylor, how are you?" he says, as he pulls out of the parking lot. "Im perfect." she says, smiling. "yes you are" he replies. She smiles.
The plane is still flying for panic, it's obvious that Ryan and Bren are sitting next to each other. Ryan is writing, and Brendon is fiddling with his make up in a mirror. "uhh. Im so ugly. I just can't work the make up like you Ry" says Brendon. "you are not ugly." Ryan replies, still chewing on his eraser, thinking of ideas. "hmp. Not what I think" says Brendon. "well, I suppose your blind, because your gor...your very good looking, I mean, you have so many girl fans that would die to sleep with you." he says, "I never even thought of it, I AM beautiful. Aren't I?" says Brendon, with a laugh. "you are." says Ryan, now looking at Brendon. They lean towards each other, but once Ryan notices what's happening, he throws his pencil down and pretends to have the need to pick it up, leaving Bren hanging.
"Hmm. This make up stuff means shit to me, screw it" Bren says, putting the mirror away, closing his eyes, and drifting off.
When he wakes up, he feels a wet spot on his shoulder, and shifts his eyes, to see Ryan fast asleep, head on his shoulder, drooling. He also notices ryans hand is on his leg. He smiles, and goes back to sleep.
Pete unlocks his front door, and steps in, followed by Taylor, she looks around "wow Pete, your place is amazing" she says. "heh, yeah" he says, Taylor feels a tug on her pants, and looks down to see A small dog tugging on her pants. "Hem. Quit it, no, she does not want to have sex with you." Pete jokes. "aww!" she says, kneeling down, and petting the dog. "that's Hemmingway, in case you didn't know" he says, smiling. "I knew." she says, smiling back, and wrapping her arms around the dogs neck. She gets up, and says. "so, where am I sleeping Peter Wentz?" "uh, I'll show you to the guest bedroom" he says, taking her hand. Taylor smiles, "this is going to be an amazing week" she says, out loud, not meaning to, Pete looks back, and beams.
He shows her to her room, and then she puts her bags down, and runs out of the room, Pete being confused, runs after her, then he stops, finding that he's totally lost track of her. "Taylor?" he says. He hears her laugh, "TAYLOR YOU CAN RUN...AND APARENTLY HIDE, BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN I AINT GONNA FIND YOU!" he screams. Then he hears a splash. "oh jeez" he says, as he goes out to the pool out back, and sees taylor, fully clothed, laughing in the pool. Pete cracks up. "here I come" he shouts, as he too jumps in. they laugh together, as pete splashes her, and she jumps on him and pulls him under.
The plane has landed, and the boys have now just checked into the hotel. They go up to their suit, and each pick a room, followed by a gathering in the living room. "so, what now?" Jon says. "we shall go swimming" says Spencer. "yeah" says brendon. "ok" adds Ryan. They go off, and change into their bathing suits, then all meet again in the living room, and head down. "Hey ry, wait up!" says Brendon. "oh, hey Bren" says Ryan "hey" he says, as they walk towards the pool.
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