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China is for lovers.

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haha, the chapter you've all been waiting for.

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When they get to the pool area, they start hanging out, and jumping in. Ryan sits at the pools edge and dips his feet in. "come on in ryan" says Jon. "uh, I have to get used to it first." he says. Brendon, sitting in a lounge chair, gets up and takes Ryans hand, Ryan looks up. "come on Ry, we're gonna dive" he says, with a smile. Ryan smiles back, and Brendon helps him up as they walk over to the diving board, Brendon dives off first, and Ryan gets a little scared. "you know I hate doing this kind of stuff Bren" he says when he gets to the end of the board. "I'll catch you" says Bren. "ok" replies Ryan, as he jumps in, and goes under right next to Bren, and pops up, wrapping his arms around Brendon's neck. "you did it ry!" he says. Ryan takes a breath and nods, then he realizes his arms are completely wrapped around Bren's neck, and lets go. Then they both go out, and Bren says "we should like, try to splash Jon and Spence." "ok, lets go at the same time" says ryan, as he takes Brendon's hand and they run and jump, making a huge splash. Soon they head back to the hotel room and get changed. When Ryan finishes, he lays on his bed and turns the TV on. He puts his hands on his stomach, and watches for twenty minutes, then Brendon comes in. "im bored" he says, ryan smiles and pats the seat next to him.

Brendon lays next to him. They watch in silence for about twenty minutes. Then ryan looks at brendon and says. "listen..." he gulps. "what?" replies Brendon. "I...I" he stutters. "what?" repeats Brendon. Ryan shakes his head, and then looks at brendon, and pulls him into a huge kiss, brendon smiles and puts sole into it, as ryan flips over, and straddles him. Brendon parts his lips with his tongue and puts it half way down ry's throat. Ryan runs his fingers threw Brendon's hair. He pulls away, takes a breath, and looks Brendon in the eyes "I've been waiting my whole life to do this" he says, smiles, and goes back to making out with him. They make out for about two hours, then they hear the door open, and look up, to see a disgusted Jon. " I'm gonna, um, back away slowly now and pretend...I never saw that," he says, backing off, and closing the door. They hear the loud mouth scream "SPENCER!! SPENCER!!! RYAN AND BRENDON ARE HAVING DIRTY AFFAIRS!" Ryan looks at Brendon, and laughs, and then Brendon says, "oh my god, what about Taylor?" as it dawns on him. "oh shit!" says Ryan, remembering her. He thinks for a second then Brendon pipes in. "I was just thinking, you can't expect her to stay faithful with Pete out of all guys, I mean come on, they talk EVERYDAY, and she's millions of miles away, with a band of vulnerable dogs." says Brendon. "yeah, I guess your right." says Ryan. "I mean, she's probably having sex with Pete right now." adds Brendon, Ryan still straddling Brendon smiles and looks at him "speaking of sex" he says. Brendon stares, as if he doesn't get the joke at first. Then he thinks about it, and gives Ryan a famous "Brendon-but its better if you do-smile" and reaches over to the night stand, and turns the lamp off.

Pete and Taylor have invited a few of petes friends over, actually more then a few. They have a big party, and in the mists of it all, Pete spies Taylor talking to Patrick "I'd hate to butt in, but Taylor can I talk to you for a sec?" says Pete. "mhm" she says, he takes her hand and leads her to his room. "Hey Taylor, remember I told you about that song I wrote?" he says as he goes fishing in a drawer. "mhm" she says. He pulls out a piece of paper, "read it." he says. She reads it.
Best friends, ex friends till the end
Better off as lovers, not the other way around.
Racing through the city, windows down.
In the back of yellow checkered cars,
That was the chorus.
"wow, Pete...its amazing, especially the chorus." she says, smiling. "its about you" he says quietly. "what?" Taylor says, as Pete stares at his feet. He looks up, with a straight face. "I said, its about you." Taylor stared into his eyes, and got a strong vibe back. "oh Pete" she whispered. She hugged him, and looked up, and felt that like a magnate, she was being drawn in, and felt his lips softly touch hers. For about 15 seconds they stayed like that, then Pete pulled away. "Taylor, I love you. But Ryan's one of my best friends." he says, tears threatening to escape. "I understand. I love you, too." she says. "this is NOT a rejection, and I need you to know, pulling away was literately the hardest thing I ever had to do, in my life" he says, looking down. "no Pete, its ok." she says. "I don't want things to be awkward with us, alright kid?" he says, now with a smile "ok buster" she says, smiling back, and laughing, they took each others hands, and headed back to the party.

So, the week passes. Taylor and Pete go everywhere and do everything, and have an amazing time, forgetting that they were madly in love and weren't suppose to be. Brendon and Ryan majorly hooked up, feeling like a huge load was lifted off their shoulders, Ryan hasn't thought of a way to break it to Taylor yet.

Taylor arrives home, and flicks on the lights. She misses him already. Pete, that is. She looks around, makes sure everything is where she last had it, and plops down on the bed. When she wakes up, its morning, she stretches, and checks her messages, that's when she noticed, and her heart stopped. Ryan hadn't called her at all, the whole week. She had been so sucked into spending time with Pete, that she hadn't noticed. No messages from Ry either. She got up, and looked throw the blinds, and saw Brendon's car was there, he was home. She glanced at the clock. It was 10, early enough. She needed to ask him why he hadn't called her. She knocks on his door, and he opens it, looks up, and jumps. "TAYLOR!" he says, not in an exited manor though, a scared manor. "Hey brenny!" she says, hugging him. He lets her in. "how was China?" she says. He smiles. "absolutely perfect." he replies. She thinks to herself...has not the emo Brendon that he was before they left...shit, something's up. "so, um, I haven't talked to Ryan in a while, did he specify why he forgot to call?"

"Uh, no...he must have...been to busy is all" says Brendon, starching his neck. "ok, spill" she says. "what? Me and Ryan did NOT have sex in china six times if that's what your thinking" he says, smacking a hand to his mouth, seeing as it was obvious that they did. "oh my god." Taylor says, as she closes her eyes, to squeeze a tear out, but surprisingly, non would come out "Brendon, im happy for you, he's all yours." she says, hand on his shoulder, then she walks out, and picks up her cell phone. "hello?" says Ryan after she dials the number, now tears streaming down her face at the sound of her loves voice. "Ryan, I love you, but your all his." she says, as she hangs up.
Then she dials more numbers. "Hello?" says a comforting to Taylor voice. "Pete, he cheated on me. With Brendon" she says, then she hangs up, runs across the street, and cries herself to sleep.

don't worry, there is more to come, its gonna get good too. Very good. =] hope you all liked it, please review. xoxoxo
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