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The aftermass of disaster

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well, yeah.

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One night and one more time,
thanks for the memories,
thanks for the memories.

Taylor sat on her couch, in clandestine shorts, long clandestine knee socks, and a black wife beater, with a carton of ice cream. She was taking it quite well actually, yes, she showered, and took care of herself, it just seems like she's shutting the world off because of the ice cream, right? Wrong, she was just hungry. Ryan has tried to call her at least 50 times in the past day. She cried it all out the first night, and tried to get her head clear by not picking up her phone, even for Pete, or Brendon. She was tempted to pick up for Pete, and he seemed really worried about her, and left long, comforting messages. She just let it ring through, because his voice, caring about her, and worried about her, made her forget that her boyfriend cheated on her with her best guy friend. So, she was sitting on the couch, when she heard a knock. "Ryan, leave" she said. He had tried to come over the other day, and she wouldn't let him.

She was sure it was him, because Brendon isn't the type to confront her like that. He knocked again. "RYAN LEAVE! IM NOT OPENING THE GOD DAMN DOOR! FORGET IT" she screamed back. They just kept on knocking. She rolled her eyes, and got up to get the door "Ryan, you dirty son of a bitch you think you can just come back whenever the hell you want? this isn't a free-for-all it's a..." her sentence was stopped by someone's lips coming crashing down on hers, and putting his hands around her, she stepped into the house, knowing quite well who it was, because she had gotten a look at him, and they back into the couch, where Taylor fell, followed by the man attached to her lips. She pulled away, with a confused face. "Pete, why are you here?" she asked. "Because, I was worried about you. And because I love you" he said, as he kissed her again. She threw her arms around his neck, and kissed him, with no strings attached, no guilt, no feeling bad, only pure love. He cautiously slipped her tang top off, and she took his tee shirt, and smoothes her palms ageist his muscular chest, then he took off his jeans, and she slipped out of her shorts and kicked off her socks, followed by the underwear. Pete looked down and saw that little Pete was definitely exited. He smiled at her, and she winked as he entered her.

Over across the street, was Brendon. He was upset that he could do that to Taylor, and still be with Ryan, but he was so happy that they were together, that he forgot. There was a knock on the door, and Brendon shuffled to the door, to find Ryro, flashing a smile. "RYAN!"
Brendon squealed, and jumped into his arms. He carried him to the couch, where they made out for hours. When it came to Ryan in just his boxers and Brendon in his wife beater and boxers, there was a knock on the door, Ryan got up, and went over to the door. Brendon was on the couch, when he heard a thud, like someone falling, he ran into the other room, where he saw Ryan on the ground, bleeding from his nose, and Pete standing in the door way, you see, after Taylor and Pete were finished Taylor told Pete the whole story, and he just got so pissed, that his emotions took over after Taylor fell asleep.

"PETE! STOP!" screamed Brendon, rushing to Ryan's side and wiping his nose with his shirt. Ryan lay in Brendon's arms, when Pete said. "your next urie. What the hell is your problem? FYI, Taylors got feelings too, and she sacrificed a lot for you Ryan." Pete said. "jeez, I thought you'd be happy we broke up seeing as your in love with her, and I've tried to call and apologize, she won't pick up" says Ryan. "Listen, I came over to tell you how stupid you are, and how much your going to regret it, when the press finds out about you and Boyd, because everyone knows Brendon, the image obsessed stud puppies going to deny it Ryan." he said, and with that, he took off. "Ryan, you know I'd never deny my love for you." mumbles Brendon. "of course not baby" says Ryan. Ryan smiles, and says "what's up Pete's ass? It's not even his business." "I know baby, hey where were we?" says Brendon. "haha, I definitely remember" says Ryan, backing Bren into a wall, and exploring his mouth with his tongue, while Brendon gave him a handy, Ryan pushed his head down, and Brendon found himself with a "mouthful" "god I love you" moans Ryan. While Brendon is you know, down there, he suddenly gets a horrible thought. 'what if the fans find out? I can't let that happen, on my dead body, that wont happen.'

Sort of short, but hey, whatever. Reviews would be nice, actually they'd be better then nice, they'd be like, orgasmic-lee yummy.

Plus, we don't want Ryro to loose his lunch, do we?
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