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It's Time To Dance

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Bren, you fucked up kid.

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2 months later

Brendon stood in front of Ryan's door, with a lump in his pocket, and a lump in his throat. He smiled as Ryan opened and kissed him. "Hey lover." says Brendon, blushing, and sweating. He goes in, and sits on Ryan's couch. Ryan sits next to him. "so, we have this interview, on some show, this Wednesday." says Brendon. "cool" says Ryan, putting his hand on Brendon's leg. "Hey Ry, I have something for you." gulps out Brendon. "Really? What?" says Ryan, sitting tall. Brendon wipes away sweat, and fishes into his pocket, and pulls out a little box. Then he takes Ryan's hand and opens the box, revealing a gold band. "I don't exactly know what you'd call it in uh...this situation...but, would you be partner of sorts Ry? I love you." Ryan is speechless, as Brendon slips it on, looking at him and biting his lip. "oh Bren" says Ryan, biting his lip. "that a yes?" says Brendon. "God yes. God yes Brendon." say Ryan, still staring at the ring. "I love you baby" he adds. "I love you too." says Brendon.
Brendon and Ryan sat in the car outside Jon's house. Brendon beeped again, as Ryan pulled his sleeve over the ring, Brendon had said he wanted Jon and Spence to know later, at the right time. Jon stumbled out, and got in the back. "Hey sexxies." he said. Ryan looked back and said. "Hey Jonny." Jon put on a puzzled face. "since when do you call me Jonny?" he says. "Since I decided it was cool" says Ryan, crossing his arms, and facing the dashboard. "sweet." says Jon, glancing out the window. Soon, Spence joins the four in the car, and they head out to the show set for a live interview.

When they get there, they all go into there dressing rooms, and put makeup on and such. Then room by room, the man hosting the show, Jerry, knocked, signaling the boys to get ready to be called out. Soon the show starts and each boy find himself being introduced, and they all sit on a long couch.

"Welcome boys" says Jerry. They nod their heads, and Brendon says "good to be here." Jerry asks questions about the business, the new cd coming, the recent tours, and shows, and such, then Ryan's sleeve slips, revealing the ring that everyone notices. Brendon gets a knot in his stomach.

"Oh Ryan, I see you have a wedding band on your finger, whose that from?" says Jerry. "Oh." Ryan says, peering at it, smiling and blushing it. "The truth?" he says, glancing at Brendon. He is beat read. 'what will the fans think' he thinks to himself. He signals Ryan to shut the fuck up, slowly nodding his head, no, with wide eyes. "Bren, they're gonna find out sooner or later" says Ryan. Everyone else falls dim and clueless. Brendon turns redder, a bead of sweat trickling down his forehead. "Ok, so." Ryan starts.

Brendon speaks through his teeth, looking around. "Ryan" he says. "Ok, me and Brendon are well, we are together and such and.." he starts as everyone in the room (studio audience, panic, Jerry etc.) gasps. "Ryan, I don't know what your talking about." says Brendon, sweating, and looking around. "Brendon, come on, its ok" Ryan reassures him. Then Brendon's emotions, the thought of his rep going down the drain, take over. "Ryan! I know you wish I was, but im not a fag like you, kay buddy?" he says, as he storms off stage.

Everyone is silent. Ryan's eyes fill with tears. A sharp pain goes to his heart, and he clutches it, looking around at all eyes on him, then he runs off the opposite side of the stage, and into his dressing room, locking it, and collapsing onto the couch in there. 'Pete was right, pete was absolutely right, I do regret everything, Taylor was the one, not fucking Brendon, I hate him. I hate Brendon urie' he thought, as he bawled.
When Brendon reached his dressing room, full of tears, he knew what he had done. "SHIT SHIT SHIT! He screamed, pulling out his hair, and cursing more. He fucked up. He had fucked up big time. He was madly in love with Ryan, and he knew he would never forgive him. He rushed to the dressing room bathroom, looking at his reflection, of the man with the red eyes, sweaty face, and running make up. Then, he wound up, and punched the mirror, shattering it. He collapsed with shards of glass piercing his skin. He cried, until he passed out.

Ok, so just wanted to update for you guys quick. Love you a lot. Mhmm. Xoxoxo. reviews would be cool
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