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You've danced, now face the music.

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yeah, you can pretty much tell what this chapterrsaboutt.

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Brendon's eyes fluttered. He squinted up at Spencer and Jon, backs facing him, talking. He noticed by the white color, and good smell, that he was in a hospital. Brendon lightly coughed to show a presence. The two boys whipped around. "The little physcos awake! Jesus kid, punching a mirror? You lost like...a shit load of blood...but not to worry, they stitched you up and such." says Jon.

"Uhh." says brendon, in pain. Then it all came back to him, all the events of yesterday. "where's...Ryan? Why isn't he here?" says brendon. Jon and Spencer exchange sour faces. "don't you remember what you did to the poor kid?" says Spencer. "Yeah...well...still...where is he?" says Brendon. "At a normal person. Uh, Brendon...what exactly happened out there? I mean, from what I've seen, you and Ryan are...or so WHERE together. Why'd you lie like that? Why'd you call him a fag?" says Jon. "It''s complicated ok? I really don't want to talk about it." says Brendon. "Well, you didn't do such a good job hiding it, the whole Ryan and you thing I mean, the boards are buzzing about how you two may break up, and how that ring on Ry's finger was from you...wait...was it?" says Jon.

Brendon doesn't speak. " could you? You broke his poor little know what? You really are an ego obsessed ass." says Jon. "Jon, come on, he was just scared of what others would think" says Spencer. "Oh, so what the others would say is more important than the man you wanted to spend the rest of your life with?" says Jon, crossly. "SHUT UP! JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP! I REGRET IT OK? I REGRET IT WITH MY LIFE! I WANT TO FUCKING KILL MYSELF! I LOVED RYAN, WITH ALL MY HEART, THERE IS NOTHING IN THIS WHOLE FUCKING WORLD I WOULD'NT DO TO TAKE IT BACK!" screams Brendon. Jon steps back, feeling threatened.

"ok Bren, we have to take you home, they said we could once you woke up. Do you need a wheel chair or..." says Spencer. "He can fucking walk." says Jon, storming out to the car. Brendon got up, went into the changing room, put on new clothes, and walked with the help of Spence, out to the car. Jon quickly drove him home, and he walked into the house. When he opened the door, he saw Taylor standing there, arms crossed, shaking her head.

"Taylor. Uhh." starts Brendon. "" she says. "I...I...I don't know. I feel horrible...Taylor...oh god, hug me," he says, as Taylor hugs him, and he cries his eyes out on her shoulder. "Ok, Bren, your going to tell me WHAT happened, while we make cupcakes." says Taylor. "ok..." he says, sniffing. "wait, how did you find out?" he says. "Brendon are you kidding me? You were on national TV when you called your boyfriend a fag." she says, as he looks down and sighs. "I have a long story to tell you, so lets go. Oh and your gonna have to stir, cause..." he says, holding up his bandaged hand.

3 days later

Ryan looked in the mirror, and shook his head in disgust. His hair was greasy, he had serious five o' clock shadow, and he had NO make up on. He glanced on the kitchen table, where the ring lay. Then he heard the door knock.
Outside, Brendon looked down at his feet, the things he had practiced saying in the car, running over and over again in his head. The door opened, and Brendon looked up, and felt something small hit the center of his forehead, he fell back, falling down his steps, and onto his lawn. He laid there, listening to the door slam, and looking at the little gold ring lying beside him.

yet again, not very long...oh well. Reveiw my lovers, because I love you. haha, which is why your my lovers...or whatever..I dunno maybe im just hungry.
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