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Collecting Page Six Lovers

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So, PATD.COM, is the new place to sort out problems. read.

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Brendon winced. He had paid so much for that...and he had loved Ryan...he still did. He reached out, grabbed the ring, and got up. He marched up to the door and knocked. "Ryan open the god damn door!" he screamed, banging with his fists. He could hear Ryan singing "haven't you people ever heard of, closing the god damn door nooo" he rolled his eyes "come on Ryan, your being wicked gay." he said, not thinking about his vocabulary.

The door swung open. "don't you mean. I'm being a fag?" he said, standing there, looking very pissed, very hurt. "Ryan, no. I didn't mean what I said. I'm sorry. I'm truly, truly sorry. Please, forgive me. I don't care who finds out. I don't, here take your ring back." he said, holding out the ring to Ryan. "No. Keep your cheap ass piece of gold. I hate you." snapped Ryan, closing the door on poor Bren's face. A tear slide down Brendon's face, and he stormed down Ryan's steps, and started kicking his car, and then kicked the side of Ryan's house, and pulled out a shrub and whipped it across the street, and then collapsed on his knees and cried. The door opened "If you wanted to get on my good side so badly you could start by not killing my house." Ryan screamed out.

Brendon shot up, got in his car, and sped of. Ryan watched out the window as Brendon sped off. He decided to call Taylor and at least try to make nice with her again. It rung, and then Taylor picked up. "Ryan? What are you doing calling me? Are you ok sweetheart? I saw what Bren did to you. He's so messed up." she spoke. "I'm glad you don't hate me anymore...I'm good, he just came by, and I threw the ring he gave me at him, and he attacked my house and a plant and his car...fucking screw up. I'm sorry for cheating on you with that loser." said Ryan. "No, it's all good. I'm over it. Yeah something's terribly wrong with him, he IS my best friend, but still. He's an emotional wreak without you, but he's the one who fucked it all up." said Taylor. "For sure. So, your with Pete now aye?" he said. "Yeah. Pretty sweet I guess." she says. "mhm" he says.

Meanwhile, Brendon was home, and he was VERY upset. He stormed in, and punched a hole in the wall. "AHHH!" he screamed, picking up a chair from the dining room, and whipping it across the room. Then he had a flash of brilliance. He calmed himself down, and logged on to the admin name for he went to the journal, yes the absolutely public one, seen by millions of fans each day, and typed, knowing Ryan checked the site and updated it the most, followed by Jon.
Ryan got off the phone with Taylor, he knew it'd be hard, but he was determined to get her back. He was still in love with her. He had nothing to do, so he logged on the computer, and went onto He was going to update the journal when he noticed some one else already had.

Hey guys
I just want everyone to know, and I mean, everyone, as in, spread the word,
what I did on TV a few nights back wasn't me, it was someone else, I don't know that man, that man that came over me, that possessed me to do that. I love George Ryan Ross III, and I always have, and I always will, I want to spend the rest of my life with him. He's the most talented, gorgeous, funny, smart, amazing person I know. Ry, if your reading this right now, I need you to know how much I really, really love you. I love you so much it hurts. Your like a part of me, I feel your pain. I won't be myself until I at least know your happy. It doesn't have to be with me, but I know I hurt you, and I won't be happy until your happy.

Ryan gritted his teeth as he finished reading that entry. "Oh my god." he whispered. He cracked his neck, and then his knuckles, and typed away.

Uh, hiya guys. Its me, who else updates this here journal besides well, all of us...ok never mind, we're swerving the subject. Your probably loving this, huh? Well, I'm glad most of you love seeing what goes on in my life now, but upon seeing these exclusive entries, you all must promise to buy the new album, do we have a deal? Ok, now regarding the last journal entry....YOU my former love, messed up, beyond excuse. Who agrees with me? You
1. You played with, and broke poor me's heart
2. Lied to our gorgeous fans =P
3. Embarrassed the FUCK outa me
4. Went and punched a glass wall (aka mirror, I just thought glass wall sounded cool)
5. Kicked my home.
6. Killed an innocent shrubbery.
7. Only you can choose what I write here, because it hasn't happened yet.
Now that all of you know exactly what's up, I want BRENDON to know, as much as we all love second chances, we might not see one for quite some time. In other news, im doing just fine without you.
The one, the only,

Ryan smiled at his strong entry, and hit the enter button with great force. Then he got up, went into the kitchen, and ate a whole carton of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream while watching sixteen candles.
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