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This Is A Seasonal Affair

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Brendon's eyes fluttered. He stretched, and rolled over, to an empty spot. He rose up, finding Ryan was not where he had left him. He laid down again, and listened, as he heard a voice coming from the kitchen. "We do it in the dark, with smiles on our faces" it sang along to the music that was playing. Brendon smiled. Ryan sounded like he was in a good mood today. He rose up, and was about to itch his head, when he felt the bumpy patch where the stitches where. He put his arms over his head, and stretched, then he slicked his hair back, and walked out, in his blue boxers and nothing but. He saw Ryan standing over his oven, flipping a pancake, and moving his hips to the music. "Me and you, setting in a honeymoon" he sang. He was listening to Infinity On High of course.

Ryan had orange and black plaid boxers, and short ankle socks on. Brendon crept up to him on his tiptoes, and then screamed "Boo!" as he wrapped his arms around Ry's waist and lifted him off his feet. Ryan chuckled, and playfully hit him on the head with the spatula (being careful of the stitches)
Brendon set him down, and kissed him on the lips. "Good morning my love" Brendon said. "Morning Faggot" Ryan said, cracking a smile after, unable to keep a straight face. The boys both burst out laughing. "Your up for pancakes right?" says Ryan. "Of course my dear." says Brendon, kissing his cheek.

"Ryan, I'm bored." Brendon said, in mid-chew, as they sat at Brendon's kitchen table, chomping away at pancakes. "Brendon Urie, from Panic! At The Disco, doesn't get bored. What's the meaning of this?" said Ryan, after he swallowed. "We need to do something." said Brendon, wiping his face of syrup. "Indeed." said Ryan, nodding. Suddenly, Brendon's "This Is Why I'm Hot" ring tone went off. He looked at the caller ID. "Pete" he said, as he pressed talk, and pulled the phone to his ear. "Hello?" he said. "Brendon, Bill wants a tour, so do I. Panic's going on tour, we still need to find openers, but I need all four of you here in the studio to discus this, today. I just got in, and I'm staying with Taylor, so I'll meet you down at the studio, at about one, alright?" says Pete. "Why the studio, your right across the street" says Brendon. "Oh yeah! Well, is it going to be a hassle for the other three to get to your house, if we meet there?" says Pete, "Not at all." says Brendon. "Ok, call them then, and come get me when your all there. Bye sexy." he said, hanging up. "

"What's up?" asked Ryan. "Tour, we're going on one." said Brendon. "Oh yay!" says Ryan, clapping his hands. Brendon picked up the phone, and dialed Jon. "Jon,....yeah hi....yep...ok, I need you at my place, we're going on tour, Pete's here so we need to discuss things....ok....yeah, right now....alright, bye." Ryan heard. Bren hung up, and called Spencer. When the date was set, he bid him farewell, and hung up. "Alright, we're all good." says Brendon. Ryan smiles.
Soon enough, Spencer and Jon show up, and Pete is called up to come over. He walks across the street, Taylor following close behind, and knocks on the door. Brendon opens. "Hey Pete, good to see you" he says, hugging him, "Hey Taylorr" he says, hugging her as well. They walk in, and Pete plops on the couch, next to Ryan and Spencer. Taylor sits on Pete's lap, as he strokes her hair. Jon and Brendon take seats on the loveseat across from the occupied couch. "So, for an opener, we where thinking Starship, but they do so many shows already, so maybe Lifetime, and Less Then Jake, and then you can share the spotlight with Fall Out Boy, does that sound good? We all need a good tour." says Pete. "That sounds perfect, I can't wait." says Brendon, twidleing with a string on his hoodie. "good, I'm glad you like it. Any objections?" Pete replies. "none what so ever, I love the idea." says Spencer. "I second that" adds Ryan. "It's perfect" adds in Jon. "Good, so were set, just need to talk to LT and LTJ, and we're set for a summerish tour. Me and Taylaa here are going out tonight, because I only have like, 2 days here, so we gotta run, see you guys around" says Pete, standing up, and taking Taylor's hand. "Bye guys!" she says, waving with her other hand. "Bye Taylor!" say all the boys, in unison.


"Ryan, you know how much I missed you?" she says, wrapping her hands around his neck.
"A lot? I missed you too, believe me" he replied, running his fingers through her long, brunette hair. She cuffed his face, and smiled, then closed her eyes, and planted a soft kiss on his lips. He ran his tongue across her teeth, and she opened her mouth, and he slide it in, massaging it against her tongue.
She ran her fingers up his shirt, and put her hands on his moist chest, and rubbed, as he deepened the kiss. She pulled away, and looked him in the eyes. "Never leave me again, I need you." she said, running her fingers through his hair. "I won't. No one, not even Brendon, could ever make me. I love you Taylor." he said.

Ryan sat up quickly in bed. He looked around, and wiped the sweat off his forehead when he saw Brendon fast asleep next to him. 'what a dream...' he thought, as he wiped more sweat, and stretched. 'Psht, more like...a nightmare.' he thought to himself. He got up, and walked out to the kitchen. 'too bad it was just a dream' his mind told him. He shock his head. 'no, I do not want Taylor, stop thinking about her, pull yourself together Ry.' he thought, as he fought with his mind.
He opened the cabinet, and took out a box of cereal. "Taylor." he said, skewing his mouth to the side. "Get out of my head, dear." he whispered, as he looked down at the cereal box, and thought of the wonderful dream he had just awoke from.

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