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Thnks Fr Th Mmrs

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ahhh, brendon... a little emo, doncha think?

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Taylor starred, wide eyed at the computer screen. "Oh Ryan." she whispered, as she closed the window. "I really hope Brendon didn't see that" she said, to herself, slipping some flats on, and going across the street. She walked up the steps leading to Brendon's house, and pounded on the door. "Bren, its Taylor." she said. She rolled her eyes, at the response she got, which was nothing.
"Brendon, open the fucking door" she said, pounding harder. She started to get nervous. "oh shit" she said, as she wiggled the doorknob. It was locked.

"Brendon fucking Boyd!" she screamed, at the window. He had to be home, his car was in the driveway, she thought, as she glanced at the car. Then, she saw the garage. It was slightly open, at the bottom. She could squeeze in. She jumped off the third step, and ran to the garage, sliding under. She glanced at Brendon's pocket bike collection, as she made her way to the door.

She turned the knob, and the door slightly opened. She pushed it more open, and walked in. She closed the door behind her, and looked around. It was quiet. That scary kind of quiet, the kind that let's you know something's wrong. "Brendon, it's Taylor, where are you?" she screamed. Her voice echoed in the big house. She turned the corner to the living room, and saw nothing out of the ordinary.

"Brendon?" she said, as she made her way into the kitchen. Nothing strange in there, either, except, two silverware drawers where open, but it was just like Brendon to leave them open. She made her way upstairs, and looked in the bathroom, nothing. Then she looked down, to put her hair up, and saw a tiny blemish on the floor. She bent down, and looked at it, harder. It was a red spot, maybe dried paint, she thought, as she touched it. It was wet, and got on her fingertip. Her eyes grew wide, as she realized what it was. She looked ahead, and saw a bigger spot of it. "Shit! Brendon!" she screamed, jumping up, and running down the hallway. She went into Brendon's room, and screamed.

There, laid Brendon, a Brendon Taylor had never seen, and never wishes to see again. He was out cold on his bed, a knife in hand. A smashed laptop lay on the ground. It looked as if he had thrown it at the wall. He was covered in blood, and his wrists were covered with deep wounds, peeled back skin, and still gushing blood. On his forehead, was a gash, and blood dripped from it, and onto his chin, and neck. Taylor couldn't speak. At first, she covered her eyes, then she knew she'd have to face the discusting sight, of the self mutilation of Brendon, and help him. "Brendon." she whispered, as she felt his chest. It was lightly moving up, and then down, but she could tell it wasn't normal. She dug in her pocket, and pulled out her cell phone. She dialed 911, and screamed to the other end, her situation, and location. "Oh god." she said, as she glanced at Brendon. "Brendon, wake up!" she said, lightly shaking him.

He glanced up at her. "Oh my god, your awake." He just starred at her. "What have you done?" she cried, he still just stared, then she saw him frown, and rise up, and cough madly. She pat his back, as blood splattered out of his mouth, as he coughed.

"Oh god" Taylor cried, as he coughed uncontrollably, and fell back down on the bed. "Brendon, they'll be here, soon." Taylor said, brushing the hair out of his face, and seeing him look up at her with the saddest eyes. "r..." he said. "what?" she said, leaning in. "Ryan?" he spat out, coughing again. "Ryan? We can get Ryan. Do you want Ryan?" she said, stroking his hair. "Ryan" he said. "Ok, I'll make him come." said Taylor. "Ryan" he said again. "Mhm" she said. "Ryan." he repeated. "Ryan did this. Didn't he?" said Taylor, stroking Brendon's hair again. "I...I did...not...his...fault." he moaned, as he bit his lip, and thrashed, at the pain.

Soon, the paramedics came, and lifted Brendon onto a stretcher. Taylor rode with Brendon in the Ambulance, and held his hand, and stroke his hair, as he coughed, and repeated "Ryan" time and time again. Soon, they arrived. Taylor let them take Brendon, to stitch him and what not. She sat in the waiting room, and took her cell phone to her ear. "Hello?" the other line said. "Ryan, you suck!" she screamed, almost crying. "Taylor? What? Why? What'd I do?" he said, panicking. "Brendon's in the hospital. I'm here, in the waiting room." she said. "What? What did the fucker do now?" he said, in an annoyed voice.

"Shut the fuck up, you fucking broke the poor boys heart, he fucking hurt himself, bad. I found him, in a pool of blood, dying. He coughed up blood Ryan, and he wouldn't stop saying your name." she said. "Oh, god. I'm coming down. What hospital?" said Ryan, who suddenly got a leap in his heart, telling him to go. "Closest to Brendon's. I don't know the name." said Taylor, relived Ryan was coming. "Oh, that's Nevada Central or whatever, I'll be right there." he says, hanging up. Taylor calls Pete. "Hey Baby" she hears. "Pete, Brendon's hurt" Taylor cries "wait, hold up honey, what happened now?" says Pete. Taylor tells him the story, and looks up, at Ryan, walking in. "I gotta go, I'll call you as soon as I hear you too....bye" Ryan hears.

Ryan sits down. "So, you decided to show. I'm making you go in first, if he makes it." says Taylor. "yeah, I kind of...wanted to go in alone if he..." he says. "good." she says fidgeting with her phone. They wait, in total silence, with the occasional cough, or hum from Taylor, for two hours, then finally a doctor comes out. "Are you here for Mr. Urie?" he asks them. "Yes" says Ryan, looking up. "We were able to save him. He lost a lot of blood though, and we don't know if he'll make it much longer with out a donor, and his blood type is very rare." says the doctor. "Ryan, who in Bren's family will.." starts Taylor, but Ryan interrupts "Take every ounce of blood in me" he says, standing up. "Are you his type?" says the doctor. "Yeah, I remember me and Brendon were talking, and we found out we were both the same blood type" he says.

"Come with me, sir" says the doctor. Ryan was vividly afraid of needles, it was one of his worst fears, but at that moment, he felt as though it was what he needed to do. "How much blood do you need?" says Ryan. "Oh, about a pint" says the doctor. "What? That's a lot!" says Ryan, as he sits on a table, and a nurse comes at him, with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol. Ryan puts his arm out, and the nurse rolls up a sleeve, and massages his skin with the cotton. The doctor hands her a syringe, and Ryan tightly shuts his eyes, as he feels the sharp needle pierce his skin, and go in. "Ahh," he moans, as he clutched his forehead. "AHH" he screams. He was always known to be over dramatic. "Fuck!" he screamed, as they drew the blood. They slide the needle out, and a nurse patted a band aide over it. "Please tell me I'm done?" says Ryan. "One more." says the doctor, as a nurse rolled up the other sleeve. "Fuuuuck" Ryan moaned. 'Brendon isn't worth this, is he?' he thought, as they patted him with the cotton ball. '...or maybe he is...' he thought. All these thoughts danced around in his head, for about 2 minutes. "All done" he heard the doctor say. "What? You didn't even..." Ryan says, glancing at the other band aide on his arm. He hadn't even felt the second one. "When can I see Brendon?"

Ryan said, jumping off the table. "He's awake now, you can see him now if you want." says a nurse. "can I?" he says, following her. "yes, let me take you to him." says the nurse. "alright." says Ryan, shoving his hands in his hoodie pockets, and looking down. He followed the nurse, until she stopped at a closed door. "Right in there sir." she said, walking off. He put his hood on, and slowly turned the knob. He walked in, turning around, and closing the door behind him. He turned again, and saw Brendon, who hadn't noticed him, starring at the wall. He was hooked up to machines, and his head had a transparent bandage, with stitches underneath on it.

Ryan walked over, and coughed. Brendon's head turned. "Ryan!" he said, quietly and hoarsely. Ryan smirked. "What the hell happened to you, baby?" he said, kneeing down, and gently stroking his head injury "Ryan Ross, happened to me." he whispered. Ryan smiled. "Can Ryan Ross make it go away, by saying sorry?" Ry says. "Well, the pain at least" Brendon says. "I'm sorry." says Ryan, looking Brendon in the eyes. "I've...waited so long, to hear your voice, your old voice, not the one that hated me" says Brendon. "And, I've waited so long, to do this" says Ryan, forgetting what had happened on the stage, and kissing Brendon, like he meant it. Brendon deepened it, and Ryan pulled away. "Can't make the cripple work too hard." Ryan said, smirking.
"Oh, and I believe you have something of mine?" He adds "what?" says Brendon, looking puzzled.
"I believe I threw you a very expensive piece of jewelry, that belongs to me."

I think Peteisamazing, deserved this chapterr, and I hope she fucking loves it, as much as I do.
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