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The Chapter You've Been Waiting For.

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how do I put this? short sweet simple. RYDO SEXXXX

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The door swung open, Brendon cornered Ryan, and his lips came crashing down on his.

Ryan wrapped his arms around Brendon's neck, and deepened the kiss. He never once thought being gay, or so bi, as they both were, was wrong, and right then, he felt so right.

Brendon tugged lightly at Ryan's shirt, and he slipped it off, as his tongue flooded into Bren's mouth. He moaned lightly, and Brendon tugged his own shirt off. He backed Ryan into the bedroom, and onto the bed, as he quickly unzipped his pants. When Brendon was down to nothing but his blue and red boxers, Ryan quickly pulled both his pants and boxers off.

Brendon jerked it for Ryan, and his own boxers soon came off.

Ryan quickly flipped Bren onto his back.
"Ry...careful...I'm still...stitched up." Brendon whispered, as Ryan massaged his back.
"don't worry about it baby, I'll be gentle." he whispered low, as he guided himself into Bren.
Brendon squirmed, and clutched the sheets, as Ryan pumped in and out. Brendon moaned, and slightly smiled as he heard Ryan whisper his name under his breath. Ryan slide himself out, and fell back onto the bed, lying on his back, hands on his chest, panting.

"Your turn" he said, as he took heavy breaths. Brendon smiled, and got on his knees.

First he jerked it, and then he clutched Ryan's hips, and lead himself in.
"Jesus Brendon" Ryan moaned as Brendon pumped in and out.

"You know...I still're ass..." Ryan panted.

Brendon half chuckled, and got back to work. When Brendon finished, he collapsed on the bed, panting as hard as Ryan.

"How's your head?" Ryan asked Brendon "The stitches? My minds off the pain right now" Brendon replied "Good to hear, but I was talking about a different head." smirked Ryan.

Brendon raised an eyebrow, and kissing Ryan, as he stood up on the bed, and Brendon kissed his stomach, and kissed down. He opened his mouth, and Ryan lead himself into Bren's open mouth. He moved in and out, and laughed when Brendon gagged twice.

"your not very good are you?" ryan laughed. Brendon took his lips off, and spat, then he looked up. "Your usually the one in my position" he said, looking up. "Of course, you're the cripple, I should be a gentleman, stand up Urie, my turn" he said, as Brendon smiled as stood up.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, the two tired boys collapsed. "Ryan" Brendon panted.
"Yeah asshole?" said Ryan, breathing heavily. "I'm sorry.." he panted. "How many times have you said that?" said Ryan, turning to Brendon. "Not enough." he said, kissing Ryan's head. "Aw Brendon, your poor cut" Ryan cooed, stroking Brendon's head.
"You make it feel better" brendon said, as Ryan kissed it.

"I love you Ryro"

"I love you too Bden"

ahh, this is a short chapter i know, but it served one purpose, and one purpose only. to please I, peteisamazing, and the rest of you rydon fans. eee, reveiws would give me many an orgasim.
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