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Ryan sit's at the table, and eats a bowl of lucky charms, before Brendon sleepily walks out. "good morning Ryan" he says, opening the fridge, and taking out a carton of orange juice, and chugging it. He puts it down, and wipes his mouth, as Ryan observes him.
"So Ry, should know...get married?" Brendon says.
"What? Oh...yeah....sure" Ryan says, spacing out. "You okay?" Brendon asks, giving Ryan a puzzled look.
"I'm fine." Ryan says, shaking his head.
"Alright, well. I was just know, about getting married? What should we do?" says Brendon.
"Oh, uh, I dunno. There's plenty of places here to get married, its Las Vegas." Ryan says, putting his bowl in the dish washer.
"Ryan, that's not like you. Don't you wanna have, a nicer wedding?" Brendon says
"Sure, what ever you want babe." Ryan says, slinging an arm around him.
"We should do this together, like plan it I mean. It'll be fun." Brendon says, smiling.
Ryan smiled back. "Sounds good." he says, kissing Brendon's cheek.
"Whose going to be the best man? I've always told myself you'd be the best man for my wedding...but that was back when I didn't know I was going to end up marrying you." Brendon says. Ryan laughs. "Hmm, Jon and Spence, both of them." he says. "You can do that?" Brendon asks. "Sure you can, im Ryan Ross." he says, chin up.
"Oh how silly of me, that must've slipped my mind" Brendon says sarcastically, smacking his head lightly.
"When do you get those nasty things out?" Ryan says.
"Their not nasty, their cute!" Brendon snickers, stroking the stitches.
"Cute? Wow, if you think they're cute, I must be ugly..." Ryan says, pouting.
"No, your not ugly. Nor are you cute. Your gorgeous." Brendon says, kissing Ryan's cheek.
"Ahhh, I know." Ryan sighs, looking up, and smiling.
"Nice ego" Brendon said.
"Thanks, you too." Ryan simply says, smiling.
Brendon rolls his eyes, and kisses Ryan softly on the lips.
"Mmm, I love you." Brendon whispers into his lips.
At that moment, every thought of Taylor that ever existed fluttered out of Ryan's head. "I love you too, Brendon." Ryan said, deepening the kiss.
"Hey Bren...." Ryan asked, pulling away.
"Yeah?" He says, tilting his head.
"Do your parents know, that your gay?" Ryan asked.
"Oh god..." Brendon said, starching his neck.
"You'll tell them, won't you?" Ryan said.
"Oh...uh, of course." Brendon said.
"Maybe we should schedule something, like dinner. Tell them on the phone, before though." Ryan says.
"Yeah, sure" Brendon says, dreading it.

Ryan started up the car, and turned to Brendon, who sat next to him, and was particularly quiet.
Ryan turned to him. "You told them, right?" he says.
Brendon nods. He knew he was lying, though.
They drove to the Urie's and Ryan and Brendon walked in.
Brendon's cheerful Mormon mother opened the door.
"Brendon, Ryan! It's so good to see you!" She says, hugging them.
"Guys, Brendon and Ryan are here!" she yells back, as two younger versions, one being a girl, of Brendon run over.
"Brendon! Ryan!" they chant, attacking their legs.
"Hey Brittany, Hi Josh!" Brendon said, to his younger cousins, who were being baby sat by Brendon's mother.
Ryan had met the Urie's many times before, so it was like home to him, because he had no where else to call home.
"Sit at the table you two, dinners almost ready. Brendon, your dad's away on business, so he won't be joining us tonight, just the three of us, the kids are having pizza." Mrs. Urie said.
Ryan and Brendon take their seats, and Mrs. Urie sets the table for dinner.
"Thanks Mom" Brendon mumbles
"Thanks Mrs. Urie" Ryan says.
"Your welcome you two." She replied.
They eat, and talk a little, and then Ryan and Brendon make their way out to the car, after saying their goodbyes.
When they get in, Ryan shakes his head.
"What?" Brendon asked.
"You didn't tell her." He whispers, starting up the car.
"How do you know?" Brendon says, defensively.
"I know your mother, she would've said something, anything, about it." Ryan says.
"Okay, so I didn't tell her, what does that matter?" Brendon says, crossing his arms.
"Fuck Brendon, why does this have to be so hard for you? You obviously haven't learned for the last fucking experience, because you obviously still care about what people think" Ryan says, keeping his eyes on the road, feeling very hurt.
"Ryan, please, let's not get into this. I was afraid of what she'd think" Brendon says.
"So, you're ashamed, that your with me then?" Ryan says, eyes still glued to the road.
"No, Ryan, I...I just...I don't know if it's against her religion..." Brendon lies.
"What a mother fucking amazing excuse Brendon. If you don't want her to know, then why don't you just not marry me?" Ryan screams, now looking at Ryan.
"No, I love you....RYAN!" Brendon screams, pointing to the road, and the car coming straight towards them.
"Wha...AHHH!" Ryan says, looking at the car, that crashes right into theirs.
Brendon's car flips twice, and then stops, when it's completely upside down.
Brendon's eyes slowly opened, after waiting a few seconds, out of fear. He was surrounded by slight darkness, but could still see the rubble surrounding him.
He was completely upside down, and was in extreme pain everywhere. He loosened one of his hands from the rubble and felt his forehead.
The bumps were gone, where the stitches once were, and in there place, was wet.
He took his hand down, and put it in front of his eyes.
It was covered with blood, from his head.
He felt slightly dizzy.
Then he remembered Ryan, and looked over. Ryan was hanging upside down, blood trickling down from his hair line, nose, and the corner of his mouth. Brendon coughed. "Ryan" he whispered. No reply.
"Ryan, get up." He said, shaking him with his free hand.
"Ryan, get up!" he said, still in a whisper, because he was extremely weak.
"Ryan, you have to wake up." Brendon said, tears starting to slide down his face, or in this case, up it, taking his position into consideration.
"Ryan, im sorry, I'll tell her. Come on, we gotta get help, we're bleeding." he said, shaking him, and crying.
This was the part Brendon realized, he needed to get help. Ryan wasn't ok. He wasn't waking up.
He wiggled out of his seat, and crawled out of the car.
"I'll be back Ryan, with help." He whispered, as he tried to stand.
He looked down at his legs, that were in extreme pain, and saw, through the many holes in his now ripped jeans, that they were severely torn up, sliced up, and blood ran right through the cloth.
Brendon winced at the pain, and attempted again to get up.
He still couldn't, so he dragged his body, with his painful arms, but didn't get very far, before he completely collapsed, and cried, until he passed out cold.

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