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It's Not So Pleasent...

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Brendon awoke to the sound of loud sirens. He was freezing, and could feel the cold, hard rain, falling on his back, almost piercing his skin. He moaned in agony, as two very blurry to his vision, paramedics rushed over.
"Sir, is there anyone else in the car?" one asked,
on seeing his being awake. Brendon tired to speak.
"" he yelped.
"Frank, get over there and check the car." the paramedic who was holding Brendon commanded.
"Come on, we're going to get you to the hospital" the man said, now hoisting Brendon of the ground, and onto a stretcher, carried by two women.
"Bradley, get over here!" Frank screamed.
Brendon lifted his head in attempt to see, but only saw the Bradley one, run over to the car. He put his head back down, and since the stretcher was so comfortable, he fell asleep, only to wake up about 2 minutes later. He was lying in a bright room, a bright moving room, the back of an ambulance.
"He's awake" one nurse whispered, as Brendon peered up at her.
"Oh honey, you should go back to sleep." Another paramedic hushed Brendon, as she stroked his hair.
"Where's...Ryan?" Brendon meekly asked. The two woman exchanged saddened glances.
"Brendon dear, why don't you sing us your favorite song?" one of them asked.
"Why?" Brendon asked, looking around, feeling very confused.
"Your in extreme agony right now, you need to keep your mind of the pain." the paramedic piped in.
"Well, alright." Brendon said, taking the doctors orders. He thought about a song, and thought it appropriate to sing, "lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off" seeing as being in the back off an ambulance, surrounded by paramedics, reminded him of the music video.
"Uh, Is it still me that makes you sweat....uh...I don't...Why don't I remember the words?" Brendon attempted to sing, but forgot the rest of the song.
"It's that bump, he's suffering from amnesia" one woman spoke to the other.
"What bump?" Brendon said, piping in. "Hun, you got a big bump on your head, sometimes bumps make people forget..." a nurse says.
"Forget...I am alone in this bed, house and head. She never fixes this, but at least she makes me forget." Brendon sang. "Good job, honey. Keep singing." the paramedic said.
"The I.V and your hospital bed, this was no accident, this was a...." Brendon sang, as he drifted off, into a deep, deep sleep.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.
"Huh? Where am I?" A weak voice said. "Oh god, your awake! Thank god!" A doctor said, rushing over to the bed. "Where am I?" the voice asked again. "Your in a hospital, Mr. Ross." The doctor spoke again. "Mr. Ross? Whose...whose Mr. Ross?" The boy asked, very confused. "Why, you are. Don't you remember?" the doctor said. This boy was indeed Mr. Ross. Ryan looked at his hands, and felt his hair. "Oh yeah, it just sort of slipped my mind, is all." He said. He tried to remember what had happened. Then, it all came back to him, like a slap in the face. He remembered the fight, with...with Brendon, and he remembered the impact.
"Where's Brendon?" He spoke, short, fast, and loud.
" ask?" The doctor said.
"Yes, Brendon, where is he? He's alright, right?" Ryan asked, looking very puzzled.
"Ryan, I don't want to be the one to tell you this but..." the doctor said softly.
"What? WHAT!? PLEASE, TELL ME HE'S OK!" Ryan screamed, starting to worry.
"I'm sorry, Ryan." the doctor tried to start again.
"No, no. oh please, no." Ryan said, putting his head in his hands, as the doctor put a hand on his shoulder.
"I'm sorry, Brendon died, on the way to the hospital." the doctor said, as Ryan cried, harder then he had ever cried in his life. His heart, at that moment, crushed, into a million pieces. "Please, let this be a dream, a nightmare..." he sobbed, as the doctor rubbed his back, comforting him, in his time of loss.

Ok, guys, don't worry, this is not, not, NOT the end, I have a trick or two up my sleeve, and I can tell you, the sad won't last very long, not at all. It's all in your head. =]
Now, who wants to bake me 500 cookies? Yeah, thanks.

its very short, huh? yeah, i noticed that too.
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