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"Dr. Roberts! Dr. Roberts!" a nurse screamed, running down the hall. The doctor that had been comforting the hysterical Ryan, sprung up. "What is it?" he said. The nurse flew into the room.
"The Urie boy!" she panted. Ryan looked up, wiping his tears.
"What about him?" the doctor eagerly asked.
"He's...He's breathing." she said.
Ryan wiped more tears "He's alive?" He meekly asked. The nurse simply nodded.
"What? That's impossible, he was pronounced dead....hours ago." The doctor said. "Yeah, tell that to him. I walked by his room, and his heart rate was back, and he was...well....breathing." she said. "He's alive." Ryan repeated. "Yeah" the nurse said. "I have to see this, stay in here with him" Dr. Roberts said, as he flew out of the room. "Is he...awake?" Ryan asked the nurse. "No, not yet." she said, sitting on the side of the bed, admiring Ryan's beam.

"You have a pretty smile. You're the ones from Panic! At The Disco, right?" the nurse said.
Ryan nodded. "Yeah, I thought Brendon looked familiar, then I knew it was him, when he was singing on the ambulance hours ago." she said. "He was singing?" Ryan asked, bringing his knees to his chest. "Yeah, poor kid couldn't remember the words to the songs." she said. Ryan frowned, that was one of the saddest things he had ever heard, right next to "Brendon died" "Oh wow. Was that before he died?" Ryan asked. "Yeah, he died right in the middle of, uh, that song about the hospital, and the fight?" she said, snapping her fingers. "Camisado." Ryan said. "Sure" she said.

"I can't believe, he revived himself." she said, in disbelief. "That's my Brendon for you." Ryan said, smiling. "Haha, yeah, I guess so." The nurse said.
"What time is it?" Ryan asked, looking out the window at the dark. "It's pushing 3 AM." she said. "Wow, what an eventful night" Ryan said. "Yeah, very eventful." The nurse agreed. Dr. Roberts came in. "He's awake." he said. Ryan smiled. "Can I see him?" he asked. "Yeah, we'll wheel you in there." Dr. says. The nurse helps to put Ryan in a wheel chair, and takes the handles, as she follows Dr. Roberts down the hall. They stop at a room, where Dr. opens the door, and walks in, followed by Ryan. Brendon turns his head, and starts crying.
"Brendon, whats the matter?" Ryan says, in a insuring voice, wrapping his arms around him. "I'm...sniff so happy to see you" he said, sobbing his eyes out, and laying his head on Ryan's shoulder

Ryan broke down too. "I thought I lost you. I really thought it was over, Bren." he sobbed.
"I was sure I had lost you, in the car." he said. Ryan pulled away.

"Wait, you remember being in the car? You woke up, after that?" he asks, wiping Brendon running tears with his finger, and glancing at the bigger gash on Brendon's head, all stitched up, a big clear bandage on it. "Yes, I woke up, and we were upside-down, and I felt my head, and my stitches came out, and I was bleeding everywhere, and my legs where torn, and I looked at you, and you were bleeding, and you wouldn't wake up, so I got out of the car, and tired to crawl for help, but it hurt to bad, and I got tired, then... I remember waking up, and being carried onto the ambulance, and singing...and I forgot the words to lying is the most fun...then...I remember...going to sleep, and then, there was a lot of light, and it felt good." Brendon said, as the whole room of nurses, and doctors, and ryan, listened carefully.
"Wow." one nurse says.
Ryan just smiled, and hugged him. "I'm sorry." Brendon whispered, into Ryan's ear. "For what?" Ryan said, pulling away. "If it weren't for me, this wouldn't be happening. I should have just told her..." he says, looking down.
"Brendon, I over reacted. I'm sorry, you can tell her when your ready. I love you, so much. So, so much." Ryan said, kissing him passionately.
Brendon pulled away. And looked at Ryan, skewing his mouth to the side. "Your beautiful face is ruined, how long until these stitches come out?" Ryan said, stroking them softly. "Soon, I hope." Brendon said, looking up. "I love you. Nothing like this, will ever happen to you again." Ryan said, caressing Brendon's cheek. Brendon smiled, and put his hand on Ryan's and laid down, and fell asleep, Ryan soon following.
"Ryan, would you get the door, sweetie, my legs are soar." Brendon asked, as the sound of a fist pounding at a door echoed through the house. "Of course baby." Ryan said. It had been two weeks since the accident, and Brendon was still slightly recovering. Tour season was also upon them, and they were leaving soon. Suitcases flooded the living room. "Oh hey Taylor, what brings you?" Ryan says, smile on his face, as she let herself in.

"Just checking in on my car crash hearts. How's the dead one?" Taylor asked. Everyone of course, had heard the eventful story, and Taylor came over everyday to check in. "He's good, he's on the couch, resting." Ryan said, as Taylor turned the corner, to see Brendon sitting on the couch, eating Oreos, and watching TRL. "Hey dead one." Taylor giggled, sitting next to Brendon, and putting her arm around her. "Hi, very much alive one." Brendon giggled.

"Guess what?" Taylor said. "What?" both the boys asked, in unison. "I'm coming on tour with you guys, with Pete, I mean, but, yeah I'll be there." Taylor said, huge smile flooding her face. "Oh wow, that's a shocker." Brendon said, rolling his eyes. Ryan chuckled, as Taylor crossed her arms. "You guys are suppose to be surprised, and happy." she said, pouting, "We're ecstatic. See?" Ryan said, pointing to his fake smile. "Haha, funny." Taylor said sarcastically, rolling her eyes. "So, how's writing going?" Ryan asked, turning into the kitchen. "Wow, you haven't asked that in quite some time" Taylor says. "Yeah, so how is it?" Ryan asked again. "Uh, good." Taylor said.
"I still need to show them to the guys, and make songs out of them, don't think I'm turning back on our little deal" Ryan said. Taylor smiled.

"I thought you had forgot." she said, beaming. "Psht, of course not. That happened on a...good night" Ryan says, remembering back to the night. It was the night he lost his virginity. To Taylor. He glanced at Taylor, who was obviously remembering the night also, because she was looking up, and smiling. "Uh, yeah, let's stop talking about your former sex..."Brendon chuckled, as Taylor snapped out of it. "Haha, Aww, is Brendon jealous, that he totally hasn't like, ever, gotten any from Taylor?" Taylor said, Ryan chuckling, not getting the joke. Brendon smirked. "Ah, I wish." He said, smirking at her. She laughed, and winked at him.

"When is Pete and the boys flying up, to rent the buses?" Ryan asked. "Uh, sometime next week." Taylor said, spinning around. "Hah, look at her go." Brendon said, as Ryan smiled and watched her spin. "I love Panic! At The fucking Disco" she simply said, as she spun, and the two boys watched, more observed, her grace, her beauty. Everything. And for a split second, both thought back to how nice it was to sleep with a girl.

am I loved again? haha, you guys know me, i'd never actually kill off my bden. i love my bden. haha gottcha. now, where are those cookies?
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