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Strike Up The Band

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haha, you guys...may, hate me after this.. =] *evil laugh*

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"Ryry, the bus is here!" Brendon called from the hallway, peering out the window at the large bus parked outside their house.
"Oh good!" Ryan said, scurrying out from the living room, carrying two suitcases. "I gotta go get my bags, wait for me?" Brendon said, making his way to the kitchen. "Of course" Ryan said, smiling and watching him walk off.
He came back with two bags. "Let us commend." Ryan said, opening the front door.
They walked out to the bus, and ryan opened the door, holding it for Brendon. When they were both in, they looked around. "Ohh, nice place!" Ryan commented, finding his and Brendon's room, and putting his stuff in there, followed by Brendon. Spencer and Jon were on the couch. "So, Fall Out Boy's taking a different bus, correct?" Said Brendon, as he sat on the floor. "Correct, we're meeting them at the bus place, and then following them to our first destination." Spencer explained.
"Sounds good." Said Ryan, looking through the cabinets for food. "Uh, I'm not going on tour without gushers, and I'm not finding them in here" he added, looking around in the cabinet. "Cool your jets Ry, their under the sink, many boxes." Jon said, flipping on the TV.
"Oh good, because I was about to rip heads off. Rip them off." Ryan said, taking out a box, and bringing it to the couch, taking a seat.

"Ryan, are you going to eat the entire box, in one sitting?" asked Jon, bewildered.
"I'm planning on it. Want a pack?" Ryan asked, waving a package in the air in front of Jon. "No, im good. Gushers are you thing. I've got my fruit roll ups in the cabinet." Jon said.
"Fruit roll ups?!" Spencer said, springing up, and running to the cabinet.
"NO! THEIR MINE!" Jon screamed, jumping up, and taking Spencer down, box of fruit roll ups clutched to his chest. "Jesus Jon, psycho much?" Brendon said, staring at them, and shaking his head. "He can get his own god damn fruit snacks." Jon said, plucking the box from Spencer's hand, and peering down at the pout on his face. "Spence, you get me every time." Jon sighed, throwing a fruit roll up at his head. "Ouch" Spencer said as it bounced off his cheek, and onto his lap. "Thanks Jon, you're a god." Spencer added, getting up and sitting on the couch beside him. "Ah, I know." Jon said, smirking.
Soon, they pulled into the bus station, where they saw another bus in the parking lot, Dirty at the wheel. Pete walked up to the window, and waved through the glass. The panic boys waved back, and put a thumb up. Dirty turned the wheel, and they were off, headed towards San Fran Cisco.
"This, is going to be a great tour." Ryan said, smiling.
Ryan sat in front of the vanity mirror in his dressing room, drawing each bird carefully, with extreme detail, on the canvas that was his face. When he had finished the masterpiece, he set the liquid eyeliner down and marveled at his work. He smiled, and grabbed his Gibson, and walked down the hall. "5 minutes till show time, come on guys, chop fucking chop!" he called.

Spencer walked out, twirling his drum sticks. "I'm here." he said, following him down the corridor. Brendon popped out of a room, his make up looking quite good, seeing as he did it himself. He looked like a doll, or a puppet, as always. "I'm ready." he said, kissing Ryan good luck, and peering in Jon's room, who grabbed his bass, and joined them. They waited off to the side, until they were cued to come on, and of course, as always, had an amazing first show.
When the show ended, the boys went to the meet and greets, along side fall out boy. Taylor was waiting back stage, of course, if she hadn't the teenies would murder her. It was the end of the meet and greets, when two girls walked up.

"Ryan Ross, and Spencer Smith, look at you now!" said the girl and her friend, walking up to the table. "Brittany? Selena? Oh my god!" Ryan exclaimed. Spencer covered his mouth. The two boys sprung up, and hugged the girls. "Haha, Ry, Spence, are you going to introduce us?" Jon said, looking up at the two girls, obvious sluts. Brendon just stayed quiet, staring off into the distance. "Oh, sorry guys, this is Brittany, and Selena, they were me and Spencer's huge crushes in middle school." Ryan said, his arm slinged around Brittany. "Hey, you two wanna go out to dinner, and catch up on things?" asked Brittany. Brendon gave her a dirty look, and she stood close to Ryan, obviously unaware of his status. "Uh, I dunno, are you guys gonna be ok if we take these two out?" Ryan asked. "Sure, go." Brendon said. "Me and Brendon will go out for a drink." said Jon. Brendon smiled. "Yeah, go. Have fun." Brendon said. The two boys walked away, laughing. Jon peered at Brendon. "Don't worry, she's a hoe, after his money. Ryan's not stupid, Bren. Now, let's go get drunk." Jon said, taking Brendon's hand.
2 hours, and MANY shots later

"Haha...Bren...Brendon, member, that...time...with the fishes?" Jon slurred, spinning in his bar stool. Brendon giggled, and hiccupped, and smiled. "Haaaha, yes! Remem....ber, with the...zoo?" Brendon slurred, running his fingers through Jon's hair. "Ohhh yess!" Jon gasped.
Brendon spun in his bar stool, and stopped, and looked around. "Where...are we?" he slurred, and laughed. "Who...the fucks...carreessaa." Jon spoke, smirking and looking around, like a complete ditz. "Brendon, fucking....fucking look at us...we wasted..." Jon laughed. Brendon cracked up, and playfully slapped Jon across the face. "God your cute!" he said, smiling.
"Dude, your totally hot dude." Jon said, spinning around in his bar stool, again.
"Haha, your sooo cute when your drunk dude, not even...not even fucking kidding." Brendon said, grabbing Jon by the shoulders. "Dude, your hot!" Jon said, again, grabbing Brendon's waist, "Let', make out." Brendon said. But before Jon could speak, Brendon's lips came crashing down on his. Jon held the back of Brendon's head, and pulled him in for a deeper kiss. Brendon slide his tongue across Jon's teeth, and Jon opened up, as Bren's tongue flooded into his mouth. Jon ran his hands up Brendon's shirt, and rubbed his hands against his chest. Brendon moaned, and stuck his tongue deeper into Jon's mouth, making him moan as well. Then Jon pulled away, gasping for air. "Whats...the matter?" Brendon asked. "Nothing...I was just thinking...we should take this to a motel..." He said, smiling.

muaahahahaa. i'm so tricky. i bet NONE of you saw this coming, NONE of you. muahahaa. I think I deserve chocolate milk, but im sure you'll all beg to differ.
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