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I May Have Faked It

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Brendon opened his eyes, only to tightly close them again, against the sun. The bus sure smelled nicer today, like air fresheners. Cheap, but nice air fresheners. Something about it was different, but he couldn't put his finger on it, as he stretched. He opened his eyes, again, and squinted. "huh?" he lets out. This was no tour bus. He rolled over, to find Jon, lying next to him, starring at the ceiling. Topless. "Jon?" Brendon asked, confused.

"You don't remember." Jon sighed, rubbing his forehead. "Remember what? Whats going on...where are we?" asked a confused Brendon.

"Lat night, we got drunk. We're in some cheap motel." Jon said, still starring at the ceiling.
"What?! Jon...what happened last night?" Brendon said, rising up. "Everything...everything that I never thought I'd do." Jon said, now looking at Brendon.

"Did...I make the first move?" Brendon asked. "Yes" Jon said. "Jon, I'm so, so sorry. I'm so sorry" Brendon said, now putting his head in his hands. "No, Brendon, it's ok. I kissed back, and...I returned the favor else where, and plus...even if I was drunk, I felt something there...something, big." Jon said, scratching his neck. "Your gay?" Brendon asked, bringing his head up. "No, bi maybe. It just didn't feel wrong kissing a guy, ect." he said.

Brendon picked up his phone, which lay on the bedside stand. "Whoa baby, 14 missed called, all Ryan." Brendon said. "We'd better get to the bus, before they call the police, Ryan's probably worried sick." Jon said, getting up, and grabbing his boxers, slipping them on, followed by his pants and shirt, and flip flops. Brendon got dressed quickly as well.

They quickly hopped in the rental they had taken to the motel, and raced back to the parking lot of the arena they had played at. They parked, and ran out. Brendon swung the door open, and Jon followed, as Ryan's head came up, out of his hands. The two boys had been sitting on the couch. "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!" Ryan screeched, getting up, and wrapping his arms around Brendon. "Uh...we got drunk, and felt it safe to sleep somewhere else." Jon said, covering for Brendon. "Bren, you shouldn't get drunk, your nineteen, and plus, people do stupid things when their drunk." Ryan said, running his fingers through Brendon's hair, looking him in the eyes.

"So Ryan, how was your night out with those scanks?" Brendon asked. "Oh, not good. I told Brittany about me and you, and she didn't say a word the whole rest of the night, and walked out without saying goodbye. She only wanted me for my money. She probably doesn't even listen to my band." Ryan said, smiling at Brendon.

Jon just stood in the corner, as Spencer sat on the couch, observing him, as he watched Ryan and Brendon, talking like an old married couple. Spencer coughed, and Jon glanced at him. "Come here, Jaywalk." Spencer said. "Okay.." Jon said, walking over to where Jon sat.

Spencer leaned into Jon, and whispered in his ear. "Something happened." He said, as Jon, wide eyes, looked at him, and bit his lip. "Come, Spence, we must talk." He said, taking his hand, and leading him to his room, closing the door behind him.

"What makes you think that?" Jon spoke, fast. "Uh, that, that you just did. And, the way you looked at Brendon, you like him" Spencer said, skewing his mouth to the side. "Spencer, okay, here's the deal, we where drunk, we...fucked, okay? But, I don't like him, im not gay, it was a drunken mistake, I swear, im not gay, I don't like Brendon, now, please don't tell Ryan, please." Jon said. "Calm down, I won't. But, someday, im going to make you admit that you've fallen for Brendon Boyd Urie" Spencer said, walking out with a smirk.

Jon shock his head. And turned to see a mirror. He glanced in it.
"Bewalk, it's got a nice ring to it...doesn't it." He whispered to his reflection.

haha, yeah. this is going to get interesting. =] i love you guysss
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