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I can only imange how many people got exited, only to find out this was a note to readers. aha.

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Ok, i'm only writing this because, well. im bored, not enough time to write an update, and piled on that is i'm slightly, very slightly suffering from writers block, which sucks.
but, none the less, this story will go on, and on, and on, and on. for a very long time.
I wannta thank all of you, for reveiwing. we're almost at 100 now I think. w00t.
I read every reveiw I get, and each one makes me smile, but I don't think anyone can make me crack a bigger smile then peteisamazing, haha, i love you kid.
anywho, i don't know why i'm writing this, maybe it's because i'm having slight writers block, i mean sure we've got this Jon thing, but I wanna build off of it with out making it disapointing or cliche, and of course without ruining rydon, so. any ideas? maybe i'll build off a couple I get, but i'll definitly do something crazy soon. something crazy, because i'm known for that, am I not?

=] iloveyouamazingpeople.
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