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One Night And One More Time

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The tour was going great, better then the last tour. Everyone was having the times of there lives. Brendon and Ryan were still going strong, and Jon had seemed to back off for the most part. But, there was someone who was going slightly crazy. His name was Spencer Smith. He felt horrible holding the secret Jon had told him against Ryan. Ryan was his best friend, in the world, and he had always been, and something told Spencer that if Ryan didn't find out soon, Brendon would end up hurting him, again.

Spencer hated to see Ryan hurt. When he was hurt, something just went off in him, and he has had the biggest urges to kill Brendon lately. Sure, he loved Brendon, I mean, they were great friends, but for some odd as hell reason, whenever Ryan was involved, Spencer went crazy inside.

The last show was nearing, it was tomorrow, at a small club/bar. Yeah, it was a small show, for the bigger fans, so the whole band was looking forward to this.

"Spencer, would you come to CVS to get more gushers with me please?" Ryan asked, as Spencer sat on the couch of the bus.. 'perfect, I'll have him alone, I can tell him' Spencer thought, as he rose up. "Yeah, sure." He said, following Ryan out the door.

They got in the rental, and started off. "Hey Ry..." Spencer started, scratching his neck. "What's up?" Ryan asked. "Uh, Jon told me something, that I thought you should know." He said. "What?" Ryan said, very confused. "Well, you remember the night that Brendon and him got drunk?" he said. "Yeah..." Ryan said, his sole slowly draining from his lively eyes. "Well, I guess they got really drunk, and fucked or something." Spencer shoots out. "Oh." Ryan said, breathing heavy. " mad?" Spencer asked. "No, they were's ok." he said, scratching his neck, and biting his lip. "Your not mad?" Spencer asked again. "No. In fact, I wont even confront Brendon about it..."

Ryan redid his make up in the vanity for the fifth time that night, the night of the last show. He played Smashing Pumpkins in his dressing room, and changed into his rose vest, and zipped up his boots. He looked in the mirror once more, and rolled his eyes. He hadn't even noticed he was crying, but it would all be settled soon, so he wiped his eyes, quickly redid his makeup for the last time, and joined the boys as they walked on stage to their last show of the tour.

When they finished, Ryan caught Jon in the hallway, face to face with the man he had been planning on talking to all night.
"Hey Jon" he said. Jon threw out a cheesy, fake smile.
"Hey Ry" he said.
"Hey, can I talk to you for a sec?" Ryan said, gulping.
"" Jon said, starting to feel his palms get moist.
"Ok, Let's go out back, in private, you know, where the dumpsters are?" Ryan said, starting that way.
"Uh, why can't we just talk out here?" Jon said, backing away.
"Jon, what's the matter? Come on, I need this to be private." Ryan said. Jon saw the bounce in Ryan's step, and it comforted him enough to some what trust him.
"Fine" he said, following Ryan to the back door of the club.

When the arrived, Ryan pulled up his sleeves. "Boy, it's hot" he said, pretending to wipe sweat.
"So, what is it you wanted to talk about?" Jon asked.
"Jon, listen, you're a great guy, but circumstances have pushed me to do something drastic."
"This" Ryan said, as he pulled his fist back, and fired into Jon's face. Blood soon rushed from his nose, as he fell back. "Ryan!" Jon whimpered, as he held his nose. Ryan looked at his fist, covered with the blood of another man. He glared at Jon, walked over to him, picked him up by the collar, and punched him across the face again, and again, and again, until Jon lay on the ground, covered with blood, and breathing heavily. "You can tell Brendon we're over, and that I would have done this sooner if it weren't for my love for the fans. Bye Jon, tell the boys I'm out. Out." Ryan said, storming off, down the street and into the unknown. He didn't know where he was headed, or even what just happened, but the tears where running harder then ever, harder now, because he knew he had just quit Panic! At The Disco.

I've got huge plans for this, huge, so stay tuned, because this story's going somewhere. REVEIW AND YOU'LL GET CHOCOLATE PUDDING AND ICE CREAM CAKE!! and, the ice cream cake is shaped like patrick stump. =o
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