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My Heart Beats For Only You

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Two chapters in one night? whoa, she must really frickin' love us.

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if I haven't already clarified this, they are in Florida, ok, on with the drama.

"Jon, what happened! Where's Ryan!?" Brendon screamed, running out to Jon's aid, Spencer following, looking around for Ryan.
"He...He..." Jon stuttered.
"God dammit Jon, WHO HURT YOU? DID THEY TAKE RYAN?" Brendon screamed, shaking Jon.
"He...Ryan...did it...he told was...over...he quit the band," Jon said, bursting into tears. "WHAT?" Brendon and Spencer screamed in unison. Spencer felt horrible at that moment, like he had gotten punched in the stomach.

"Where did he go? He can't quit the band! Why?" Brendon sobbed, getting up, and pacing, his head in his hands, and rain starting to fall. hard. "He...found out Bren, he ran up the street." Jon said, now attempting to stand. "Spence, get Jon to the bus, I'm going out to find him. He obviously doesn't know where he's going or what he's doing, I'll be back." Brendon said, starting off. "Brendon, there's a storm coming, it looks pretty bad" Spencer said, looking around, at the rain, and strong winds. "I don't care, I need to find him. He's got no where to go." Brendon said, running off. Spencer picked up Jon, and headed into the bar.

On his way in, he heard two men talking, and couldn't help but to ease drop. "It looks like the hurricane warning may come true" one said to the other. Spencer's heart dropped. What if Brendon and Ryan got caught in a hurricane? It was all his fault. He made his way to the bus, and tucked Jon into his bed, cleaning up his cuts and feeding him pain killers.

Meanwhile, Brendon ran up the what seemed to be deserted street. The wind was almost blinding, and it made Brendon run slower and slower every second. The rain came down hard, and Brendon was soaked to the bone, and freezing his ass off. "RYAN!" he screamed, running like a mad man, crying hysterically. "RYAN!" he screamed again. Nothing.

The storm was getting to the point where Brendon could hardly see anything, it was all fog, and rain, and wind, and gust. He was freezing, absolutely freezing. "GOD DAMMIT RYAN!" he screamed again. He ran nearer and nearer to the beach with each step, and felt his shoes become wet, with the now few inches of water he was standing in.

Soon, he found himself looking down at a beach, the wind was ripping trees out from the ground, and the waves where getting humongous. Brendon was scared out of his mind, but he was focused on finding Ryan. "RYAN!" he screamed again. Nothing.

Meanwhile, Ryan huddled in the corner of an ally, next to a trash can. He had been running towards a hotel, but got totally lost in the storm, and decided it safe to stay there until it passed. It was starting to get dark, and he could hardly see anything with the rain and the sun setting. He was scared, and hurt, and heart broken. 'Brendon has messed up to much, the talk show, his mother, and now this? It's too much, I have to move on.' then, Ryan got a sensational idea. He had nothing to live for, the band was gone, the love of his life was gone, it seemed like the only choice. He got up, and headed towards the docks.

He walked carefully and slowly towards the docks, and stopped at the edge. It was either jump and die, or live, and be miserable. He closed his eyes, and watched his life flash before his eyes. The good memories over powered the bad, but the bad, were very bad. His life hadn't started out good, so he figured it wouldn't end good either. He took a step more, and gulped. This was it, George Ryan Ross III was about to end his life on earth, forever.

"RYAN! NO!" Ryan whipped around. What was Brendon doing in the storm? Wouldn't he rather be nice and cozy on a bus? "BRENDON, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" Ryan screamed over the storm. "RYAN, IF YOU JUMP, I JUMP, AND PANIC! AT THE DISCO DIES, INSTINTLY." Brendon screamed. "BRENDON, WHY DO YOU HURT ME?" Ryan screamed, no one would have guessed, because of the rain, but the tears where flowing.
"IM SORRY RYAN, I WAS DRUNK, AND I QUIT DRINKING, ALL FOR YOU. DON'T YOU SEE? YOU'RE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE RYAN, WHAT WOULD THE BAND BE WITHOUT YOU? WHAT WOULD I BE?" Brendon screamed. Ryan took another step. "BRENDON, I LOVE YOU TOO, BUT IT HURTS TO MUCH, I NEED TO BE PUT OUT OF MY MISERY!" He screamed. "RYAN PLEASE! NO!" Brendon screamed, running up to him, and grabbing his shoulders. "Brendon. Let go." Ryan said, calmly, looking Brendon in the eyes. "I can't do that" he said, as their lips met, and they both embarked on the most full of passion kiss either one had ever experienced.
Ryan suddenly noticed a shadow was casting over them. He held Brendon close, and they both looked up, and the enormous wave that was about to come crashing on top of both of them.
Brendon was the first to wash up on shore. It was morning, and the storm was clear by the time he actually woke up. He coughed up a lot of water, and felt absolutely miserable, with a fever. He looked around, grogglely, and saw Ryan laying next to him.

"Ryan..." He said, shaking. "B...B...B..." Ryan said, coughing up what seemed like an ocean of water afterward, and sitting up. Looking around.

"We lived?" Ryan said, smirking, and looking around at the wreak of a city. "Ha, yeah." Brendon said, coughing again. "Wow." Ryan said. "I feel horrible..." he added.

"Me too, I probably have a 102 fever" Brendon said, feeling his own head with his palm. "No, I mean...about last night. I understand about what you did with Jon, I mean, you were drunk, and I know what it's like, I fucked you behind Taylor's back, and, about quitting the band, you guys haven't replaced me yet, right?" Ryan said. Brendon laughed, and coughed.

"No, of course not. Ryan, who could possibly replace you?" Brendon said. Ryan smiled, and looked into Brendon's deep chocolate eyes, and smiled. "I love you kiddo." He said. "I love you too..." Brendon said, yet again coughing. Ryan brushed his wet hair out of his face, and got up. "I'll carry you to, the bus, if we can find it." He said, picking Brendon up, who was surprisingly light. "Thanks cough Ryan" Brendon said, feeling dizzy.

Ryan walked around the city, a dizzy, terribly sick Brendon dangling from his arms. He looked high and low for the bus but it was no where to be seen. He never even noticed the spooky silence of the never quiet, Brendon Boyd Urie.

"I'm not seeing much of them..." Ryan said, looking around. No reply. "Brendon?" He said, looking down at the unconscious Urie. "Brendon....Brendon?" Ryan said, again, getting worried. "Brendon, hello? Anyone home in there?" Ryan said. "Ryan...I don't feel good." Brendon whimpered, trembling as well. "Oh baby, don't shake, I hate to see you tremble." Ryan said, being lyrical. "I...I...I'm so cold..." Brendon said, his arms wrapped tightly around Ryan's neck.

"Brendon, I'm not gonna fucking loose you again, what is it with you and dying?" Ryan said, trying to keep Brendon's mind afloat. He chuckled a bit, and smiled, and shut his eyes again, as Ryan picked up a steady jog when he spotted the bus.

When he got to the bus, he whipped the door open, and ran in, running right past an amazed and bewildered Spencer and Jon, who had lead themselves to believe the boys were dead, and also not together anymore.
Ryan laid Brendon in his bed, taking every blanket in the bus and bundling him up. "Are you warm?" He asked, placing a warm, damp cloth on his head. "Yes, thank you Ryan. I love you." Brendon said, smiling. "Brendon, no more screwing up, ok?" Ryan said, smiling, and kissing his cheek. "No more, I promise" Brendon said, drifting off into a deep sleep.

Ryan walked out to the living room of the bus, Spencer and Jon staring him down with confused eyes. "I have quite a story to tell you boys, but first, I want to apologize from the bottom of my heart to my amazing, great friend Jon, Jon, I'm so terribly sorry, If there was anything I could do to make it up to you..." Ryan started, "No Ry, I understand why you did it, Brendon's a great guy, I forgive you, just, don't kill me anymore, ok?" Says Jon, with a laugh.

Ryan laughs too, "By the way, nice black eye." he adds. Jon laughs, and Spencer chuckles as well. "So, are you guys ready to hear the amazing story of how Brendon saved me from committing suicide, and we got washed away by a wave, and how we survived?" Ryan says, taking a seat on the couch. "Yes!" both the boys said in unison, as Ryan smiled, and sat down, ready to tell a long story to a couple of good friends.

I honestly didn't know this was all gonna happen, I just wrote...and I was like "hmm...rain...storm...HURRICANE! MUAHAHAHA!" haha, yeah. =] reveiw? I can't promise any sugary goodness only because you've eaten it all, but I can promise you avirtual hug! woot woot! hugs
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