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What A Beautiful Wedding

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Ryan fixed his hair to perfection. His palms were sweaty, and so was his forehead, as he looked in the mirror. He was scared, to say the least, but they had been putting this day off for ever, and he had been waiting for it for so long.

He hadn't seen Brendon all day, but I guess that was the traditional bad luck thing that had to be done, so he only imaged he was as nervous as him.
He was in a small dressing room sort of thing in the back of the building. He had to go stand out there soon, to wait for Brendon, so he peaked out of a little tiny eye sized hole in the wall, and saw a see of people lining the pews. Pete, Taylor, Patrick, Joe and Andy sat in the front row, and he could see Travis and Gabe talking with Bob, Greta and Hayley. Everyone was there, everyone.

Soon, someone knocked on the door, "Come on in" Ryan almost yelped, he was so nervous. Spencer pushed the door open. He was looking very dapper, in a plain black tux. "Come on Ry, we're gonna start soon" he said, as Jon, wearing a tux as well, looked over his shoulder. "You okay Ry?" Jon asked, as Ryan got up. "Uh, yeah." Ryan said, taking one last glance in the mirror, and following the two boys out, to the alter. He stood to the right, next to Jon and Spencer, and scratched his neck, and waited for Brendon to come.

Ryan glanced at Taylor and Pete, who smiled at him, and Taylor put her thumb up, as a wish of good luck. Ryan half smiled, which turned into a bit of the lip.

Soon, the doors at the end of the isle opened, and Ryan simply bit his lip, and closed his eyes, as Brendon and his mother walked towards him.

When he felt all eyes on him, he opened his eyes, to see Brendon, dressed in a tux as well, smiling at him, as was everyone else, as he slowly opened his eyes, and smiled.

"Well hi." Brendon said, full of smiles. "Uh, hi." Ryan said, flashing a smile.

"Are you nervous?" Brendon asked. Ryan just shook his head, yes.

"It's ok, let's just get this over with." Brendon said, putting a hand on Ryan's shoulder.

"Okay...let's get married." Ryan said, smirking.

After a nice ceremony, the two boys were married. The reception was to die for, and everyone had a blast.

After the reception, Ryan lost sight of Brendon for the fourteenth time that night, as the guests piled out of the hotel, so he went up to their room, loosed his tie, threw it on the ground, unbuttoned a few buttons on his shirt, and collapsed on the bed. He sighed, and closed his eyes, not knowing where Brendon was, probably wishing last minute guests goodbye. He rubbed his forehead, slicking his hair back out of his eyes, as he stretched across the bed.

Soon he heard the door open, and sat up, opening his eyes to see Brendon, taking his suit coat off, and throwing it on the ground. He looked up and smiled as Ryan starred.

"Why hello Mr. Urie." he said, raising an eyebrow.

Ryan laughed. "Ew, my name is...Ryan Urie now How weird is that?" he said, still laughing.

Brendon laughed too. "Ha, it is awkward, but it'll grow on you." he said, loosening his tie, and throwing it on the ground, then hopping on the bed next to Ryan, and stretching. He sighed, and rolled over on his stomach, as Ryan started massaging his back.

"God Ryan, that feels so good." He almost moaned, as Ryan loosened and kneaded his back.

"I should be a masseuse, shouldn't I?" Ryan said. "Most definitely." Brendon said, closing his eyes, and letting Ryan massage him.

About fifteen minutes later, Ryan stopped. "Ok, that's enough, my hands tired."

He waited for a response, but got none, except a light snore escaping Brendon's nose and lips.

Ryan smiled, leaned over, and kissed Brendon on the cheek. "Goodnight Mr. Urie" he whispered, rolling over on his back, and falling asleep soon after.

woot woot! can we say RYDON to the max? they're married now! yay!=]=]=] r&r, you sexy fucks, or they'll die in their sleep. just not really. =]
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